Title: Hello Hell I haven't missed you prologue
Author: Vanna Maxwell
E-mail: WarsGoddess@aol.com
Rating: R.
Setting: There was no war, just the guys going to High School and some fun and bitching on the way there.
Couples: 1+2/2+1, 3+4/4+3, 5+Mei-Mei
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Duo Maxwell Hated School.

He hated it because of the annoying people there.

He hated his history teacher.

Especially that fat-ass Science teacher.

Never Mind the fact that He was supposed to be The 'nicest guy in school'.

The Star-basketball player.

He hated School.

But how he loved basketball-when the school didn't meddle with the pureness of the sport.

Damn Public schools.

Lets see, he thought, looking at his 'Mecha of the Month' calendar, today's Sunday-the last day of summer vacation.


That means I gotta go back tommorow-he sulked and threw himself on his Full-sized bed. Now our Mr. Maxwell was not the typical Jock-star, He hated jocks, and he was only thrown in with the jocks because he played the game, so while most jocks are making out with cheerleaders and failing tests, and being random assholes, needing to be the center on attention, Duo hated it, He preferred his own crowd, four other guys, each almost completely different but so alike it was painful, almost as painful as the barbarian Superstars at his School, in fact he would have dropped out a while ago if it weren't for his Best Friends.

Hell-He would have set the school On fire if not for them pleading him not to.

So Duo sighed and took it all in, setting his alarm clock and resting his head on the black comforter, to get some well needed sleep-Tomorrow was the day....


Heero Yuy Groaned and Rolled out of bed, his hair mussed and boxers slightly tilted off one hip, and promptly threw his alarm clock out of a nearby window-before stomping down the hallway blindly to go to the bathroom.


What poor Heero didn't know was that his Sister Relena had Hoarded herself in there with the door very much locked, putting on an assortment of girlie things and leaving Him in a heap on the floor with a sore nose.

But at least it woke him up.

And the world shook in fear.



Prussian eyes glared at the door, as it opened and his sister calmly stepped out of the bathroom and towards the stairs, but not before calling over her shoulder:

"Bite Me! Like your sooo Perfect, and you'd better hurry up! You still have to go to your loser' friends houses and make sure they go to school!"

Heero's response was the door slamming.


Business Done with and all cleaned up for school, Heero Yuy tossed his backpack into the trunk area before climbing into his White Jeep and pulling out of the long driveway, nearly running over a random jogger and clearly showing a custom license plate that stated 'WING' before driving over to his best friends house, to probably drag the Braided Boy out of Bed.

Ah, another day in hell.

Heero shrugged and sped up.