Title: Strings Attached part 6

Author: Vanna Maxwell


Category:song-fic i guess "no strings attached' by N'sync, Shonen-ai, sap, Duo - torture, Zechs & Relena bashing, AU fic these boys dont pilot Gundams there just really good friends

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Pairings: 1x2 action

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This is my first time writing a lemon, let alone a m/m lemon so if It sucks, you can kill me, but I'll cry and then hee'chan will come after u (i hope)
Strings Attached 6
Heero looked upon the smirking form of Duo Maxwell.

He licked his lips in anticipation.

And promptly pounced on his prey.

Their lips met , in one kiss, one kiss that met in a promise, for two boys who had been waiting so long for each other.

Heero, the more aggressive of the two,kissed him bruiseingly pleading for entrance into Duo's mouth, nipping at his bottom lip in a silent plea. And Shinigami was all to happy to comply. Two tongues twined, dancing in a sweet tango to the death. Duo wrapped his legs around Heero's waist, to bring the other boy closer, as they kissed.

Heero grasped the end of Duo's meter long braid, toying with the black elastic hair tie, slipping it off of the silky length. Letting the waterfall of chestnut loose and pawing through the thick waves. Duo groaned at the sudden tightness of his pants and Heero smiled in the middle of the kiss. Heero stood up still kissing duo and set him on the floor, standing up, Heero looked into Duo's eyes, the violet iris twinkled back.

Heero continued, a trail of kisses leading up Duo's jawline, nibbling on his companions ear, making the beautiful boy moan and thrust his hips towards the other. The Japanese boy smiled slightly, and began to slowly undo the buttons on the hot and bothered Americans shirt, who was already slipping the very loose poets shirt off of his shoulders. Heero reached the bottom of the trail of buttons and slid his hands up, over the others flat, well toned stomach and across each nipple, grazing each fleshy piece into a hard nub, before lapping at one then the other making them bud even more, if it was possible. Duo held onto Heero's bare shoulder so he didn't collapse form the sheer pleasure of it and tossed his head back, hair weaving back and forth over his back as one of Heero's hands went to the waistband of his tight leather pants.

"Mmmhh, Hee-chan you're gonna kill meee-ohhhhhhh."

Heero smiled as he tugged the tight pants down Duo's angular hips and slim thighs, lips blowing lightly over Duo's bulge in his boxers, the boxers which read 'perfect angel' and had a picture of a devil on them. Heero lightly pushed duo back onto the bed. untying Duo's boots and taking off his socks before sliding the rest of the pants off, leaving one hot, horny, nearly naked American on the bed, and one Hot-horny, not so naked Japanese boy taking the sight in and nearly cumming in his pants because of it.

"God, you really, *are* trying to kill me."Duo whined from his very tantalizing, very alone, position on the bed. He pouted and pulled Heero to him, who still had that bad-ass look on his face. Duo went strait for the pants, snapping the button and unzipping them in record time, discarding the shoes and socks, pulling them off, leaving Heero too in just his boxers. Duo pulled Heero into his lap, grasping hi firm ass with both hands, and thrusting his clothed erection into the other boys, showing just how *dead* he was. Heero in turn ground his hips back, capturing the other boys lips in another hot-searing kiss, Heero wrapped his arms around Duo, pulling him as close as he could get, their flat-hard chests touching. Duo Moaned, before flipping Heero over and laying him down, tugging on the boxers, displaying Heero's very hard, very *large* throbbing erection. Which Duo took as a good sign and promptly enveloped into his warm, moist mouth, sucking slightly before loosening his throat muscles and deep throating him, fondling his balls, making Heero writhe and moan, both hands buried deep into Duo's hair, tugging at the roots slightly, gently. Heero opened both cobalt blue eyes watching the scene before him in an almost trancelike state, watching that lovely mouth going over, and up and down and up and down again, tongue swirling at the tip before engulfing him entirely again. Heero moaned and grunted, and as much as he loved this treatment, this was going to be a *really* short evening if he didn't make Duo Stop now.He tugged at Duo's hair, not roughly just a bit harder. The Chestnut haired boy smiled and looked up at him, giving him one more lick, for good measure. Heero pulled him up forcefully and crushed his lips in a bruiseing-desperate kiss. grasping Duo's Hips and forcing the other boy to Straddle his chest. Heero reached over to the beside table, were a jar of lube sat, that Duo hadn't noticed before.

Heero took the jar in one hand, taking the top off with the other, and smeared a large dollop onto his fingers, and equally on the firm puckering hole that was Duo's anus, he gently pushed one finger in, down to the knuckle, stretching him out, preparing him, pumping in and out, he added another finger, then a third, Duo writhed ontop of him and groaned out, "Mhhhmmmmn, Hee--ro I need youu, inside, this isn't enough, mhhhmmmn I need mhhn all of you." Heero smiled and pulled his fingers out, before once again taking the jar and scooping a fairly large amount onto his cock. Duo was nuts with pleasure, all he had ever wanted was happening tonight, the boy he'd loved for years upon end was finally making love to him, he was on cloud nine, he bent over Heero, once again meeting him in a hot, ferocious kiss."Now Heero. I want you in me, I *need* you in me." he whispered longingly.

Heero placed a hand on either side of Duo's hips, lifting him up and them guiding him onto his cock. Duo slid all the way down, reaching back and fondling Heero's balls he moaned and moved back up the hard shaft, tightening his ass muscles to make sure Heero felt every part of him. Heero moaned and tightened his grip on the longhaired beauty's hips, sliding them down, then up then down again, Heero looked down and watched as Duo slide up and down on his cock, Groaning at the intensely erotic sight and the pleasure it brought on. Duo smiled slightly at each groan that issued from Heero, and sped up his pace, he was riding Heero like there was no tomorrow, and the other boy didn't seen to mind it one bit, Heero pulled Duo's head down and into a kiss, both were panting as Duo bounced up and down ontop of Heero. Heero Held Duo close as he sped up, body shaking slightly, they were both close, Heero came first, silently. His milky fluid squirting into Duo, his body slightly trembling. Heero Took Duo's cock into his mouth and sucked, right before he came, causing him to shudder violently and call out " Heeeeeeeeeerroo, hmmgngh." Heero Swallowed the tangy fluid, sighing contentedly as he did so. Heero pulled Duo off himself, seeing how he was somewhat stupefied by the blinding orgasm, and pulled Duo next to him on the bed, tugging the covers and sheets over there warm, naked bodies he whispered in the candlelight to his now asleep best-friend/lover:

"Aishiteru, Duo I told you, no catches and no strings I give you my heart, body and soul."

The End