Fic: Duo and the Pikachu Problem

By: Duo_Wa_Baka_Desu_Yo
At: sstjsensei@yahoo.com

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Description: Uh, an Xover? No, more of a merge. Pokemon and obviously Gundam Wing.

Disclaimers: I own not, tough. I dun like Pokemon but that's not important.

Concept: The Game thing happened IRL last week. UGH! Suggestion for the crossover by Neko, who says that even if I am a guy I can write Yaoi. I say, Oya-oya.

Warnings: Is Yaoi, maybe, later. And has pokemon and Dorothy and Relena bashing. Trowa and [Quatre?] as pokemon. Is the first crossover/merge/whatever fic, so do your worst-

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Once upon a time, cuz that's the way it always goes, there was a boy named Heero.

Wait, wait-wait-wait, Matte yo! I think we'll get to HIM later, yeah, since the story really starts with one unfortunate boy named Duo!

Ok, so Duo was a pokemon trainer. He had one of the best around. Of course, that best was called a Pikachu. How can a mouse pokemon be the best? It all depends on the trainer, my friend! Duo was, of course, the best around. (Or so he thought, but then, EVERY pokemon Trainer tries to be the BEST ever, don't they?) His Pikachu was named SHINIGAMI, or GOD OF DEATH and for good reason. He'd won every battle he'd entered in thus far. They were scheduled to enter a tournament in one of the larger cities their group had travelled to. One problem just had to happen though, as problems always occur at the most inconvenient and illogical times- the two became separated from one another during a parade.

Things weren't looking good. The little Shinigami couldn't find his trainer, no matter where he looked or how hard he searched. Duo haunted the alleyways, asked around the area he'd last seen him, and couldn't find a trace of him! Poor Duo was heartbroken when he had to head back to his hotel room for the night, at the insistant urgings of his teammates, Hilde and Catherine. What fate had befallen our little Shinigami? Oh, I dunno, something nasty, per ususal.

Well...back to Heero...

Heero lived with his best friend, Wufei, in an apartment outside of the local pokemon training center. Well, as things went, Wufei was an avid collector of rare and expensive pokemon. He'd just spent the last of his half of that months rent on one very odd looking pokemon. Heero could only roll his eyes and berate Wufei for the idiotic purchase. Now Heero would have to pay the entire month's rent out of his own paycheck. He had wanted to buy some VCDs and some RPGs that month, but sadly, he was afraid he'd have to get a social life for any form of entertainment. Wufei, unfortunately, wasn't much for said entertainment, sitting around at home with his pokemon or working on his assigmnents over the computer. Was it mentioned that Heero was not 'into' Pokemon? Ok, well, now it's been said.

So, Heero went to the mall and left Wufei to his own devices all locked up in their apartment with his newest water type pokemon, the unibanged mermy-like Tritonmon. Now, this chibi Tritonmon only said one thing, as many pokemon tend to do, but not the usual 'name' thing, he instead proudly proclaimed himself as 'NANASHI!' A problem which Wufei was hard pressed to solve. With every spare moment of his time.


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