Title: The Sea in the Sky
Author: *takes a deep breath* Venus Yuy/Aphrodite/VY/AV/V
Pairings: 1+2, sooorrrta 3+4
Archive: Miko no Da's page, and a few others
Warnings: Shounen-ai, death, major corniness, written on a majorly bad day
Challenge? November--Death/Fall
Comments: Hmm, it was my first GW fanfic, but one of my most popular works.


The Sea in the Sky



Note: Endless Waltz never happened.

Note2: It’s not clearly stated until the later part, but this takes place on a beach. Somewhere…

Disclaimer: Never owned ‘em, never will.


By: Aphrodite


March, A.C. 200~

Many say God heals and brings people to their bliss. Then why is He so cruel to me? To us?

It’s been two weeks since Duo admitted to us that he had an incuriable cancer. Quatre had broken down immediately and Trowa had let him cry on his shoulder. Wufei’s jaw had unhinged to the floor and his mouth moved, forming words that just wouldn’t leave his throat.

I didn’t know what to make of it. The Perfect Soldier said just to accept it. No big deal, no reason to mourn over it. Another part of me had said the exact opposite. I tried to follow the Perfect Soldier’s demands, but it was so hard.

I clenched my teeth and gazed up at the stars. I’ve always hated them. They sparkled with a malice that seemed to laugh at me, taunted me. Like there’s something they knew that I didn’t. I hated that fact.

I looked behind me and saw Duo on a large rock, knees drawn to his chest with his chin propped on it. I could feel the unfamiliar sting of tears hit my eyes. Why is it that every time I look at him I want to cry?!

I took a deep breath and didn’t bother to ask for permission, for I knew he wouldn’t mind, and joined him.

He didn’t even acknowledge my presence. He continued to watch the night sky, and it’s occupants.

The silence was getting uncomfortable and awkward, so I decided to break it. "So, um…what are you lookin’ at?" Stupid question!

Much to my surprise, Duo didn’t look at me weird. He didn’t even burst out laughing. Instead, he just smiled and lifted his face a little. "The stars," he answered quietly.

I stared at him, mesmerized. His eyes shone like night fire. Once in while, they quivered as if he was crying. Wha…?!


January, A.C. 197~


"Heya!" Duo chirped, sticking his head through the door.

"Go away," I responded dryly.

He made a face and flopped onto a chair next to mine. I continued typing, trying to ignore his existence. For a long time, there was no noise except for the clattering of the keys.

"Do you believe there’s a heaven?" Duo asked abruptly.

"Huh?" Oops, wrong answer!

"Heaven. Do you believe there is one?"

I didn’t say anything for a long time, and Duo looked down as if not expecting an answer.

"No I don’t," I finally responded. "Heaven and Hell are figments of people’s imagination…people who are afraid of dying, end of story."

"But Heero, that’s just not true!" he protested. "Heaven and Hell are the just rewards of humanity!"

I almost wanted to laugh, but settled for a snort. "How absurd."


March, A.C. 200~

I winced at the memory. Why am I such a jerk?! If only I’d been nicer, to spend more time with him, to learn more about him. But it’s all too late now. Duo had no more than six months to live.

"Why didn’t you tell us sooner Duo?" I asked, reaching out to touch his cheek. He jerked away as if I had slapped him.

He hesitated. "Because I didn’t want you to worry."

I blinked. He continued.

"Like you said, lives are cheap. I’m just a worthless orphan."

That’s not true!!! my brain protested. But my mouth had different plans. "Since when did you start listening to what I say?"

He suddenly grinned. The maniacal grin turned into a giggling fit. That was when I noticed his hand was on mine. Somewhere along the line, his groping fingers had encountered my hand. The corner of my lips twitched ever so slightly and I didn’t object to his touch.

We sat in silence for what seemed like hours, then Duo opened his big mouth again. "Do you like stars?"

This time I answered immediately. "No I don’t."

"Why not?"

"They seem to be laughing at me. Like there’s some mystery they know that I don’t."

He blinked, then doubled over with laughter.



"Oh man! This is gonna be quite the battle isn’t it?"

I looked over at him. "This mission’s really big…I don’t think you get it."

"You bet I do! This is our chance to finally destroy the OZ organization!"

"This time it’s different. We’re gonna eliminate every OZ leader."

"Yeah, then I go back to space."

My stomach lurched at his words. Why did I suddenly feel a sudden dread for the end of the war? I looked over at him. He just kept smiling.


March, A.C. 200~

"That’s so weird!" he gasped between giggles. "That’s just why I love ‘em! They’re so secretive, and no one can ever decipher their puzzle."

Oh great, my best friend loves stars for the same reason I hate them.

Duo stopped laughing long enough to look at me, his trademark grin still plastered across his glowing face.

He checked his watch and turned serious. "I wanna show you something."

He took my hand in his and led me to the edge of the waves.

We waited for a long time, and I saw nothing.

"Duo what…?"

He brushed two slender fingers against my lips, silencing me. "Hush."

We waited some more, then I saw it. My breath quickened.

The sunrise.

Multi-colored pillars shot up from the horizon, followed by the large ball of fire and energy that humans beings call the sun. Red, pink, orange, purple. Every gorgeous shade of life was visible to me now.

Life! The very word I never knew the meaning of, was presenting itself right in my face.

My heart was beating a mile a minute. And without looking at him, I could tell that Duo had his cat-grin on his face.

Soon, the entire sphere of the sun was above the sea. It was the most spectacular and breath-taking sight I’ve ever witnessed. So bright, so beautiful…like Duo himself.

When it was over, I must’ve been smiling, because Duo pitched forward and almost fell on his face in the water.

Once again, I gazed into his dark violet eyes and felt like drowning in their depth.

Before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed him and hugged him as tightly as I could. My action surprised both of us.

"Thank you Duo," I breathed against his neck. "For everything."

I could almost feel him smile as he patted my back soothingly. "You’re welcome Heero. And now that you know the meaning of life, I can die with satisfaction and without worry."

My shoulder was wet, and I know he was crying. Something hot rolled down my cheek. I’ve been crying too.


Duo lived a bit longer than predicted, but not long enough.

In his death bed, he made me promise something.

"Heero…pro…mise me…"

"Anything Duo, anything."

"Live on…don’t self…des…destruct…O.K.?"

"Of course not." My voice was hoarse.

He managed a feeble smile. "Good…I’ll be waiting…"

His eyes closed for one last time.

He was twenty-one when he died.

Everyone carried on with their lives, but a large portion of our hearts were torn. The part which held a certain upbeat, constantly cheerful American boy that had wound his way into our four hearts.

I kept my promise to him and lived on. But I never got married, for my heart belonged to Duo. Relena had been very persistant, but I ignored her as always.

Now I lay in my death bed, looking at a picture of us together. Duo was laughing at something I did, and I was looking none too happy about it. Trowa was shaking his head in dismay while Quatre tried to pacify us and Wufei just glared.

I chuckled a little at the memory.

I could feel my body getting weak. Soon, I’ll be with Duo again.

I’m coming Duo. Wait for me.

Heero Yuy died 2:32 PM, April 23rd, After Colony 267. He was 87 at the time.


I walk along the beach where I watched the sunrise with Duo on that fateful day. I gaze down at myself. I am twenty again, in my green tanktop and black shorts.

I look at the water. So serene, so gentle.

I quickly strip off my top and wade into the water.

I dive into the dark depth of freedom. A little ways ahead of me, I can see Duo, arms open and inviting. The ever-existent grin on his heart-shaped face and sparkling violet-blue eyes contributed to the temptation. For the first time in a long time, I smiled for happiness and realization dawned upon me. I was wrong. So very wrong. Heaven does exist, and Duo was my heaven. My companion of the afterlife.

{When I’m looking for the light,

In the middle of the night,

Like an angel standing guard,

There you are…}


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And the song is part of Martina McBride’s ‘There You Are’.