Title: Everbind
Author: Vanna Maxwell
Rating: Pg-13
E-Mail: WarsGoddess@aol.com
Pairing: 2+1
Archive: http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/miamore/
If you wanna, just e-mail me with the site, and I'll tell ya if you can ^_~ Plot came from: I was sitting in my 4th hour this is mostly true except the fact that my friend and I aren't gundam pilots, or boys, and we don't know preventers named trowa, or quatre,and I don't go to Steinbeck academy plus a few other technicality's Mrs. Brammer is a real teacher and I describe her pretty well...scary huh?




Sounds of Lawnmowers and hedge-clippers drifted through the open 3rd story window of the Stienbeck Academy, and right there to hear them was Duo Maxwell. The young Cobalt eyed teenager was sitting in the middle of his 4th hour class, almost falling asleep as the audio tape droned on a boring story.

/Oh my Gods does this SUCK/

Duo tugged on his braid, as to not fall asleep like half of the class already had.

He looked at the person sitting next to him curiously.


He sighed.

/It's affecting Hee-chan too/

As true as it was the perfect soldier was drowsily blinking his eyes and trying not to succumb to sleep.

When the teacher wasn't looking, Duo laid his hand on-top of Heero's, rubbing his thumb gently over the top of it, entwining their fingers.

A pair of grateful midnight blue eyes gazed at him, and Duo felt a flush go through his body.

A loud-scratchy voice interrupted their moment as the short mousy-haired teacher screeched:


causing Duo to drop Heero's hand so fast he had indeed bruised his own.

The Cobalt eyes glared at her as the remainder of the class that hadn't already turned to look-woke-up to stare at the back row.

"Yes, Mrs. Brammer?"

She looked at him disgustedly

"Are you listening to the story?"

she paused and then continued in a mocking tone

"Or are you going to hold Mr. Yuy's hand for the remainder?"

At this, the class got a bit riled up-indeed, most of the students were giggling behind their hands and smirking.

Everyone looking back and forth between the small teacher and furious teen.

Duo smirked.

As did Heero.

Duo cleared his throat.

"Actually Ma'am I wanted to do more...but I didn't think you had the maturity to see that particular exercise"

A couple of girls in the room groaned in disappointment and almost half of the guys laughed, the other half were pouting.

Mrs. Brammer squawked indignantly and her face turned red at the implications; not to mention obvious anger.

Taking that as his cue, the braided teen got out of his seat and pressed his lips firmly against Heero's.

The class erupted in whistles and hoots, a couple of students taking pictures and squealing in delight.

Heero leaned into the kiss and for greater effect; their Drama teacher would have been proud-he wrapped his arms around the other boy and dipped him further into the kiss.

Both so happy in their safe little haven that neither were pleased when abruptly ripped out of the others embrace.

It took a couple seconds, but Duo finally registered just who had a firm but gentle grip on his arm....and smiled brilliantly.

It seemed their teacher did not like the proceedings and had called in reinforcements.

The Preventers to be exact.

And right now he was staring into the face of his absolute favorite preventer.


He shrieked, before glomping the tall ex-pilot.

He could almost hear Mrs. Brammer's head explode.

Duo gazed over Trowa's shoulder to see Quatre chatting with Heero.

He smiled.

4th hour had never been so fun!

The class was almost in tears ... they were all laughing at Mrs. Brammer's stupidity.

Said teacher was currently a nanosecond away from popping a vein in her forehead.

The audio tape still droning on in the background.

Noting the drastic change in his and Heero's grades this escapade could cause-Duo did the civil, American thing, Swooped Heero into his arms, bride groom style. He shouted a good-bye to his friends and jumped out the window onto the sturdy branch of the tall Oak tree outside the window-and getting the hell outta dodge. Leaving a very confused class, a pissed-off homophobic teacher, and two laughing preventers in their wake.