Title: An Ordinary Tale 1/?
Author: Ume
Pairing: 1+2/2+1
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. This is solely for entertainment purposes. Please don't sue.
Notes: This is a GW/Cinderella fusion.


An Ordinary Tale
(Chapter 1)

“Idiots,” growled the young prince as he stalked through the palace halls. “They’re all idiots.”

To say Odin, the Crown Prince of Flora and the heir to several titles and lands, was not happy would be an understatement. Servants scattered away as he approached, none wanting to be the focus of his glare. Not known for his anger, the intense fury was a scary sight on the prince’s usually indifferent face.

Leaving behind the source of his annoyance back at the training field, the prince marched towards the stables. What had started out as a decent day was ruined when three-dozen or so courtiers decided to be present at his sparing match against his general, Treize. Throughout the match, the crowd “oo-ed” and “aw-ed”. Once it was over, they flocked around him and tried to outdo each other in praising him about his strength, skills, and prowess. The prince, thoroughly disgusted with their flattery, snorted at their comments and stomped away.

Missing his quiet simple life, Odin remembered when it all started, or rather, when it became unavoidable. Ever since his seventeenth birthday, everyone began to pay more attention to him, all of which were very unwanted. With his twenty first birthday less than two weeks away, the palace was already getting noticeably crowded with guests. Ever where he turned, he would either bump into a courtier trying to flatter him, a foolish lady trying to charm him, or worse, someone’s match-making mother trying to set him up. The entire situation was rather sickening to the prince.

Finally reaching the stables, Odin, not in the mood for anyone groveling before him, waved away the handlers and saddled his white warhorse, Wing, himself. Once mounted and cantering off the palace grounds with no one tagging along, the prince released a deep breath, losing much of his pent up anger with it.

Guiding Wing into the North Forest, towards the place that he has always gone to be alone and be by himself, the prince pondered about his life and his position as the future king of Flora. He was who he was, and his place of power and privilege came with responsibilities that he must fulfill. But his acknowledgement to this fact did not stop him from wishing things were different. Sometimes he wondered if anyone would ever see anything more in him than a throne. Sometimes he wondered what it would have been like to be born with no titles or duties attached to his birth. Sometimes he wondered what it would have been like to be simply free; free from obligations, free from expectations, just free.

Leaving the main road and taking a game trail, the prince led Wing through the familiar path at a trot. Rounding a rocky hill, a view of the lake could be seen between the trees.

A few hundred yards away from the lake, horse and prince came across a saddled black mare grazing on a clump of clovers.

The prince could not believe his day. Someone was here in his private domain. True, the area was not forbidden to others, or even belonging to the royal family. But still. The lake was his private sanctuary, his haven.

Dismounting Wing, seriously displeased, and tying him up near the mare, the prince stalked towards the lake, looking for the intruder and planning to convince him or her to leave immediately.

Before Odin found anyone, he heard a splash and someone cursing, “Stupid Prince Odin.”

The prince stopped in his tracks. He blinked and pondered the situation. Interesting. He had never heard anyone badmouthed him before and was not sure whether to be mad or amused. Not wanting to interrupt the intruder just yet, and very curious as to what else he or she had to say, the prince remained silent and unseen.

“Stupid Relena,” continued the speaker. “It wasn’t like I purposely tried to ruin her dress, or something. I was only drinking a glass of water when I turned the corner and bumped into her. I mean, how much damage can water do to a silk dress? And it’s not like it was her only dress either. But no, that dress was supposedly special because it was in Prince Odin’s favorite color.” A loud snort followed that remark.

The prince agreed with the speaker’s sentiments; Odin doubted anyone actually knew his favorite color.

“Man, I want my sister back. Relena used to be reasonable; she used to be fun; she used to show intelligence; that was until she went to court last summer and came back with Prince Odin in her mind. Prince Odin this, Prince Odin that, Prince Odin, Prince Odin, Prince Odin… Ggrrrrggghhh.”

As the voice continued its tirade, the prince hid behind some foliage and peeked through its leaves, wanting very much to put a face to the outraged voice. Once he had a clear view, Odin found himself gazing upon a vision of loveliness. Neck deep in water, apparently bathing in the lake, was his so-called intruder. Long chestnut hair cascaded around her pale shoulders. Wide violet eyes sparkled with fire, complimenting her flushed cheeks. She looked every bit like a fairy. Simply beautiful.

She ducked her head underwater and reemerged, looking a lot calmer than before. “I wonder what the prince is really like, I still haven’t met him yet. He can’t possibly be everything Relena has claimed him to be.” She inhaled deeply and sighed. “I guess I’ll find out soon enough at his birthday gala.”

The prince watched her as she ascended out of the water, walking back to shore. Her graceful movements entranced him. Her hair, concealing and molding itself to her body, sparked his imagination and libido.

He wanted this girl.

Then she gathered her hair and tossed it over her shoulder, revealing to Prince Odin that she was not a she, but a he.



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