Author: Ume

Title: Who's Fooling Who 4/?

Pairings: 1+2/2+1

Disclaimer: Don't own Gundam Wing.  This is solely for entertainment purposes.  Please don't sue.

Note: TWT, OOC, Changing POVs, Cross-dressing


Who's Fooling Who 4a/?


(Duo's POV)

As Heero and I walk toward the entrance to the mall from the parking lot, I count on my fingers, listing the things I need to buy.  "Okay, let's see.  I need to buy an entire wardrobe of clothes and shoe… maybe some make-up and possibly some accessories, too.  Hm… am I missing anything?"

"Hn.  Underwear.  You forgot about underwear."

Oh, I had to open my mouth and ask, didn't I?

I turn my head and look at Heero.  The bastard smirks and continues with, "You should add bras and panties to your list of things to purchase."

I glare.  "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"  Then I remember the other reason for this trip, concerning one stoic pilot, and smirk.  Two can play this game, Heero.  "You've just reminded me, Hee-chan.  You should add underwear to your own list as well, or would you prefer to have me keep track of your list for you instead?"

Heero lifts an eyebrow, asking without words what the hell I'm talking about.

"Oh Hee-chan, I hope you didn't forget that I'm not the only one going through a make-over here today."

Now, it's Heero's turn to glare.

"Hey, I did warn you that that's part of the reason I wanted you to come with me to the mall, didn't I?"


"Look, Heero, it's not like it's going to kill you to try something different."

"Hn."  Heero pauses, then grudgingly adds, "It's not going to kill me."

"Great, I'll take that as your consent to the make-over then.  And who knows, Hee-chan, you might actually have fun."

Heero quirks his eyebrow again, but this time his expression clearly states, "yeah right".

"Okay, okay.  Bad choice of words.  But you can't blame me for being optimistic, ne?"

Heero smirks, "I can't blame you for being you."

"Yeah, whatever.  Hm… I've just gotten a wonderful idea, Hee-chan."

Heero tilts his head, an indication that I have his full attention.

"How about for every outfit I pick for you, you pick one for me?  A nice compromise, I should say and it would make this shopping trip a lot more interesting, ne?.  So what do you think?  Is it a deal?"

Heero thinks for a minute.  "Aa.  Deal."


We walk through the sliding doors and notice the number of shoppers rushing by.  "Damn, this place is packed.  Someone can get really lost in a crowd like this.  Come on, Hee-chan," I grab Heero's wrist with one hand and with the other point to my left, "let's go to this department store first," and pull him into the store.


(Heero's POV)

As I'm dragged into the store behind Duo, I can't help but feel slightly disappointed.  I shouldn't, but I am.

The wistful thought that it's still not my hand he's holding is nagging me.  For the past year, Duo has gotten my attention and led me around by pulling on my sleeves, or by a friendly arm around my shoulders, or by grabbing my upper arms, elbows, or wrists.  But never my hands.  He has never held my hands, unless he's tending injuries there.

I want Duo to hold my hand.  I want him to rub his thumb soothingly over the back, to interlace our fingers.  And I want him… to allow me to do the same thing to him.


I should stop thinking and wanting, and just enjoy Duo's hand around my wrist.

Duo leads me to the escalator and we take it to the misses' section on the second floor.

As he goes through a rack of blouses, he's still holding onto my wrist.  I wonder if he's afraid I'll bolt or something.  Maybe he likes touching me as much as I enjoy his skin against mine.


I wish.

Duo finally lets go of my wrist when he finds a top that interests him and shows it to me.

"What do you think, Heero?"

"It looks nice."  It'll look even better on you.

"Okay, I'll try it on later."

Duo continues onto the next rack and I simply follow him, going through the same question and answer sequence for every item of clothing he shows me.

After grabbing several tops, slacks, and jeans, Duo moves on to the fitting room and heads into a stall.

"Hey, Hee-chan?"


"Don't be too far away, I want to get your opinion on these outfits."


I plant myself in front of the stall and wait for Duo to come out.  Very soon, the stall door opens.  Duo steps out, clad in a tight baby-tee, a powered blue hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of blue boot-cut jeans, hanging low on his hips and revealing a nice expanse of his lower abdomen.

I can't seem to stop myself from staring at Duo.  The outfit is causal and flirtatious all at once, and just screams Duo.

Duo turns in a small circle to show me how he looks from all sides and asks, "Well, Hee-chan, what do you think?"

I look Duo up and down before answering, "It suits you."  I pause, debating whether to say more, and add, "You look good… in it."

Duo smiles and blushes slightly.  "Thanks."

"But why the light and pastel colors?"

"From my usual preference of black, dark blue, and red?"


"Because it's more feminine and it adds to the look I'm going for."

"Which is?"


My lips twitch and I almost crack a smile as Duo grins and goes back into the stall to change into another outfit.

Several outfits later, my speculation is confirmed; Duo looks good in practically anything.  Duo is back in the stall, changing into something new, when I realize there's not one skirt or dress amongst the pile of clothes he's trying on.  I grin.  I tell Duo I will be right back and walk over to the skirts and dresses' section, planning on taking full advantage of the deal we made earlier.

I grab a lot of skirts and dresses of varying lengths, shades, hues, and patterns, all of which would look very appealing on Duo.  There are two dresses in particular I want Duo to try on; one because of its color, which Duo detests; and one because… I just want to see Duo in it.

I return to the fitting room and Duo's stall.  The look on Duo's face when he sees the skirts and dresses is almost priceless.  He scowls for a minute, then sighs and takes the pile of clothes inside the stall.

After trying on and modeling all the skirts and most of the dresses for me, I hear Duo scream before he yanks the stall open, shoves one of the two dresses I especially wanted him to try on, and shakes it at me.  "I can't believe you picked this dress for me."

I look at the dress, then back at Duo and ask, "What's wrong with it?"

Duo sputters, "What's wrong with it?  What's wrong with it?  I'll tell you what's wrong with it.  It's PINK."


"I detest wearing pink."


"This dress is pink, and it's in a shade of pink that just makes me want to cringe."

"What's wrong with the shade?"

"It's frigging cotton candy pink.  I'm getting a fucking tooth ache just looking at it."

I shrug.  "Try it on."

"Are you out of your mind?  What kind of idiotic idea is that?"

"Hn.  Try it on."

"I don't want to."

"Try it on."

"This dress is revolting and it's going to look foolish on me."

I smirk and use a line Duo often uses on me, "Don't knock it 'til you try it.  Put the dress on, Duo."

Duo narrows his eyes to slits and slams the door shut.  I can hear him grumbling in the stall as he puts the dress on.

The stall opens and Duo steps out, wearing the dress and a grimace.  I look Duo up and down and gesture for him to turn around.  Once he makes a full turn, I tell him honestly what I think of him in the dress.  "You look very good, Duo.  You don't look foolish at all in it."  In fact, the dress seems to enhance and bring out the warm tones in Duo's pale skin.

Duo humphs.

"What's wrong?"

"It's pink."


"It's cotton candy pink."

"We're both very well aware of that."

"I detest pink."

"And you look very good in it."

Duo snorts.

"Duo, look in the mirror.  Look at yourself.  Look at how you look like in the dress.  If you can tell me you look awful in it, we won't get it."

Duo does as I ask.  He scowls as he takes in his appearance.  Eventually, he sighs and turns around.  Grudgingly, he says, "I don't look awful in this dress."

"No, you don't."  I smile to show my sincerity in the comment.

Duo blushes.  "Okay.  Um… Thanks.  I still have… um… more dresses… to try on."


(Duo's POV)

I quickly close the stall door and lean against it.  My knees are weak. Dammit, they're weak.  I take deep breaths, trying to calm down the racing heart that moments ago was in my throat.

Heero smiled.  He actually smiled, and at me.  Not a smirk, not a grin, not a twitch of his lips.  An actual smile, one that sparkled in his eyes, and it was aimed at me, for me.  Damn.  And his eyes.  Oh god, his eyes. They weren't cold or indifferent.  They were warm, they were intoxicating, they were inviting.  How can anyone be so beautiful?  How can anyone look so human and seem like a god at the same time?  And will I ever see it again?  Will he ever smile at me again?


I look into the mirror and I want to laugh.  I'm finding it funny that I'm indebted to this stupid dress for Heero's smile, and how one minute I couldn't wait to toss it and now I want to hug it.


"Yeah, Hee-chan?"

"Are you okay in there?  You're taking a long time changing.  Is something wrong?"

"It's okay, Hee-chan.  I'm just having trouble getting this dress off."  Yeah, my arms and legs, as well as the rest of my body, don't seem to be working at the moment.

"Do you need me to help you?"

"No, Heero.  But thanks.  I'm making some progress on it, I should get it off soon."


I take a deep breath and finally get my limbs to function properly.  I slip out of the pink dress and put the next one on.  I open the door to let Heero see me.  He nods his head and says I look nice in it.  I can't seem to stop blushing every time he compliments me.  Maybe it's because I'm not use to him noticing what I wear and commenting on it?  Or maybe it's because he seems to actually notice me?

Snorts.  Yeah right.  I wish.

I go back into the stall to try on the last dress.  With it on, I look at myself in the mirror, and blink several times.

I can't believe the person staring back from the mirror is me.  The image I see before me is definitely one of a girl.  She looks pretty, and if I'm honest, beautiful.  She looks strong, powerful, important, regal… yet preciously fragile.

Somehow, the dress seems to bring out all of my good features and softens out everything to make me look delicate and dainty.  But… this can't be me, can it?  I can't possibly look so… so… I don't know.  But certainly not like the girl in front of me.  She can't be me.  I can't be her.  This can't be me.

I shake my head, breaking out of my loopy train of thoughts.

I'm overreacting here; it must be the lighting, or changing into one too many dresses, or a case of my overactive imagination, or… or…


It's nothing.  It's just a dress.  And it's still me underneath.  I turn, open the stall door, and step out for Heero to see.


(Heero's POV)

Oh Kami-sama, Duo is… beautiful doesn't describe how lovely and radiant he looks.  Stunning?  Well I'm definitely stunned, that's for sure.

I look Duo up and down and rest my gaze on his face.  He gives me a weak smile, and I barely suppress the urge to walk up to him, wrap my arms around his waist, pull him against me, and kiss him.

"So… um… What do you think, Heero?"

"You look b… great… Duo.  It looks very good on you."  More than good, more than great, more than I imaged or expected it would.

"Thanks, Heero.  Um… This is the last dress, and once I've changed back to my own clothes, we can go and pay for everything."


Duo goes back to the stall and changes.  He opens the door to the stall and asks for my help in carrying some of the clothes, pointing to a big pile, while he carries an even bigger one to the cash register.

After paying for the clothes, courtesy of Oz, we end up carrying three bags each.

"So, Hee-chan, since we've spent over a hour on my wardrobe, it's now your turn."

I look at Duo's evil grin.  Hn.  Whatever Duo has in mind or whatever he gets me to try on and buy, it doesn't matter and I don't care.  Seeing Duo in the last dress is worth it.  And seeing Duo happy is worth anything.


Who's Fooling Who 4b/?

(Duo’s POV)

I shift all my bags to one hand and grab Heero’s wrist, dragging… well, I wouldn’t call it dragging, more like leading… yeah, leading… leading Heero to the men’s department on the first floor.

Stopping in front of a stand of dress shirts, I turn to Heero. “Ah… Heero?”


“Why don’t you pick out some things first, ne? And I’ll just add what I want you to try on as we go along.”


“I take that as a ‘yes’.”

Heero does a combination of a snort-smirk before moving over to the dress shirts, I guess to get a closer look at them.

I look at the bags Heero’s holding. “Hey Heero?”


“Hand me those bags you’re holding.”


“So your hands can be free to carry all the clothes you’re going to try on.”

“I can manage.”

“Do you mean to imply I can’t?”

Heero turns to look at me. He quirks an eyebrow. “Do you think I implied that?”

“Nope. Just making sure though.”


“But wouldn’t the bags be getting in your way?”

“They’re not much of a burden. I don’t mind. Besides, isn’t it expected of the boyfriend to carry at least a few bags?”

“Yeah, but… Are you sure?”

“Aa. I’m sure.”

“Okay. In that case, why don’t you carry all my bags too, Heero?”

Heero just looks at me with his eyebrow quirked.

I pout, then shrug. “It was worth a shot, no?”

Heero smirks and turns back to the shirts. “Baka.”

I feel like sticking my tongue out at Heero’s back, but I don’t want to seem childish, so I settled instead with flipping him the bird.

After selecting several shirts, jeans, pants, and jackets, along with my picks of sweaters and shirts, I push Heero towards the fitting room. As we pass by a rack of T-shirts, something catches my eyes.

I grin.

“Ah, Hee-chan? Why don’t you go into a stall and try on some of those clothes? I’ll be right back in time for your first outfit. I just saw something I have to get.”


Once Heero enters a stall, I quickly dash to the T-shirt that has caught my attention. Finding one in Heero’s size, I hold it up in front of me and grin. “Perfect.”

Moving quickly to the fitting room and stationing myself in front of Heero’s stall, I just manage to hide the shirt behind my back right before Heero steps out in a yummy outfit consisting of a tight white long-sleeved shirt and black jeans.

“It looks great, Heero. Oh, and I found something you have to try on.” I show Heero the T-shirt.

Heero stares at it for a few moments. “It’s for the pink dress, isn’t it?”

I just nod and smile.

“Hn.” Heero takes it and walks back to the stall.

“Oh, Heero? Wear it over the shirt you’re wearing and change into the dark green cargo pants I picked for you.”

A couple of minutes later, Heero steps out, glaring slightly. I smirk and his glare intensifies a bit. If I didn’t know any better, Heero looks like he’s trying very hard not to pout. Hee hee. This is so much fun.

“I like it.”


“It’s almost perfect. All you’re missing is a skateboard to finish off the look.”

Heero quirks an eyebrow.

I grin. “So, what do you think of the shirt, Heero?”

“It’s bright.”

“That’s partly why I picked it for you.”

“It just screams ‘Duo’.”

I chuckle. “Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?”

“Hn.” Heero’s lips twitch. “And I don’t look bad in it.”

“Aw… Hee-chan. I was just getting to that.”

Heero smirks. “I know.”

I narrow my eyes. Has Heero been pulling my leg the entire time? “So you actually like the T-shirt?”

Heero shrugs. “It’s not bad, but it isn’t something I would pick for myself. It’s rather cheerful. Obnoxiously so. But I guess I can get used to it.”

I pout.

Damn. And here I thought I got Heero back for the dress. I eye the yellow T-shirt with the happy face sticking its tongue out to the world. Why do I suddenly have this feeling that it’s giving me a raspberry?


Oh well. I still have the entire day.

Hm… how can I get back at Heero? A thought comes to me and I barely stop myself from chuckling and rubbing my hands together. I stare right into Heero’s eyes and grin.


“Nothing.” Except for what I have in mind for you, Heero.

Heero quirks an eyebrow.

I shrug and try to look innocent, “Better try on the rest of the clothes in there, Hee-chan.”

“Hn.” Heero narrows his eyes before going back into the stall.

As the stall door closes, my grin is back on my face.


(Heero’s POV)

Duo’s up to something.

I scowl at the image of myself in the mirror, staring particularly at the happy face sticking its tongue at me.


And I goaded him to it.

I pull the shirt off of me, wondering what Duo could have in mind for him to grin like a Cheshire cat.

Well, it couldn’t be anything too bad, right? I don’t really detest a particular color like Duo does with pink. I generally don’t care about what I wear as long as it’s comfortable and wouldn’t draw too much attention to me. So I shouldn’t be worried, right?

But knowing Duo, I should be.


Who's Fooling Who Chapter 4c

(Heero’s POV)

Carrying a few more bags after purchasing my clothes, Duo leads me out of the men’s department and into the cosmetic’s section.

I look at Duo as he stops before a make-up station. He nibbles on his lower lip slightly, then sighs, squares his shoulders, and steps toward the sales lady. I smirk at Duo’s theatrics. It’s rather endearing.

Hn. This should be fun to watch.


(Duo’s POV)

Oh man. I can’t believe I’m going to put myself through this. If Heero laughs, he is so getting decked later.


Time to face the firing squad.

“Can I help you, Miss?”

“Yes. Um… I’m looking for some foundation, powder, and any other basic make-up items I might need.”

The sales lady’s eyes light up and I swear I heard a cash register ring as she smiles at me. “Why don’t you have a seat on this chair and I could show you some of our products?”


I place my bags down and put myself under her mercy. I look at Heero leaning against the counter a few feet away. The bastard seems to be very amused by my predicament.


“You have very smooth skin. Do you normally wear moisturizer?”

I turn back to the sales lady. “Uh… no.”

“Well, once you start wearing make-up, it’s very important to keep your skin moisturized because make-up will dehydrate your skin, and it’s hard to apply and smooth out any foundation or powder on dry skin. If you’re interested, we do sale some moisturizers, lotions, and creams here.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Okay. We’ll start with the foundation then. Let’s see… which of these matches best with your skin tone…”

Foundation, powder, a make-up kit, and a makeover later…

“And most importantly, at the end of the day, make sure you wash off ever bit of make-up on your face. It’ll be very bad for your skin if you leave it on overnight. We happen to have a skin care kit, including face wash, toner, and cream. Would you like to include this with your other purchases?”

I feel like laughing. She’s good. Very persuasive. A regular vulture.

I might as well get it. I don’t feel like going to the drug store and comparison shop. Besides, it’s not my money I’m putting back into the economy. “Sure.”

“Very good, I’ll ring this up with the others.”

As the sales lady merrily rings up my purchases, I take another look at myself in the mirror.

Hm… not bad. Pretty… even.

Man this sucks.

My male pride is taking a huge beating today. The things I’ll do for a mission. Maybe if I think of this as war paint, it wouldn’t be so bad. Ah, hell… whom am I kidding? It’s bad.

Well, time for the ultimate test.

I sigh and look at Heero. “Well?”

Heero stares intently at me for a few moments before answering. “You look… nice.”

I quirk an eyebrow.

Heero smirks. “How about lovely?”

My eyes narrow and I flip him off.

“That’s not very lady-like.”

“I’m supposed to be a girl, I don’t have to be a lady.”

“Most girls strive to be a lady.”

“Well, I’m not like most girls.”

“True. You’re you.”

I roll my eyes. “Not that again.” Oh please don’t let it be anything that’ll make me melt.

“Duo, you can have your hair up, be covered in make-up, wear a ball gown with shoes to match, and still look and be only you.”

Damn, he’s doing it again, and I’m pathetic enough to want him to do it. “How is that so?”


(Heero’s POV)

“Look in the mirror.”

I walk behind Duo’s chair and gaze upon his reflection. “This is your pout.”

Duo makes a face at that remark.

“And this is your sulk.”

Duo snorts and turns to look at me.

I take his chin gently and direct his gaze back at his reflection. “When you’d flipped me off, when you’d raised your brow, when you’d asked me what I thought, those things, the tone, the gestures, the facial expressions, they were very you.”

I stare intently into the reflection of Duo’s eyes. They glow, they dance, they move with life. They tell me he is Duo.

I blink and release his chin from my hold. Duo doesn’t need me to talk about his eyes. He doesn’t need me to drown in them either.

I give Duo a reassuring smile. “I’m repeating myself, but you are you, and no amount of clothes or make-up will change that.”

Before anything else could be said between us, the sales lady returns with Duo’s purchases. We pay for them and left the department store.

Deciding we’re carrying too many bags, we stop by the car and left all our purchases in the trunk.

Now bag-less, I’m once again being lead through the mall by Duo. Stopping in front of the mall map, Duo turns to me. “Where to next?”

“Hm… You haven’t bought any underwear yet.”

Duo narrows his eyes, then smirks. “Fine.”

The next thing I know, Duo pulls me into Victoria’s Secret. I blink and look at him.

“If I have to go to no man’s land, I’m taking you with me.”

“Hn. I happen to be the only visible male here.”

Duo grins. “I know.”

“What are you trying to do, Duo?”

“Nothing. I’m just taking you along for the ride, Hee-chan.”

“Oh. And trying to make me uncomfortable has nothing to do with me here?”

An unholy glee crosses Duo’s eyes while his grin turns evil. “Uncomfortable, Hee-chan? We’ve been making each other uncomfortable the entire day. Besides, since you insist I have to get these things and I’ll be feeling all awkward looking at and possibly trying them on, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be squirming along with me.”

“You seem pretty convinced that I’ll squirm.”

“You will. Trust me, Hee-chan. You will.”

Damn. I don’t have to be here in this store to be put off my element, Duo can do that by just being near me. “Hn.”

Duo smirks and pulls me towards the middle of the store. After grabbing several bras and slips, Duo heads for the fitting room. Before Duo releases my arm, he gives me a mischievous look. “Don’t step out of the store, Hee-chan.”

“And what would stop me from doing just that once you’re behind that door?”

“Because then you’ll be admitting that this place does bother you. Plus, you know I’ll be goading you later for it.”


Duo flashes me a grin before stepping into the stall.


“Sure, sure. Whatever you say, Hee-chan. At least I’m not the only guy in a women’s lingerie store.”


Duo chuckles as he closes the door to the stall.

I growl. Duo wants squirming; I’ll show him squirming. But it won’t be me who’s going to be wiggling like a worm later.

I walk through the store picking up a few items here and there, not feeling a bit awkward with my mind focused on Duo and the thought of wiping that smirk off of his face.

Returning to the fitting room, I knock on Duo’s door. “Duo. I have something for you to try on.”

All sounds of movement stop within his stall, then curses quietly filtered into my hearing.

I smirk.

Duo opens the door a crack and all I could see is one eye. “I didn’t think you would actually browse through the store and pick something up.”

I shrug, smirk still on my face. “I had motivation; namely you, and the look on your face when you see what I’ve got for you.”

Duo’s eye shifts to the pile in my arm, noting the first lingerie. His eye narrows before he opens the door further to stick his head out the stall. My smirk widens when a grimace covers his face.

“Heero, I would have thought you would come up with something more original this time. You’ve already got me something in pink today.”

I shrug. “Why eliminate something that’s tried and true to get a rise out of you?”

Duo pouts slightly, looking extremely adorable and I couldn’t resist. I lift my hand up to his face and pinch his cheek. “Now, now. You were the one who insisted that I come in and remain within this store. It’s only fair that I find a way to amuse myself as much as the thought of me being stranded here did for you, Duo.”

He glares at me, eyes burning with fire and murderous intent.

I almost shiver.

His hand sticks out the stall. “Hand them over and lets get this over with.”

I hand Duo the pile and the door slams shut.

About five minutes later, I knock on Duo’s door. “Duo? Are you done yet? Are you having trouble with getting one of the outfits on? Come out.”



“I’m not coming out.”

“Why not?”

“Because I refuse to let anyone see me in this get-up.”

“It can’t be that bad, Duo.”

“Not bad. NOT BAD. Not only did you find something in baby pink, but with all this fluff and furry edgings, I look like a fucking stick of cotton candy, Heero.”

“Your opinions on anything pink are rather biased, Duo. It can’t be that bad.”

“I am not coming out.”

“We have a deal, Duo.”

“Our deal has nothing to do with you seeing me wear the things you’ve picked.”

“It was an implied clause. One of us picks something, the other wears it and shows it off, then we decide whether or not to get it.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal. I pick something for you, you pick something for me. That was the deal. Nothing about modeling the outfits for the other was in there.”

“I believe we also agreed that for each outfit bought based on the other’s choosing, the other will get the same treatments and rights as the first. If I don’t get to see how you look like in it, how would I know whether or not to have you get it?”

“Use your imagination. I’m not coming out.”

“I have to see it, Duo. It’s implied in our deal.”

“I’m not coming out.”

“Then let me come inside.”


“Why not?”

“I refuse to let anyone see me in this get-up.”

“The outfit cannot be that horrible on you, Duo.”

“I look like a stick of cotton candy. How can that not be horrible?”

“You’re still wearing the lingerie, aren’t you?”

“Huh? Yeah…”

“Then you want me to see it on you.”

Duo sputters. “WHAT?!”

“Let me in, Duo, and let me see it. Or we will be arguing about this for hours until the store kick us out.”


“Let me in, Duo.”


“Let me in.”

“If you laugh, you are dead, Yuy.”

The door opens a bit. A hand shoots out the opening, grabs onto my shirt and pulls me through the door. Once in, the door slams shut again.

As Duo locks the door, I could see his braid trailing down his back, caressing his rear, and ending with the tip brushing his pale inner thighs, taunting me, luring me to touch that smooth expanse of tantalizing skin.

Duo turns around, glaring at me, daring me to laugh, and promising many things if I do, none of them pleasant.

I look Duo up and down, taking in everything and find, to my great relief, that my long shirt hides the bulge in my pants rather effectively.

Duo does look like a stick of cotton candy.

But the kind that screams “eat me”; the kind that begs to be unwrapped, licked, bitten, swallowed; the kind that promises a rush with just a taste; the kind that is sweet and sticky, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh yeah, Duo looks like a stick of cotton candy, and all I want to do is devour him.

His skin is flushed with anger and embarrassment, most likely warm to the touch. It asks to be held, caressed, nuzzled, grabbed. It should be inhaled, tasted, touched.

I almost groan when I realized Duo isn’t wearing anything underneath the flimsy piece of lingerie. He is just hanging there, all open, with barely enough material to cover himself up. I could see his braid between his legs, waving to me to go over there and see what I have been missing.

“Well, Heero? Tell me what you think and get out of here so I can get out of this stupid thing.”

I almost ask Duo if I could help him with the unwrapping. Luckily, I finally got a hold over myself before I ruined our friendship with my lust.

“If you want it, you should get it. It’s your decision.”

Duo’s eyes blaze as he grabs the front of my shirt and jerks me towards him. “What?! After everything, all you’re going to say is ‘it’s my decision’. You already knew my answer before I even let you inside. You bastard. You jerk. You better say something better than ‘it’s my decision’ before I punch the lights out of you for making a fool out of me.”

“Would it matter what I say or think? Would your decision change if I tell you?”

“No. But I want something to make up for feeling like a fool right now.”

“Do you want me to agree with you and say you look like a stick of cotton candy?”

His grip tightens as he narrows his eyes. “Is that your answer?”

“Do you want that to be the answer?”

He growls. “Answer my question, or I’ll hurt you.”

“You look like a stick of cotton candy.”


(Duo’s POV)

I will kill him. I will kill him. Jerk. Bastard.

I tighten my grip even more and close my eyes. I take several calming breaths before releasing my hold on his shirt.

Argh. I’m such an idiot.

What I thought I saw in his eyes a minute ago… It was just stupid wishful thinking.

What did I expect him to say? That I look good enough to eat and that I should give him a taste? Ha, yeah right.

Heero must have been trying very hard not to laugh his ass off when he saw me in this get-up.

I look stupid in this. I feel stupid in this. It makes total sense for Heero to agree with me that I do.

I open my eyes and step away from him. I open the door and he steps out. I slam the door shut right behind him.




So, what do you think?