title: Little Bird
author: Vega-Lume aka little chibi demon
disclaimer: this poem is all mine ( clutches poem *grrrr*), the boys aren't, though. too bad. *pout*, lyrics in the quotes belong to their owner.
warnings: ( NOT A SONG FIC!!) the lyrics aren't even in the fic. death, ( sort of, I mean he's already dead.) kinda angsty and sad.
pairings: 2+1/2x1 depends on how you look at it.
Duo's POV
Hee-Chan's dead *shrugs*
Hee-Chan: *scowling* Why me, Vel? You always kill me.
Status: complete
beta: not this time


Little Bird
by Vel

Little Bird, your time was short.
It ended far too soon, for I know you had
so much more to offer the world.

Please tell me why, Little Bird?
Why did you have to die when you had
barely begun to live?

You spread your wings. Little Bird.
They carried you far and your spirit soared.
A flash of brown against an infinite canvass of blue.

Your dark eyes glistened. Little Bird.
What did you think about?
Did I do something funny that made you laugh inside?
I hope so.

I loved you so, Little Bird.
You brightened up my life.
If only for a few, brief shining moments.

You would rest against my chest. Little Bird.
And that heard beneath your ear would sing.
It's beats lulling you so sleep.

I cry for you, Little Bird.
It simply is not fair, how something
so precious could be taken so easy.
In a blink of an eye you were gone.

I miss you so, Little Bird.
I feel I always will.
That heart that sang for you is a little sadder now.
That part that made it sing has died.

I love you still. Little Bird.
I know I always will, for I know
you still live one in me.
Though some part of my heart has died,
the part that still lives belongs to you.

Your soaring still, Little Bird.
Your wings spread wide, touching the heavens.
You never come down now.
Always watching from above.

I see you in the stars, Little Bird
Spending eternity in the place you loved.
And when my life on earth is through,
I shall spend eternity with you.

We will exchange our hearts, Little Bird,
and be whole once again.

Good-bye, my love. My Little Bird.
Until we meet again.


~ Owari ~


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