Title: Death Onee- Chan part 2 (teaser)

Author: Vanna Maxwell

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Yes we finally get to see some Shounen ai, 1+2, 3+8, 4+?,5+?

Warnings: Shounen Ai, AU, I put myself into the fic, which means there's going to be boy/boy love and Trowa and I are going to be a couple later on, for this fic I thought I'd change it, she doesn't like Quatre with other boys so I made it best-friend safe, even though this is probably going to be the only fic I write that this happens in.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gundam boys, I do however own Dana, Vanna, The Gundam Scatha and my pet, Ruis Ohn. and some of the stuff I refer too is from Tenchi Muyo, I dont own that either, except for the few changes I make in them.


Death Onee-chan part 2


When we last left our hero's and heroine:

I giggled a little at that, and was at Glare boys, side in a second, I had the gun in my hand and was Smiling prettily at him. He just glared, shock dissipating." Reeeaaallyy, and my guess is that you're Heero, cause no offense, but my baby brother has probably got a personality, and seeing how Wufei is justice-bound, and Quatre is too nice, soo.. that either leaves braid-boy or bang-boy." I walked over to tall-bang-Bering boy peering at him from behind my own bangs. " Nope, your too quiet, and that only leaves......" I raced over and glomped onto the one with the braid. " Baby Bro.!"

Now we return to the scene outside the Bar named Violet Fox,


The silence was disrupted by the Chinese boy falling to the ground in a dead faint.

Quatre jumped and rushed over to where Wufei was currently sprawled out on the cold on the cement, and began to check to see if he was all right.

Heero was glaring again, trigger-finger twitching, wishing he had his gun.

Vanna let go of Duo and sighed, " You men, always so finicky about every single thing." She walked over to where Quatre sat on the ground, snapped her fingers and a translucent keyboard appeared under her fingers, causing each of the conscious pilots to widen their eyes and step back a little. Vanna chuckled, and hit the 'enter' key on her keyboard, making a red door appear out of thin air, she took her hands from over the keyboard and it disappeared, picking up Wufei and turning back to the shocked pilots she stated : " You see what I mean? You see one dimensional gateway and freak out, this is where I'm supposed to take you guys anyway, your respective instructors and mine wanted to speak with you, and seeing how my residence is far more technologically advancded then yours, they decided for my place to have the communications, and means." Trowa's 'eye' widened and he shook his head. / How'd she say that all in one breath?/ before she turned around and opened the door, walking into the darkness, disappearing completely.

The rest were a bit suspicious though, and looked at the portal curiously, Duo, of course being the first one to speak "Anou, sister? dimensional portal? Aughhh!!!!"he didn't get enough time to finish as a purple-finger nail-polished hand reached out and grabbed his right arm, dragging him in, Heero, not about to let Duo go it alone, ran after him, in which Quatre, curious as ever, also followed. Leaving the banged one to shrug and walk in as well.

**Inside Vanna's Lab/home**

Duo widened his eyes at the huge expanse of room in the well.....room. Vanna let go of his arm and walked over to where Wufei laye on what appeared to be a floating, bed? She typed a couple of keys on her ever present keyboard and an ice-pack appeared in midair, floating in front on her, she picks it out of the air and places it on Wufei's forehead, before turning around to welcome the boys to her home. Each had their own reaction. silence.Vanna sighed and began to explain from what she had been told, before that one with the glare took out his toy again.

"Welcome gentlemen, this is my home, it is an inter-dimensional space, I can make it as big or as small as I want, my keyboard," she made the translucent, floating object appear, for emphases, and continued."can pretty much give me anything I want, if it's possible, I can't type in: 'kill Relena Peacecraft' and it will happen." at these words Heero seemed to pout a little, Quatre frown a bit, Duo to snap his fingers as if he were saying 'damn', and Trowa to just be, well Trowa." That's it about the lab, now what do you want to know, I'm sure your cute little heads are just busting with questions."

Unsurprisingly, Duo was the first to start. "Sister?" he repeated again, as if the knowlege that he had living family, was the hardest thing in the world for him to grasp.

Vanna smiled kindly, and motioned for them to follow her into the sitting room, which consisted of six floating purple cushions, and a floating 'table', she sat down at one of the pillows, crossing her legs under her and starting to type on her keyboard. "What do you want to drink?" They hesetenly sat on the pillows before Quatre spoke up politely, " What do you have?" Vanna sweatdropped, and fell off her cushion, before springing back up in a flurry of motion, she cleared her throat, " Quatre, dear sweet little Quatre-bean, I just told you I have a keyboard that can create almost anything, I'm pretty sure I can handle whatever beverage You may want!"she said, closing her eyes and muttering to herself.Quatre blushed. Duo spoke up, saving his friend, " Um a chocolate milkshake?" Vanna smiled and mentally thanked him, pressing a few keys before a frosty glass full to the brim of chocolate milkshake appeared on the table before Duo, who gave the biggest grin she had seen out of him yet before sipping on the straw.Vanna smiled and kept her hands poised over the keyboard." What about you Ro-chan?" ( I gave Heero a new nickname bwahahahaha) she asked the slightly glaring pilot who was currently making goo goo eyes at her brother, /hmmm, save that for future reference/ " tea." Vanna nodded and a traditional cup of Japanese tea appeared before him, his eyes widened a bit, before he softly asked,"How'd you know?" he asked, voice going lower. The softness of his voice caused the other boys to look at him in mild-shock, and the young 'lady' to smile again at him." You always take your tea the same way, some lemon a bit of lime, and your stepfather, Odin Lowe always served it to you in a bright blue, traditional Japanese terra-cotta tea cup, it was your favorite when you were six," she stated a matter of factly.Heero's mouth dropped open, he started to sputter in a very un-heero like matter."B-but, h-how d-d-did you know that?" Vanna smiled,"I'm Duo's sister, and White Lady," then she snickered a bit," and cause I used to watch you when you were a kid, I mean, c'mon Heero that thing you did with the laboratory frogs was classic!"

there is more yet to come, review it remember, this is just a teaser to chapter 2, not the actual thing!