More Pikachu Problems
by Trent -TJK see email above^
Duo and the Pikachu problem 2
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Heero went to the mall, as I said before, if you were listening. Were you listening? Didn't think so. On with the story...

Ok, so at the mall, he looks around for cheap anime. Finding that such a thing didn't exist in this lifetime or any other, he headed out past the food court where a lot of noisy girls were sitting. He recognized two of them: Relena Peacecrap and Dorothy Can'tletgo-a-ya. Ok, so that wasn't really their names, but hey, he didn't remember their real names and he didn't care either way.

Relena waved all cutesy like and smiled at him. When he ignored her and ordered a shake at the counter, Dorothy, the one with the forked eyewbrows, hopped up and headed in his direction. Pretending to be invisible, Heero hid behind a garbage can. Well, unfortunately, ya know, he was kinda taller than it and he'd allready been spotted. Something about mop-top moss green that catches the girl's eyes, I guess. (I should try that, black hair just doesn't do it now. *proceedes to be THWAPPED by Neonako-sama.*) Besides, he had to come out of hiding to pay for his shake.

"Relena was TALKING to you, Heero!" Dororthy screeched from behind him. She tends to do that if you pay attention. She gets all giddy and happy about killing and shooting things, I think. She'd look great in green camaflauge with black and brown paint streaked on her face and arms. Anyways, she pointed in his direction and he kinda turned around, a miffed look. (Is Miffed a word? Heh...oi. Yah.) Ok, so he was kinda pissed he'd been spotted in public. *gasp - He might have to have a conversation consisting of more than one syllable at a time!*

"You want something?" Heero's monotone broke the silence of about two seconds as the blonde bitch gathered her breath for another verbal assault.

"Like, yes!"' She huffed, crossing her arms infront of her with a valley girl accent. Very annoying. "You just brushed her right off. Apologize! NOW!" The girl glared. "...or you'll be SORRY!" With that, several people from their school who were eathing lunch there looked up and started to eavesdrop not so subtlly. Heero kinda eyed them and glared his trademark Yui-Death-Glare™ at the blone girl. She didn't even flinch, so I suppose women are immune to that sort of thing. Actualy, in her case, attracted to it. She kinda smiled and then outright laughed in his glaring face. He couldn't figure it out and didn't wanna kill any brain cells trying, so he turned around and walked off. Then Dorothy did the unthinkable. She challenged him to a match!

"You will FIGHT ME!" Dorothy screamed in front of the whole student body. (Nee, might as well have been, see, the word gets around like *snaps fingers* THAT!) Heero glanced over his shoulder and blinked, curious as of what the crazy girl meant. Then he noticed the red and white Pokeball in her hand. Oh, bejeesus. Not this again.

"Why should I? I don't have one of those." Heero returned and started to head home again, devoid of anime and any form of high spirits.

"You have ONE DAY to claim one, train it, and win back your honor, man!" Dorothy concluded. The students gasped. Heero had DEFENITLY been challenged. What would he do?

Hold on I haven't asked him yet...