Title: Strings Attached
Author: Duette Maxwell a.k.a. Vanna
Rating: R violence,swearing
Category:song-fic i guess "no strings attached' by N'sync, Shonen-ai, sap , Duo-tourture, Zechs & relena bashing,AU fic these boys dont pilot Gundams there just really good friends
Disclaimer: No I dont own them Im using them for mine and I hope everybody elses enjoyment so I promise to play nice and put them back when Im done , 'sides u wont get much from me anyway I'm a student people , It may feel like a job but the pay sux feedback: PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE with hot fudge and whipped cream and a cherry on DUO?
Pairings: at the begining 6x2 (duo tourture) then later on we get some fun 1x2 action

'//' means a thought

( ) is an author(s) note

'Kay on w/ the ficcy
'Strings attached'

Duo Maxwell, self proclaimed 'God of Death, sighed in defeat as he looked into the full sized mirror on the wall. /oh well, it's a damned good thing I wear long sleaved shirts all the time/ eyes raking over his own nude form /the others would have a coniption if they saw these/he thought,fingers lightly grazing over the raised welts on his alabaster skin /why does Zechs do this to me?/ tears welled up in his stormy violet eyes. he shook his head to compose himself. Walking over to his closet and pulling out a pair of black leather pants that when he put on hugged *every* curve and made it look like he was poured into them, and a silk dress shirt that was the deepest color of blood.

(okay moment of truth the fic sucks so far but ..... looks at the half dressed leather wearing shinigami ::DROOL:: [pant pant] *.* Heero pops out of hyperspace ::points gun:: Omae o' korosu -_-; ummm back to duo-kins)

Duo's four friends, Heero,Quatre,Trowa and Wufei were taking him to a club for his 18th birthday. they didn't tell him where either, just what to wear and what time to be ready at . he glanced at the glowing digital alarm clock on his nightstand.

/Yipe.I better move it/ he sped up the process of brushing and braiding his long, chesnut locks and put a silver cross earing in one ear before snatching up his leather duster and closing the door behind him.

Quatre bonked Wufei on the head with a pillow , the four guys were waiting downstairs for the braided one. "shut up Wufei! it's his brithday he doesn't need you critisizing his boyfriend, even though he is a self ritious ass-" but our lil' Q was interuppted by the Boy in question trotting down the stairs.

" C'mon lets go" Heero said, and walke dtowards the door , keys the the Jeep in hand, a bit rigid when talk of Zechs came up.

The others followed without question