Title: Death Onee-chan

Author: used to be Duette Maxwell or just Vanna, now Vanna Maxwell

Pairings: sheesh, people this is just my intro, there's no implying of any pairings because there are no other pilots yet -_-;

Warnings: shounen ai, in the future, Probably gonna be R, but not in this part.AU definitely, some Washuu references, cause I wanted a lab like hers.

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the characters cept, 4 myself and L, and my Gundam, I use Celtic, mythology, or occult references, the story got thought up in my caffeine addled brain last night.

Character Intro:

Vanna Maxwell: Age: 16 nicknamed 'White Lady[1]' 5'1" , jade green eyes, dark chesnut/auburn hair, reaching mid-calf, half up in a braided bun, jagged bangs hiding eyes, found wandering around on colony L 2, when she was 5 years old by a young scientist code-named L. L, who was visiting a colleague of hers, adopted Vanna, becoming her legal guardian, taking her to Scotland, and proceeded to teach her all aspects of life, self defense, computer hacking, piloting, seduction, and magic, the other scientists never believed in the last two, but L was certain her 'daughter' would prove herself, and she did, she learned quickly, even at a young age. When at the age of 14 she received her Gundam , 08, code-named: Scatha [2], the gundam is white, with silver trimmings, headdress has a crescent moon, points facing upward, Scatha has wings, such as the 'Wing' gundam, but resembling Fairy wings, and they are colored a pearly white and misty blue, the weapons include, a sword strapped to the back the metal can heat up (like Quatre's sickles) and slice through almost anything, and also a double-bladed battle ax, (blades heat up too) which can also turn into an energy weapon, has shadowing capabilities (better than even duos). Chest has what appears to be a traditional Celtic breastplate, but on a gundam.Her [outfit] consists of Deep purple knee-high, heeled lace up boots (think sailor Saturn) black, Jean shorts reaching mid-thigh, and a dark violet, vined tank top and elbow-length cardigan.

Instructor Dana [3]Llewellyns : age: 30 , 5' 4", curly red hair, worn in a loose braid, which she keeps, over her shoulder, only goes down mid-back, warm hazel eyes, wears glasses, raised Vanna, as her own, on the Isle of Skye [4] Scotland, taught Vanna every way of self defense, including, magic, seduction, and life in general, calls Vanna 'White Lady,' long time companions with the other doctors, cares for Vanna as a mother would.

well, now that that's done, let's go onto the story:
Death Onee-chan prologue

A dark figure flips off the 3 story balcony of a General's house, hair flipping around, landing skillfully on the grass below, checking if her backpack is secure, before running quickly into the woods, reaching a supposed 'clearing' she take out a presses a button on her watch, and now standing in the Clearing is a Mobile Suit, Gundam to be precise, kneeling on one knee, waiting for her mistress. " hey Scatha babe, ya miss me?" she says quietly. She opens the top of her wristwatch and presses a button. Now, instead of the cold silence there's Alarms, burning materials and screams filling the air.

Opening the cockpits hatch, strapping herself in the harness and securing her backpack behind the chair, she starts flipping switches for the startup sequence, before flying away to a remote safe-house in the center of the woods in Tacoma, Colorado. She lands behind the house and climbs down from the Cockpit, and activating the cloaking devices. Running over to an Oak Tree, she opens a secret Panel at the base of the Tree, revealing a small keyboard, she types in the access code and a door appears on the tree trunk. She turns the knob and enters, the door disappearing after it is closed.

There is a huge console in the center of the 'room' slightly translucent, and a floating cushion, in front of it, Library's of Books on all sort subjects surround the 'walls' occult, geography, math, you name it, a Queen sized bed is off the one corner covered in black, silver, and blood red, not to mention the violet colored crushed velvet cushions, laying everywhere, in the space.

*beep beep*

Vanna Maxwell, sighed and shrugged off her back pack, which plopped onto one of the velvet cushions, before walking over to the floating cushion, sitting down, and typing in a few commands on the translucent keyboard, making a second screen appear, this one holding the image of a beautiful woman, with Curly red hair and honey colored eyes, covered by a pair of thin-framed glasses. " My 'White Lady' did, your mission go as planned?" she spoke with a thick Irish accent, the Five Shadows standing behind her step forward. Revealing a Man with a claw, one with what looks to have a mushroom for hair, a tall bald man, one with a black nose, and another with a pointy mustache.Vanna Smirked, " Yes L, mission accomplished, what? are you showing me off to your colleagues? Is there another mission? C'mon don't leave me hanging."

The woman on the screen smiled."You have a brother, my lady."


The six people on the screen laughed and closed the vid-screen.

L, turned around, facing Dr. G ," So, your God of Death against my White Lady? I assure you, siblings are not all there cracked up to be"

T. B. C.
[1]White Lady : in celtic legend known to all as the dryad of death; identified with the queen of the dead, the crone form of the goddess, and death, destruction and annihilation.

[2] Scatha: in Celtic "she who strikes fear" Underworld goddess, land of scath, dark goddess, goddess of the destroyer aspect. A warrior woman and prophetess, who lived in Scotland, on the isle of skye,and taught the martial arts. patron of blacksmiths, healing,magic,prophecy, and martial arts.

[3] Dana: Major, Mother goddess, patrons of, wizards, waters, wells, prosperity, and plenty, magic and wisdom.

[4] Isle of Skye, It doesn't really exist, its a mythical place where Scatha resides.