Pikachu Problems three
Trent James Kelly, Email above^^
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Heero opened the door to the apartment and was immediately attacked by tiny, clinging little pokemon screeching -"Jigglypuff-puff", "Baka! Baka!", "Nanashiiiiii!" and other various poke-ish obscenities. Apparantly, Wufei was busy in the kitchen or somewhere and wasn't watching after his collection at the moment. "Nanaaashiiiiii!" The newest one called.

"Well, at least they remember you exist!" Wufei called from the other room. He sounded kinda muffled behind the wall. Heero walked into the kitchen, shedding the pokecritters as he proceeded. The Tritonmon wouldn't let go and thus hung limply to his arm like some kind of ragged doll on a rubber band. "Get it off. Now." Heero ordered. Wufei glanced up and saw the little chibimon and grabbed it from Heero posessively.

"Be nice!" He said. "It was only greeting you at the door! You have no personality, Heero. Can't you even say Hi for once."

Heero groaned but decided to humor him a bit. "Hi."

"To the TRITONMON! HE'S the one that's happy to see you!" Oh, goody, and his roommate isn't. That's just so nice.


"Hi. *mumbling* This is obscene."

"I heard that." So Wufei was laughing at Heero. Heero went into the other room and crashed on the couch. Unfortunately, he had sat on another of the damned Pokemons and hopped up, holding his ass in his left hand and glaring for all he was worth at the Porcupine-mon beneath him. "Po-po Pi-Pi!" It squabbled and Heero could swear it GIGGLED like it had KNOWN he would walk in and sit on it and PLANNED the whole ordeal.

"Little shit!" Heero grabbed a throw pillow and tossed it at the porcupine-mon and sent it flying across the room to stick into the wall by its very long and sharp quills. Wufei, hearing the crash, came running in all frantic like and gasped at the state of his poor little pokemon. He grabbed it and wrenched it out of the wall, setting it on its feet and then turning to Heero. He was of course, ignoring him and watching an anime on TV.

"HEERO! DO NOT ATTACK MY POKEMON! THEY ARE NOT THE BATTLING VARIETY!" He said this in one big breath, mouth gaping, and his hair standing on end after coming undone with his rage.

"Tough shit. I am gonna borrow one so I can kick Dorothy's ass tomorrow." Hereo changed the channel on the television set. (Why is it called a set if there's only ONE? I_I;;)


"Just letting you know. Which one is the strongest?"




"Well then what do you reccomen-"

"You go out and GET your OWN Pokemon! A fighting kind that will be USEFUL to you."

"...The Tritonmon looks like it can fight." Heero said when the Tritonmon slithered into the room on its snake-like tail. Indeed it did have bladed bangs. Wufei wasn't convinced.

"It's NOT for Battling, Baka! It's a Defensive one so it can live peacefully in its habitat. It's not yours anyway, I am his trainer and you have to go and GET YOUR OWN!"

"Fine. Where DO I get one?" Heero was a little ticked that his friend wouldn't help him.

"There's a lost and found center nearby. Check there. If you find a good one give it a home and pay for it's shots and such."

"How much?"

"Why don't you ask when you get there?"


"Oi, indeed."

So Heero went out to the center. At the counter, he encountered a very odd sight. Two identical twins were manning that station. They were both wearing nurses outfits. "Uhm, hello, I need a fighting pokemon please." Heero told them.

"What varitety?"

"What flavor?"

"What color?"

"What size?"

".....I ....don't ...really....know."

"Ok then, let's go back to the pens and you'll get to look through all the newest ones we've picked up, ok?" They said at exactly the same time with exactly the same voice, tone and pitch. Scary. Heero nodded and followed the wickedly weird sisters to the back room. When they got back there he saw FOUR more of them. Four more women EXACTLY the same height, age, weight, you get the picture? Yeah. So Heero was really really really seriously weirded out. The third lady there said that the pens were open and he could take a look so he did.

In the first one there were five pokemon all the same kind they all looked like piles of dog crap. The lady said they were called Digglets or something. He didn't care. Not what he was looking for. Looked more like somthing on the bottom of his shoe.

The next pen over had a dinosaur in it. It was spitting fire and scaring the shit outta the other pokemon in there.

Possibility....."That one?"

"That's a charazaurd and it's out of control. We can't let you have that one."

"Damn. Why not?"

"Would YOU want to be those other Pokemon in there?" The nurse lady asked Heero with a flutter of her eyelids.

"Crispy Critters. It'd burn my house down. No, guess I understand." They all turned around and the Carazaurd toasted the other pokemon, which facefaulted and passed out.

"Next there's a little one called SHINIGAMI! It's the only thing he's said since we picked him up! It's too cute, specially since that's not what a Pikachu is supposed to say!"

"Why do they only say their names anyway, miss?" Heero asked, honestly curious.

"If we told you then you wouldn't understand." The lady said as if she were speaking to a five year old, patting Heero's mop top and smiling sweetly.

"Sure lady. Why are all the other pokemon in THAT cage shivering?" Heero asked, pointing to Shinigami's cage. He then noticed that all the other pokemon were all cowering in the corner, away from the little pikachu.

"He's got a shoking personality, but if he likes you then he's ok. Do you want that one? It's a good fighting one. He beat all the capture pokemon when we tried to pick him up. We mangaed to sedate him and bring him in though. I bet he'll like you. He likes little boys!" Heero didn't like being called a little boy. Sure he was short but so what, he was FIFTEEN years old, not TEN. "Go on and say hi there!"

"..." what's with this again? "...Hi, Shinigami."

"Shiiiiii-niiiiii!" The pokemon called and waved hi to Heero. Ok, so maybe it liked him? Cool. If it's a fighting one then... "How does it fight?" He asked.

"It's an electricity pokemon. It shocks its enemies!"

And Dorothy only has water types. Perfect. "I'll take him."

"Of course, you'll have to pay for his shots and registration. That's 20 dollars. You'll need a pokeball too, for him. That's another ten now. Your total is thirty dollars. You can pay at the counter on your way out."

"THRITY DOLLARS?" Heero almost reconsidered. Almost. It would be nice to have a pokemon of his own at home to fight off the hordes of ones Wufei had collected whenever he wanted to enter his own bedroom. (They are partial to Heero's silk sheets.) "Fine. I suppose it's worth it." Heero dug out his wallet andproduced the thirty big ones. They lat the Pikachu out of the pen and told it Heero was his triner now. Shinigami sniffled, hopped around a bit, and then climbed up on Heero's shoulder, mussing up his hair.

"Ok, now all that's left is to find out how you fight and then go to kick Dorothy's ass." Heero grinned evilly.

"Do you need a manual?" One of the weird ladies asked as she magically produced a book from her pocket titled "Pikachu trainer's guide."

"A what?"

"It'll tell you how to best train your pokemon!"

"Guess I need that."

"Fifteen dollars."

"Holy." Heero looked at the cute little mousey face of the pikachu (Which sniffled again and patted his cheek) and sighed. He pulled out his wallet again. "You had BETTER be worth this!"


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