Pikachu Problems four
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Ok now, back to Heero Yui and that damned Pikachu.... I think you forgot about them didn't you? (Bad reader, bad...just kidding! The reader makes the world go round!)

"The manual mentioned NOTHING about THIS." Heero stated while thumbing throught the blue flip book and then turning it over since it seemed to be up-side-down or something. He was really getting pissed by now. So far, the tiny little creature had done NOTHING good and never obeyed his order. The boy had tried to get the critter into the pokeball, after reading up on how to do that, exactly, but it blatantly refused. (And puffed up its little chest importantly...) And I think that right now, the little Pikachu's running around him in circles, repeating the word 'Pika pika ppiika pika!" over and over again. Whenever Heero had tried to take a step, he almost walked on the little critter. Quite irritating to say the very least of the situation.

"Just what the hell do you do?" Heero cursed again as he opened the book to the page on 'battle tactics' and found a bunch of pokemon gibberish that he was really not that familiar with. A couple pictures showed a pikachu shooting electricity over a battle field and zapping the shit out of a water type one. Apparantly the little guy didn't care for that stuff right now. It was too busy grabbing onto Heero's jeans and screeching 'Piiiikaaa-gammmiiiii!" The pikachu tugged on his jeans and tried to pull him down the street.

"What the heck does that mean anyway?" Heero asked, not expecting any form of response but the usual giberish mutterings of the one track mind of the mouse creature. So Heero was getting frustrated. He wanted to head home but the Pika-thingy had other plans. With some quick resolve, he picked it up carefully and headed back towards his house. It complained the entire way, of course, causing quite a riot as they headed down the road. What was he to do? He really was NOT into this sort of thing. Every Pokemon they passed answered the Pikachu's call of "Shiiniii-chuuu!" with varying poke-ish languages, probably all meaning the same thing, of which Heero had not a clue the meaning. It seeemd to want something of its new owner but said owner didn't speak pokemon-ish, unfortunately-or perhaps, in Heero's case, very fortunately. I would assume he'd rather NOT know just what they were saying...

But I bet you do, huh? Ok, here's what they had been saying while Heero tried to rationalize the direction his life had taken...

Shinigami: "Hihihihihiih!!! You seen long braid boy and two girls?? Huh huh huh? No? Aaw.... Check out my NEW trainer! Hot huh?"

Pokemon 1: "He's the guy they took to the pound! Wow cool!"

Pokemon 2: "He got out already? Damn... Hey... "

Pokemon 3: (It's looking at Heero, ok?) "Nice ass."

Pokemon 1: "Very."

Pokemon 2: "I saw braid! I saw! Down street! At parade and Ice cream shop!"

Shinigami: "You did! YAYA! Thanks! And yesh, he does, I will have him meet up with my Other Trainer, good ida? Ne? Ne?"

Pokemon 1: "Oooh, romance!"

Pokemon 3: "Good luck!"

I think you get the picture, so Shini-chan has a goal and that's what he wanted to do....back to the plot...(You're thinking, what plot? Right? Yeah...)

"Shut up. You can cry and scream all you want but I am NOT gonna understand you." Heero looked down at the mousey critter in his arms and sighed at the depressed look on its face. It obviously understood him. "Ok, how about I get Wufei to translate for us, heh? He seems to understand everything you little guys seem to say. Ok? That good?"

The pikachu sniffled but made no more comments on the walk to the apartment. Upon arriving, Heero opened the door without a noise and walked into the front room. Within seconds, the boy was surrounded by an noisy herd of little pokemon, all beginning to cling to his leg and climb up his shirt to investigate the newest arrival and welcome the stoic boy home. He'd really had enough of this! Shaking the creatures off, he once again shed them as he walked into the living room where he found Wufei busy reading a book on the sofa, surrounded by even more of these little Pokemon of his.

"This is what I got. Happy?" Heero announced. Wufei looked up. The chinese boy stared, frowned, then dropped his book in favor of cluching his stomach while he laughed his ass off. This continued for about half of an hour, in which time Heero had entered the kitchen, grabbed a soda, glared his patented 'Death Glare'o'Doom,'™ sat down in the chair by the television and clicked the remote to bring up an anime on the action channel. When Heero looked at Wufei again, he was having a hard time keeping his temper in check. What right did this guy have to laugh like that? The thing he brought home wasn't nearly as strange as SOME of the things the other boy had managed to collect over the course of a year.

"What the Hell is so funny man?" Heero asked. Wufei stopped laughing long enough to take abreath and say: "That's a pretty bad one, Heero. A MOUSE type and you expect to defeat DOROTHY? Of all things..." The chinese boy fell over into a pile of pokemon that had gathered around. Surprisingly, some of them squeaked like dog toys before scurrying off to hide in Heero's room. This wouldn't do, but Heero didn't know where they had been heading, yet he had a fair guess as the beeline seemed to head down the hall and to the right.

"Shinigami...get them out of my room. Now." Heero told the little critter on his lap. It looked at him cross-eyed then hopped off his lap, ran into the room, and then all fell into silence. I mean, besides Wufei's laughing and all of that. oments later, the sound of snaping and electricity could be heard. A rush of little critters came running out of Heero's room, followed by a glowing Shinigami spewing sparks.

Wufei looked up, amazed. "How did you get it to do that just now?"

"I...what do you mean? I asked it to...no, told it to, really. Why?"

"That kind of Pokemon rarely ever behaves. That's...odd..."


"Oh, is that all?" Wufei asked the creature who beamed proudly after beating the crap out of those who dared to hang around in his new trainer's room. "He says he likes you." Wufei shrugged. "I guess that works then. But DO NOT let him hurt my Pokemon again, got it?"

Heero smiled, really smiled, I kid you not. He got up and walked down the hall, looking into his vacant room. Sure, the sheets were torn and the curtain was on fire, but it was EMPTY-devoid of unwanted life forms. It was just grand. "Sure." Heero grinned, not really meaning what he'd said. Perhaps this pikachu thing was a good idea.

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