Title: An Ordinary Tale 3/?
Author: Ume
Pairing: 1+2/2+1
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. Please don't sue.
Notes: This is a GW/Cinderella fusion.
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An Ordinary Tale
Chapter 3

Once his morning practice and duties were taken care of, the prince, with a slight bounce to his steps, eagerly left his courtiers behind in the wake of their flatteries. Craving to see his friend again, the prince walked swiftly towards the stables. Finding his horse already saddled and ready for him upon his arrival, the prince nodded his thanks to the stable boy as he took Wing’s reins from him. After mounting his horse and cantering off the palace grounds, the prince stirred his horse towards his desired destination.

As he quickly approached the lake, the prince could not help but feel excited with anticipation. He still could not believe it had only been one week since he had met and befriended the boy. It seemed like he had known him his entire life. He felt comfortable and at ease in the boy’s presence.

On that fateful day when they had first met, Odin learned that Duo was the youngest and only male child of Solo, the Baron of Maxwell, and his lady, Helena. His eldest sister, Sylvia, recently married a count from the Green Isle. According to Duo, she was a very nurturing and forgiving sister, who did not mind his occasional practical jokes too much. As for his other and last sister, Relena, Duo jokingly claimed she was going through a phase he liked to call “boy-crazy” or rather to be more specific “prince-crazy”.

When it came time for the prince to talk about himself, he informed Duo that he was named after his father and was the only child and heir to a small house from the providence of Yuy, which happened to be the smallest, farthest, and least known of all the prince’s holdings and titles.

Throughout that day, Duo teased and joked with Odin, somehow getting him to play a game of tag, laughing all the while as the prince, with a slight smile touching his lips, chased after him. As the sun set, sitting back-to-back, resting against each other, they discussed their views on philosophy, poetry, and the merits of eating six pies in one sitting. They watched the stars came out, silently listening to the crickets sing, as the wind rustled the leaves. As they reluctantly departed, each having a dinner obligation to attend to, they agreed to meet again the next day.

So they met the next day, and the day after that, and every single day since. With each day, their friendship grew, each becoming more familiar with the other’s competitive nature, strong will, and bullheaded stubbornness. They even yelled, argued, and called each other idiots.

Duo was the best friend Odin had always wanted and needed. But there was one problem concerning the boy that had been troubling the prince; he found Duo attractive.

Odin could not seem to forget the image of Duo bathing in and ascending from the lake, or how he had believed the boy was a girl and how he had lusted and wanted her. But Duo was not a girl and the prince was not attracted to boys. At least, he did not think so.

Finally arriving in the clearing and seeing Night, Duo’s black mare, grazing on a patch of clovers, the prince dismounted and left Wing to graze beside her.

As he left the trees and got a clear view of the lake, Odin froze. He felt his heart plummet before a burning rage of jealousy overtook him and pushed the sinking feeling of despair away, for before his eyes, Duo was embracing a girl with short black hair, and was spinning her around in circles and kissing her cheeks with drowning warmth in his eyes.



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