Title: Death Onee-chan part 1

Author: Vanna Maxwell

Rating: Pg-13

Pairings: sliggghhtttt1+2, sorry guyz, but no 3+4, it's gonna be 8+3 and 4+?, 5+?, my friend doesn't like Q and Tro together, so for just this fic Im pairing me and Trowa together.

Disclaimer: I saw Coyote Ugly last night and THAT MOVIE RULES, so I don't own any thing i use form that film, I don't own the G-Boys either, but I do own my Gundam, the name of the bar, my homeland, l, and myself so there : P

Warning(s): 'Coyote Ugly' spoilers, sorta, shounen ai, AU, swearing,

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Death Onee-Chan part 1

Duo Maxwell sighed as he walked through downtown Tacoma.

This had to be the most boring little town he and the other pilots had been to yet.

/Hmmmmmmm, a bar?/

/'Violet Fox'. Sounds okay, but there an awful lot of noise coming from inside, I'd better get the others, and tell them about it, could be a kick ass time/

Duo smiled and wandered off into the night, in the direction of there current residents.


Vanna took in the amount of patrons at the Bar. Music was blaring out of the jukebox while her fellow bartenders danced on the bartop.

"Two doubles. Jimmy."

She took out the bottles and twirled them around twice before filling the two shot glasses to the brim.

Continuing to fill orders she didn't notice the five young men enter the raving crowds.

She still recalled when she had taken this job, as undercover work of course.


"Hey! Everybody SHUT-UP, I'd like to introduce my new girl, Scorpio, She's Deadly to the touch and serves only the best dose of poison."

She waved and went up to the bar, oh no, she didn't need to get used to it, it was a general part of her training, and she didn't even have to change, For this one.

She smirked and downed a double. Pouring another and tossing it down the bar in between the dancers, legs.

She was /really/ starting to like this mission./

Hair swinging wildly she jumped up onto the bartop, grabbing the mic and began singing, dancing in time with Jersey.

/ I , I will survive, Oh as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive/

she swayed her hip in time to the music as the crowds whistled and she slid down the length of the bar, coming to stop infront of a group of five boy whom she instantly recognized as the five other gundam pilots, /Hmmm a little young aren't we boys/

She crawled infront of a tall one with a weird hairstyle. Handing the microphone to Jersey she reached behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of rum. Grabbing the tall guy and bending him over the bar, pouring the liquid into his mouth, then pouring some in her own, The boy nearly died on the spot, his friends all shocked. I smirked.

"So, whose next?"

But before they could answer, an older guy asked me from the side, " Hey, can I get some water?"

I put the bottle behind the bar, backflipped into a standing position and grabbed the megaphone. Flipping the switch I held it in one hand the squirter in the other, and screamed into the megaphone. " HEY! DO WE SERVE WATER IN THIS BAR?!!" before opening the rush of water on the guy, as the patrons chanted " HELL NO H20, HELL NO H20!" I smiled and dropped both items, climbing back onto the bar and dancing infront of the 5 /very/shocked boys. I smiled as I twirled around, Jersey coming through my legs, I glanced at the tall one, whose mouth was still open, in shock.

I saw on of them, he had a long braid, jumping around, he was /really/ getting into this.

I jumped behind the bar, and started pouring drinks, leaning over to talk to the 'braid boy' as I poured six, evens.

" so what brings you here?" I asked amused, pushing a drink to each of them and tossing one back my self.

Each had there own response to my question, one with dark, wild hair grunted. A blond one smiled and tentatively took a sip,"um, were just uh out for the night." /hehee, this one is definitely not a liquor drinker/ one with a black ponytail looked at the dancers in disgust. and actually said to me: " It is dishonorable to dance on a bartop, nataku would be displeased."

I saw red. simply put and stood up on the bar.

I grabbed Mr. pony tail and I grabbed the Mic. Hauling him onto the bar with me, I could tell he was surprised at my strength.

" Hey everybody!"

My friends stopped dancing and jumped behind the bar, they knew what was coming, they smirked. The crowd shut up. I put my arm around the kid, he was frozen in shock. " This, kid.." I paused, asking him.

" What's your name cutie?" he nearly passed out. " Wu-Wufei." I smiled and pinched his cheek. " This Kid, Wufei said he doesn't like what we do here at the 'Violet Fox' , well what do we say to that girls?" My fellow 'foxes' all howled, grabbing pitchers of ice water and sliding them down the bar to me, each girl holding one, I smirked and took a bottle of Vodka, taking a sip, before pouring it on the bar, I took a lighter from my pocket and lit it, blowing out into the crowd, catching the bartop on fire. I took the picture and doused Wufei in the water, he was freaking out. I held him close to me and whispered in his ear "15, year old Gundam pilots shouldn't be in here with the big girls." And tossed him back to his friends, Wufei stared at me, sputtering, eyes widened in shock. His friends all looked at him and me, the other girls dot on the bar, dancing, and poured water over themselves dousing out the flames. I bowed with a flourish then hopped off the bar, infront of the guys, I grabbed them and hauled them outside with me, they were all shocked by my strength, especially the one with the cold blue gaze.

I dragged them all out of the bar, nodding to Steve, the bouncer as I passed him.

Stopping in an alleyway I let go of them.

"So, what brings 5 , 15 year old Gundam Pilots to a bar at 12 am?" I asked.

The one with the glare stepped forward. Gun trained on me.

I smiled at him. And looked at the one with the bang, what a weeriiddd hairstyle.

"Sheesh, calm down spandex boy, I'm not an enemy, I'm just a fellow pilot, the best to be exact."

I bow, hair swishing sround me and hold out a hand, " Vanna Maxwell at your service, I also go by White Lady, Scorpio, or Pilot 08, and I am, very pleased to meet you."

This shocked glare-boy, and braid boy, the hottie with the bang just looked at me, Wufei just muttered something, and the blondy just sputtered.

"What? jeeze you introduce yourself to a bunch of kids and they just stand there. And put the gun down junior." I said at the one pointing the gun at me.

Blondy stepped forward." I'm Quatre Rabera Winner, and I think the reason Heero and Duo are so shocked is because Duo's last name is Maxwell too."

I giggled a little at that, and was at Glare boys, side in a second, I had the gun in my hand and was Smiling prettily at him. He just glared, shock dissipating." Reeeaaallyy, and my guess is that you're Heero, cause no offense, but my baby brother has probably got a personality, and seeing how Wufei is justice-bound, and Quatre is too nice, soo.. that either leaves braid-boy or bang-boy." I walked over to tall-bang-bering boy peering at him from behind my own bangs. " Nope, your too quiet, and that only leaves......" I raced over and glomped onto the one with the braid. " Baby Bro.!"

T. B. C.