Title: An Ordinary Tale 5/?
Author: Ume
Pairing: 1+2/2+1
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. Please don't sue.


An Ordinary Tale
Chapter 5

Duo urged Night to go faster--he was really late. He hoped Heero had not been waiting for him for too long.

Thinking back on why he was running late to begin with brought a grimace to his face. He still could not believe Hilde had talked him into going to a palace gathering. He knew he should have made a run for it when he saw her receive the invitation earlier that day and she had immediately looked at him with that gleam in her eyes. He knew, just knew, it was about time he paid a visit to his Dragclanic friends--he hadn’t seen Wufei in years--when he saw Hilde approached him with that angelic smile.

He had refused to go, in the beginning, of course, but after a few failed attempts to coerce him to go, Hilde had played dirty and had recruited his mother’s help in convincing him to go. Once he saw his mother in on the scheme, he knew he was done for. He still gave a few token objections to the idea of going before finally agreeing when he realized how late in the day it was getting.

As horse and rider approached the clearing, Duo could see Wing grazing on some clovers. Slowing his horse to a stop, Duo leaped off her back, patted her on the shoulder, and walked quickly towards the lake.

Emerging out of the forest, Duo saw his friend seated by the shore, gazing out at the lake. “Sorry I’m late, Heero,” he called out. His friend turned, smiled and waved in greeting. Duo’s heart beat a little faster.

“What took you?” the prince asked curiously.

“Hilde,” answered Duo. He rolled his eyes, thinking about the mess she was making of his life, and flopped down next to his friend. “She held me captive until I agreed to go with her to a gathering the queen is throwing tomorrow.”

Odin stiffened unnoticeably at the news, panicking at the potential disaster tomorrow could possibly bring. He was not ready to reveal to Duo his true identity yet. He was still unsure what his friend’s reaction would be upon hearing the truth and he was terrified at the thought of losing the boy’s friendship because of his deception.

“You know, Heero,” Duo began, breaking through the prince’s thoughts, “since I’m already going to be there, why not we just meet at the palace tomorrow?”

The prince shook his head, not liking that idea at all. Realizing he would be disappointing his friend, the prince gazed apologetically at Duo and tried to tell him as much truth as he could possibly give without giving himself away. “I’m sorry, Duo. I won’t be able to meet with you tomorrow. My mother is throwing a gathering at our estate and she wants me to make an appearance there tomorrow.”

As predicted, Duo was disappointed by the news. He took in what his friend said, and realized something was off. “Heero? Isn’t the Providence of Yuy several weeks of hard riding from here?”

The prince shook his head. “Not on Wing, it isn’t”

Realization dawned on Duo. “He’s a Pegasus, isn’t he?”

The prince smiled his confirmation.

“I should have known,” said Duo, shaking his head, “his name was a dead give away.”

The prince simply shrugged.

“So how long will you be gone? When will you be back?”

“The gathering is for only one day. I’ll be able to see you again the day after tomorrow.”

Duo visibly brightened at the news and smiled.

All of a sudden, it finally dawned on the prince that not only was Duo going to be at the gathering tomorrow, but that the boy would also be walking through the palace halls as well. “I must get going.” The prince got up quickly. “I have some things I must do before the gathering could take place tomorrow.”

Duo got up as well, wishing he wasn’t so stubborn earlier and had agreed to go with Hilde sooner so that he could have spent more time with his friend that day. “I guess we’ll meet here again at the same time, day after tomorrow?”

It wasn’t really a question, but the prince answered anyway, “You can count on that.”

As they mounted their horses, they said their farewells and promised to see each other in a couple of days.

As he rode back towards the palace, the prince made plans to have every portrait of himself removed and stored away until he was ready to tell his friend the truth. While he was musing about the many ways he could avoid being seen by Duo the next day, Odin knew one thing was for certain--he could not keep this up for much longer. He had to tell Duo the truth soon.

Maybe after the gala.



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