by Tochira

you twist your words
and you strangle my own
the meaning is something
that means nothing to you
the look in those eyes
that you long to disown
you're looking for one thing
but it still frightens you
for you laugh at my smiles
and you scorn all my tries
my attempts to undo you
are all doomed to fail
mock me if you must my friend
I will listen to your lies
weathering the storm of you
with this one tattered sail
pounding at your sanity
I will not let it rest in peace
turn you over inside out
and shake you up some more
wringing out the guilt and pain
you'll be begging for release
I'll rip a hole in your defenses
and leave you bare before me
I won't watch you fall
but I will throw you over
and jump right in behind
for we were made forever
and wings are for the fallen
eternity for thinking over
flying high and dying out
this rope you tie I'll sever
and you will be forever free
from love and pain and darkness
and persistent little me