Title: Strings Attached part 5
Author: Duette Maxwell a.k.a. Vanna
Rating: R violence, swearing,
Category:song-fic i guess "no strings attached' by N'sync, Shonen-ai, sap, Duo - torture, Zechs & relena bashing,AU fic these boys dont pilot Gundams there just really good friends
Disclaimer: No I dont own them Im using them for mine and I hope everybody else's enjoyment so I promise to play nice and put them back when I'm done, 'sides u wont get much from me anyway I'm a student people, It may feel like a job but the pay sux, oh yeah all the lyrics I use belong to there respective artists, N'syncs 'no strings attached'
feedback: PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE with hot fudge and whipped cream and a cherry on DUO?
Pairings: at the beginning 6x2 (duo torture) then later on we get some fun 1x2 action

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(okay guys this is kind of like a songfic, I get this vision everytime I hear the song sooo, here we go)
Strings Attached 5

(over voice (me): When we last left Our Hero (pun intended) he was closing in on a very sexy, confused Braid-boy we all know and love, Heero also had a very convincing set up going)

"Anouuu......Hee-chan what're you doing, NE?"


Nervous laugh.


Said boy gulped at the seductive tone the other boy was talking in.

Heero, in a movement that would make a cat envious, pinned Duo to the door, a hand on each side of his head.

Duo gulped.

"I've been...thinking, about you koneko, for quite some time, you know, we've been friends for forever."

Duo nodded. Heero continued.

"And then you started, seeing that........Asshole! And every time I saw you hurt I wanted to rip him up into bite sized pieces and feed him to one of Trowa's lion-friends, But I didn't."

Duo smiled a bit. "Cause you're such a nice guy?"

Heero chuckled "No, because I would've felt sorry for the lions, cruelty to animals just isn't my thing."

Duo had to giggle a little at that one.

Heero smiled (really, I mean it he did SMILE) and grasped Duo's chin."That's the Duo I like to see, not what Zechs made out of you, you don't need that grief, You need, someone who knows you, inside out, not a sadistic bastards like Zechs Marquise, a best friend,........me."

Duo sighed." Heero, you do not know how happy it makes me to hear you say
that, but.... I do have Zechs."

Heero did something Duo did NOT expect, he grinned.

"I took care of Zechs." he explained.

Duo's eyes widened.

"Took....care, oh him? Heero, what did you do?"

Heero only smirked at first, the he slowly said "I had, ::cough:: a friend of mine, accompany escort him home, he was apparently, going to go to the velvet leash last night, and I couldn't have him disrupting my performance, now could I ?"

(elsewhere, One Zechs Marquise was playing 'peekaboo' with one Trieze Kushranada (I don't know how to spell there names okay, so don't kill me)

Heero studied Duo for a moment, he didn't seem mad, that was a good sign.

Duo launched himself into Heero's arms, propelling them both over onto the floor, next to where Heero had set the champange earlier.

THAT , was somthing Heero never thought would happen, and he was pleasently surprised.

Duo smiled happily.

Heero wanted him.

Zechs wasn't a problem.

The door was locked.

/Happy,HAPPY birthday Duo Maxwell/