Title: Hello Hell I haven't missed you 1/?
Author: Vanna Maxwell
E-mail: WarsGoddess@aol.com
Rating: R.
Setting: There was no war, just the guys going to High School and some fun
and bitching on the way there.
Couples: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, 5+Mei-Mei
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<clomp clomp clomp>


Mrs. Maxwell, chugged down another cup of coffee before answering the door, and smiling happily at the young man standing on her front porch.

"Heero-Hunny, come right in, Duo's in the kitchen eating; help yourself to some breakfast as well, I made pancakes for the first day!"

She smiled cheerfully at the boy, and it was at that moment that a Heero noticed how much Duo and his mother were alike: It was true, Duo's mother had the same long chestnut hair, and bright eyes, given of course that her hair reached to her ankles. Mrs. Maxwell was an artist, a rather good one at that, given how large their house was; so she didn't really have to get up to go to the office, and it suited her fine. Mr. Maxwell was a chef, and owned his own restaurant, in which the boys often ate, he specialized in Japanese/American cooking, and it was only because duo's father owned it (among a chain of others) that the boys didn't need to make reservations.

Heero snapped out of his wandering thoughts when Mrs. Maxwell tugged on his sleeve to get his attention. She winked at him and chirped "The Pancakes will get cold if ya just stand there Heero c'mon in!"

Heero nodded and followed her to the industrial kitchen, where they found Father and son sitting in comfortable silence; both scarfing down Mrs. Maxwell's famous pancakes.

Duo looked up when he noticed that there was another presence in the room, he swallowed the large amount of food already in his mouth before standing up and glomping onto his best-friend.

"Hee-chan! c'mon, Mom made her pancakes!"

He poked Heero in the stomach.

"And it's not like you couldn't use some fattening up!"

Heero rolled his eyes and poked Duo back. " You're one to talk,chicken legs!"

Duo's eyes promptly got big and watery.

"Y-You think I have C-Chicken legs?!" he pouted for emphases, his dark purple eye's looking at Heero hurtfully, sniffing and cuddling into Heero's arms, duo wailed "My Hee-chan doesn't love me anymore!" Which mad Hero want to do one of two things, kiss the boy till he couldn't breath; or strangle him.

Before a fight broke out-or Heero made out with Duo right there in front of his parents; Mr. Maxwell put his fork down and stated calmly:" Hey now, won't you boys be late for school? No flirting before school, you know the rules!" He grinned at the two, who's faces now resembled ripe 'red delicious' apples. They both mumbled a hasty 'good-bye' before skittering out of the kitchen, Duo grabbing his backpack on the way out, and slamming the door shut behind them.

Mrs. Maxwell looked at her husband and smirked, before they both fell on the ground laughing hilariously.


Heero and Duo both jumped into the jeep and buckled up, Heero turning on the radio before Duo could lecture him.

Duo smiled and slid on his Ray-Bans, slightly singing along to the alternative band on 89X, his favorite radio station (mine too).

Heero looked over at his companion, and hesitantly slid his arm around the braid ones shoulders, which made him stop singing and lean further into Heero's arm. Duo smiled and laid a kiss on Heero's Shoulder, snuggling up to him as must as he could in the uncomfortable front seats of the jeep.

The Silence was broken when they pulled up to another house, both boys pulling away from each-other hastily, as Heero honked the horn, waiting for the occupant inside to come out.

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