Title: Strings Attached part 4
Author: Duette Maxwell a.k.a. Vanna
Rating: R violence, swearing,
Category:song-fic i guess "no strings attached' by N'sync, Shonen-ai, sap,
Duo - torture, Zechs & relena bashing,AU fic these boys dont pilot Gundams there just really good friends
Disclaimer: No I dont own them Im using them for mine and I hope everybody else's enjoyment so I promise to play nice and put them back when I'm done , 'sides u wont get much from me anyway I'm a student people, It may feel like a job but the pay sux, oh yeah all the lyrics I use belong to there respective artists, N'syncs 'no strings attached'
feedback: PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE with hot fudge and whipped cream and a cherry on DUO?
Pairings: at the beginning 6x2 (duo torture) then later on we get some fun 1x2 action

'//' means a thought

( ) is an author(s) note

{} is song lyrics
(okay guys this is kind of like a songfic, I get this vision everytime I hear the song sooo, here we go)
Strings Attached

Duo Maxwell sighed and banged his head against his closed bedroom door.






Duo rested his head on the cool wood for a moment, in contemplation.

/he *IS* Heero Yuy, the hottest dreamiest guy , that Ive been thinking about since what 6th grade!?, and now HE wants ME/

Duo sighed.

Damn his life.

Damn Zechs Marquise.

Damn Heero Yuy, for picking *NOW* to pay attention to him.

"Hmmmmm, incredibly hot bestfriend who did a kick ass concert for me, basically stating that If I wanted he would be my boyfriend OR incredibly hot, basterdizing boyfriend with emotional problems who likes to take out his frustrations on poor lil' me? Decisions, desicions" Duo turned the knob to his room and slid his jacket off his shoulders on to the floor before looking up into the semi-darkness of his room.

And Promptly fell baqck against the door, in shock, closing it in the process.

Because before him, was a true romantic setting.A small circular table sat in the center of his room, covered by a crimson silk tablecloth, two chairs sat across from each other and there were two place settings apparent, with champange flukes flanking the plates(i think you guys get the idea, candles, champange, flowers the works) And behind all if it sitting it the corner of the room, sat none other than Heero Yuy hold a bottle of chrystol's champange (my grandma said it's really good and expensive so I thought i'd use it) and looking like a god.A white silk poets shirt (hanging open) graced his torso, tight black leather pants followed, and combat boots rested on his feet.(okay I know I went a little fair with the poets shirt, but Im sappy okay ,geeze).

Duo nearly got a nosebleed.

Heero gave him one of his classic 'yeah-im-a-bad-BAD-boy' smirks and walked closer to the braided one.

Duo gulped and pressed his body further against the door.

and Heero just smiled like a cat who had gotten the canary.

Hehehehehehehehh........::rubs hands evilly together:: CLIFF HANGER!!!!!! what will happen to our braided heero next? will heero show him the 'error' of his ways? will Trowa SPEAK? uhhhhh not likely ::deathmoon hits vanna on the head and drags her off::