Title: Strings Attached part 2
Author: Duette Maxwell a.k.a. Vanna
Rating: R violence, swearing,
Category:song-fic i guess "no strings attached' by N'sync, Shonen-ai, sap, Duo - torture, Zechs & relena bashing,AU fic these boys dont pilot Gundams there just really good friends Disclaimer: No I dont own them Im using them for mine and I hope everybody else's enjoyment so I promise to play nice and put them back when I'm done, 'sides u wont get much from me anyway I'm a student people, It may feel like a job but the pay sux, oh yeah all the lyrics I use belong to there respective artists, this chapter is Korns'Falling away from me' feedback: PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE with hot fudge and whipped cream and a cherry on DUO?
Pairings: at the beginning 6x2 (duo torture) then later on we get some fun 1x2 action

'//' means a thought

( ) is an author(s) note

{} is song lyrics
(Sorry this part took so long, but the holiday had me asleep half of yesterday and a hangover from the 'festivities' Gomen)
Strings Attached part 2


"Oh shut up 'Fei and for the last time CHANGE THE RADIO STATION"



Wufei's eyes widened and he quickly changed the radio station before the driver decided to rip him a new one. He carefully looked from one eye at Mr. Yuy, before completely turning to look out the window when he saw the death glare that was fixated on him. Three sets of eyes widened at the scene before them, Trowa's especially. Duo, nervously wrung his hands together.

"Errmm, thanks Heero, but you didn't have to hit Fei-chan so hard"

Heero sighed.

"You don't need him pestering you today, like Quatre said just ten minutes ago, he has to learn that you're not here for him to fight with"

Once again eyes widened to at the amount of words the Cobalt-blue-eyed, boy had just spoken (try saying *THAT* 5 times fast). And then it was silent again.

"Um okay Hee-chan if you say so" and with that there was silence again.

"Ne, Heero? could you turn up the volume?"

Silence. Clothes rustling.Music.Really good music at that.

Duo grinned.

"Way-to-go, Wu-baby, my favorite station!"

{Hey, I'm feeling tired
My time, is gone today
You flirt with suicide
Sometimes, that's ok
Hear what others say
I'm here, standing hollow
Falling away from me
Falling away from me}

Duo sighed, the words were ringing truthful in his ears, he sat back and tried to focus mainly on the song lyrics and not the remembrance of pain the brought.

{Day, is here fading
That's when, I would say
I flirt with suicide
Sometimes kill the pain
I can always say
'It's gonna be better tomorrow'
Falling away from me
Falling away from me}

He always tried to keep a happy appearance around his friends, and of course he flirted with suicide, he'd tried it a couple times before, and no-one new about them except for Heero, he was duo's best-friend and had found him all four times.

{Beating me down
Beating me, beating me
Down, down
Into the ground
Screaming some sound
Beating me, beating me
Down, down
Into the ground}

Oh yes, beatings. He thought I've had enough of those lately, Zechs just seems so uptight lately. It's not a wonder he takes it out on me, so many failed suicide attempts it's disgusting.

{(falling away from me)
It's spinning round and round
(falling away from me)
It's lost and can't be found
(falling away from me)
It's spinning round and round
(falling away from me)}

Duo sighed, if something can't be found it's his soul. The memories were coming back too quickly for him to stop there assault. The beatings, the fake shows of 'love', all moved before duo's vision in a flurry, and his emotions where clearly written on his face, the Jokers mask gone.

{Beating me down
Beating me, beating me
Down, down
Into the ground
Screaming some sound
Beating me, beating me
Down, down
Into the ground}


No response.



Heero shook the other boy, worry written over his features, Duo was so caught up in memories he didn't feel the Jeep stop at their destination.

"uh.. yeah Heero?"

small smile.

"C'mon Birthday boy were here."

Duo looked at the name of the Club they would be going to.

"Velvet leash"

Was displayed in semi-large neon purple letters.


/Happy birthday to me./

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