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Who's Fooling Who
Chapter 6

(Duo's POV)

Where the hell is Heero? I didn't see him earlier in line when the cafeteria was still pretty empty, now it is near impossible to find him here in this crowd. Taking a quick look around the room, still not spotting my anti-social partner, I return my attention back to my two newest friends, Jennifer and Aiko.

Chatting amiably with the two girls, I try my best to put the tight bra holding my fake breasts stuck to my chest, the blue earrings on my ears, the make-up on my face, and the light pink school blazer with matching skirt and tie I am forced to wear all out of my mind.

As I take a sip out of my drink, a tall athletic blonde comes up to our table.

"Excuse me, but is your name by any chance Rose?" the blonde asks innocently.

"No, it's not," I answer.

"It's too bad," he says nonchalantly, "you seem like a Rose to me."

I blink in surprise, hoping I heard wrong.

"My name is Warren by the way." He extends his hand towards me. "What's yours?"

Nope, I didn't.

Just great. Wonderful. It appears I have an admirer.

This mission just gets better and better.

Deciding that giving him my name would be much simpler than not giving it to him, I tell him it is Duo, hoping he would take a hint and go away when I refuse to shake his hand.

Instead of taking the hint, the guy smiles, smoothly places his extended hand on the table, and leans towards me. "It's an interesting name. But then again, 'a rose by any other name is still a rose'."

I almost groan.

Give me a break, pal--am I supposed to be impressed that you can recite Shakespeare? Think again, Blondie.

I shrug without commenting about his lines, wondering how I could get rid of the guy without being totally rude.

"Is that seat taken?" asks a nasal voice from behind me.

I almost sigh with relief. It seems my knight in shining armor has come to my rescue just in the nick of time. I gesture to the chair across from me and smile happily, "Nope, it's all yours."

As Heero takes his seat, the-Warren-guy glares heatedly at him. Heero looks at me, then Warren, then me again before saying, "Did I interrupt something?"

Before Warren could say anything, I hurriedly interject, "No. We're quite done with our conversation actually."

After a few moments, Warren nods in agreement. "Yes, I guess we are. It was nice meeting you, Duo. I hope we can do this again soon."

Trying to be polite, yet still dismissive, I say, "It was an interesting chat. Have a nice lunch. Bye."

Warren smiles enigmatically at me, then left.

Once Warren is out of hearing distance, Jennifer grabs my arm and shakes me. "Did you know who that was? That was Warren, the captain of the basketball team. Warren, the lead guitarist of "Twisted"--like the hottest band around here. Warren, like the cutest guy on campus and extremely popular too. I can't believe you. He was practically hitting on you, and you pretty much snubbed him. What's wrong with you girl?"

Aiko throws a chip at Jennifer and shakes her head. "Don't mind Jen, Duo, she has this huge crush on Warren for some time now. I don't really see why though, he's not that great. Once she lets it sinks in that someone else--besides me--doesn't see Warren like she does, she'll be back to seemingly normal again."

Throwing the chip back, Jennifer grumbles, "Some friend you are, Aiko."

Aiko shrugs. "I call them like I see them. Besides, Warren's head pretty much outweighs a lot of his good qualities. I say his ego was due for some popping and about time too."

Jennifer humphs and looks away.

I look at Heero, who has been quietly eating his sandwich throughout the girls' banter. I catch his eyes and quirk a brow, wondering what he is thinking.

The bastard, of course, answers me with a smirk.

Not liking the amusement I see in his eyes, I glare at him. "Laugh Yuy, and I'll give you the black eye I've been promising you."

Instead of its desired effect, my threat seems to amuse the jerk even more.

"Are you asking for it?" I growl, thoroughly pissed.

Heero shrugs. "Maybe," he says, smirk still firmly in place.

After glaring at his smirking face for a bit, I start laughing.

I have to admit, the entire situation is rather funny.

Once I calm down and look at Heero again, I wish I were still pissed off at him.


Heero looks damn right kissable.

Fuck Heero, don't look at me like that, or my stupid eyes will lie to my stupid heart and tell it that you want me.

Someone clears her throat.

Turning to the girls, I see them looking expectantly at me. Realizing what they want, I introduce them to Heero and Heero to them.


(Heero's POV)

Duo's new friends seem nice, but I have my misgivings about Jennifer--she seems the type to pry.

Not too soon after saying her hello, I am proven correct when Jennifer immediately starts the interrogation. "You two seem to be good friends. Did you guys come from the same high school? Are you part of the same exchange program as Duo here, Heero?"

I nod. "We are. We did. And yes," I answer.

Jennifer giggles and fires the question she really wanted to ask. "So, are you two… like… together?"

I smile at the idea and say, "We are."

"Well, no wonder Duo wasn't interested in Warren--she already had you," exclaims Jennifer.

Aiko throws another chip at her. "Heero or no Heero, Jen, Duo has better sense than to fall for a guy who uses a line like 'you seem like a Rose to me'."

"Rose?" I ask curiously, wondering what they are talking about.

"Warren asked Duo if her name was Rose," Aiko offers.

I am not surprised the blonde is interested in Duo, but I dislike him--not because he wants Duo, but because he is not good enough to deserve Duo. I consider the blonde's methods and look speculatively at Duo. No, not Rose. If Duo has to be named after a flower, it would not be Rose. "If it was me, I would have used Daisy."

Duo snorts at the idea of being named after a flower, then cocks his head to the side, "Why Daisy?"

"They're cheerful, unassuming flowers."

Duo quirks a brow in disbelief. "Unassuming?"

My lips twitch. "Yes, unassuming."

Duo snorts again, denying the accuracy of the comparison.

"Unlike roses, daisies don't symbolize one form of passion or another, instead they inspire it. They offer quiet support, genuine care, and solid friendship without imposing or demanding any to be returned. They may not be as striking as a rose, but they can be the brightest things under the sun. Sometimes they can make you believe… they are the sun. But most of all," I smile, "they make me smile."

Aiko turns toward Jennifer and nods her head as if concluding her point. "Now that was what I call a compliment."

I look at Aiko in confusion. "Compliment?"

"Wasn't that what you were trying to do?" Aiko asks.

"I just thought that if I was to name Duo after a flower, I was going to name her after one that reminds me the most of her. But I didn't say anything about her appearance or scent, so how was it a compliment?"

In bewilderment, Aiko asks, "If you weren't trying to compliment Duo, then what were you trying to do?"

"Giving my honest opinion and speculation on an interesting scenario."

Aiko turns to Duo in disbelief, "Is he always like this?"

I wonder what she is talking about.

"More or less, I'm afraid," Duo answers.

Aiko shakes her head in bewilderment and awe.

I blink in confusion at the two, wondering what I have missed.

"So, moving along, how did you two meet?" interjects Jennifer, continuing with the interrogation.

Remembering the story Duo and I have agreed upon, I start telling the revised tale of our first meeting. "Well, I was going from one class to another, when I was stopped by a friend in the halls, asking me about the progress on an assignment I was working on. As we were talking, out of nowhere, Duo crashed into me, taking me down."

"Hey, like I told you before, I was running late," exclaims Duo. "Besides, I still say you shouldn't had just stood there right next to a hallway interchange, you were just asking for an accident."

I snort, somewhat amused by Duo's take on the story. "After a short shouting match between my friend, Duo, and myself about whose fault it was for the accident, I tried to stand up and found I had sprained my ankle, which landed me a trip to the nurse's office."

Duo snorts, "That was after you'd stubbornly tried to walk to your class on that ankle and your friend finally resorting to physically dragging you to the nurse's office because you certainly wouldn't have gone there willingly on your own."

Choosing not to response to Duo's comments, I continue on with the story. "Once the nurse iced and wrapped my ankle, Duo, feeling guilty for putting me there, volunteered to help me get out of the place and back to my dorm room."

"Hey Heero," interrupts Duo, "have I reminded you of how ungrateful you were for my help recently?"

Ignoring Duo's inquiry, I plow on forward with the story. "I wasn't feeling particularly sociable then…"

Duo snorts and mumbles, "Now that is an understatement."

Pretending I did not hear him, I conclude the tale, "So once I had safely reached and entered my room, I pretty much slammed the door in Duo's face."

Duo smiles a goofy smile and shrugs, "So, to make a long story short, that was our first meeting."

Jennifer shakes her head in wonder. "Wow. Talk about bad first impressions."

Curious, Aiko asks, "So, how did you two end up together then?"

'We haven't' runs through my mind, follow by 'I wish we were'. But instead of speaking my thoughts, I begin the tale Duo and I have spun. "Well, not long after our first meeting, Duo and I started attending the same classes."

"And with a lot of effort on my part," Duo adds, "we eventually became friends, actually best friends."

Grinning at how true his statement was, I continue with the tale, "We didn't get together until recently, when a class assignment had us role-playing a married couple. As the assignment progressed, we realized we liked being a couple and that we wanted to take our relationship to the next step."

Smiling, Duo adds, "And ever since then, we've been together."

As I look into Duo's smiling face, the only thing I could think about was how I wish it were true--that we are together.

"So you guys were pining after each other for who knows how long, wanting each other but too afraid to make the next move until it was undeniable or it took too much out of you to avoid the attraction anymore?" asks Jennifer with a devilish gleam in her eyes.

My face feels suddenly warm. Shit, I think I'm blushing. I have not expected this, and dammit, it is too close to home. I glance at Duo and see him blushing slightly pink too.

Taking our silence as affirmation, Jennifer grins at our apparent foolishness. "I'm right aren't I?" She shakes her head, "Man, it must have drove your friends crazy watching the two of you tip-toeing around each other."

I shrug, blushing even more, and glance at Duo for help. Blushing red around his cheeks and ears, Duo mumbles, "Um… yeah, I guess they did."

Jennifer chuckles good-naturedly, "You two make such a cute couple. Man, you guys are going to break a lot of hearts here."

Taking mercy on us, Aiko throws another chip at Jennifer. "Okay, Jen, let them eat their lunch. You can always tease them later. You've put them on the hot seat long enough already."

Blushing slightly for her lack of manners, Jennifer smiles apologetically and resumes eating her lunch.


(Duo's POV)

Still feeling slightly hungry after finishing my lunch, I eye Heero's unopened bag of chips and begin to ask him for it, "Hey, Heero… " But before I could even ask him, Heero hands me the bag. I chuckle slightly, "You know me too well, Heero."

Heero shrugs, grabs his apple and takes a bite out of it, grinning while he chews.

Happily eating my acquired chips, I notice Heero looking at me with a decided smirk on his face.

"What?" I ask.

Heero shrugs. "In case no one has warned you yet, Duo, the girls' PE uniform is a white tee-shirt and red shorts during warm weather, and pink sweats during cold." Heero nods his head pointedly at a window where the falling snow and snow-covered grounds can be easily seen.

I blink at the sight, taking in what the news would mean and return my gaze back to Heero. I glare murderously at the smirking bastard, "Are you asking for a couple of broken ribs along with the black eye I've been promising you, Yuy?"

Heero stares into my eyes, and if I did not know any better, I would swear he looks vulnerable, and says, "When you ever really want to, I'll let you get close enough to try."

I do not know whether to be mad or flattered by his offer, but I do know Heero was completely serious in offering it.

The bell rings for the end of lunch, saving me from commenting on Heero's offer.

I pick up my tray and take it to the conveyor belt along with Heero and the girls.

As we walk to our next class, I wonder whether I should take Heero's hand into mine. As I worried and psyche myself into doing it, I suddenly find us at the doorway to a classroom and realize my choice has been made for me. We take seats near the windows and chat quietly before the teacher enters and class begins.



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