Snow White--GW Style


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Note: Whatever you are about to see is not my fault. I wasn't even there when I wrote it (-_-;), Dwight, my muse, took over my mind and kicked me out. Honest!
Note 2: My pen-name is Aphrodite, so don't think I stole 'her' work, ah? Also, I often use AV for short.

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Pairings: 1x2


*Aphrodite is seen fumbling through a stack of books and papers.*

A: It’s GOTTA be here somewhere!
“Maybe you left it in Japan? Or maybe China?” offered Duo.
A: Duo?
A: (sarcastically)You’re a real big help.
A: *walks around and promptly trips over something, landing on her face* WHAAA!!! Oh, here it is!

Aphrodite plopped down on a near-by beanbag and opened A large, gold-rimmed book with ‘SNOW WHITE’ printed in big, silver letters. She opened it to the first page, thus, beginning our story…



Once upon a time, in a far-away land, there was a mighty kingdom. The ruler, Sir Solo Maxwell, was brave, clever, handsome, but conceited. His wife, Trio Maxwell, was beautiful, jolly, talented, but scatter-brained and had a weakness for food. They had everything they could ever dream of, except for one: A boy, an heir to the throne.

Now do not become confused, dear reader. This couple did have two children, Relena, and Merimeia. But both were girls, and unable to take their father’s place.

One night, Solo and Trio stood at opposite ends of the palace and gazed up at the stars. Solo laid his hand over his heart and Trio clasped hers together. Simultaneously (though of course they don’t know that), they prayed to the skies above.

“Oh please, wise stars, grant us the one thing we miss, a son. Let him be like me…wise, noble, and a great ruler. Whatever you do, spare me the agony of seeing him like that scatter-brained idiot of a queen,” prayed Solo.

“Oh please, wise stars, grant us the son we’ve been so fervently wishing for. And please, let him be like me…beautiful, cheerful, and so different from that conceited bastard of a king,” prayed Trio.

They turned and strode inside. But if they hadn’t, perhaps they would’ve seen the falling star streak across the heavens, and perhaps they would’ve noticed that instead of being followed by a white strip of light, a chestnut-colored one was attached to this star. Upon a closer look, it was plaited into a braid.

Both their wishes were granted (and also not granted *sweatdrop*). A year later, the child was born, and they named him Duo Maxwell.

TBC/Coming soon to MLs everywhere (not really), Chapter II, “First Kiss (NOT What You Would Expect)” a.k.a. “The Hentai (I've been converted) Author Strikes Again, And Corrupts Innocent Chibis” ^_^;;;

Duo: *choke* This...*this* is what the contract agreed to?!?!?
AV: *shrugs and pulls out a battered piece of what-used-to-be stiff legal papers* Yep! You signed it.
Duo: But I didn't read it!
AV: And who's fault is that?
Duo: *incoherent muttering*
AV: Subclause number one, “Tho shalt contridict author's intentions.” There you have it!
Heero: *reads his contract* This is a newspaper cut-out pasted on cardboard…
AV: *quickly hides it* Nonsense!