Title: Disappearing By Dawn
By: Thirdly
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I only tortured their characters here.
Rating: R
Genre: AU/Drama (is it really?)
Pairings: 2x1, 3x4, 5xS
Key: ',' = thoughts. **,** = flashbacks
Note: This is based on one or two of my crazy dreams. At least half of my fics derive from several of my crazy dreams. I may not be as talented as the next fan fiction writer, but let's see if I'm any good at storytelling, shall we?


Disappearing By Dawn

"Come on, Wuffie," a half-drunken Duo mumbled to his ebony-haired friend. "Just a little bit more?"

Wufei turned away when Duo motioned with his thumb and index finger as to just how much more he wanted to drink. He could hardly bear seeing his friend like this. Duo was such an energetic and joyful being reduced to pain and sorrow. If he would have known that being the designated driver was the real reason Duo wanted company, he would have let him drag along their blonde friend, Quatre. "Just finish what you have left so we can get out of this bar."

"You worried about what your friends in the Asian Pacific American Organization will think if they find you in a bar?" Duo teased Wufei, cheeks flushed by the consumed alcohol. He smiled softly at how he managed to get his friend to turn around and face him again, his memories becoming all the more clouded. Duo rested his forehead on the counter. Tears did not fall. His eyes were so dry from his silent crying earlier in the evening that he could no longer weep. Why did he feel like he no longer would want to stare at the midnight sky? Why did he feel that he would never order out for Japanese food again?

"My friends may be in the Asian Pacific American Organization, but I'm just a lawyer. The FBI, however, won't be as lenient once they find out that one of their best agents is drunk over some-," Wufei's eyes narrowed when Duo interrupted him.

"Don't," Duo warned. "Don't mention his name. Besides, I quit." Duo's smile turned bitter at the thought. There was a time that nothing was more important to him than his job. How things have drastically changed.

"You what?" Wufei's shock was apparent. Duo was one of the best. What would make him want to abandon his career like this? Was all this really because of that hacker? "Now everyone will be keeping an eye on you thinking that you can lead to-"

"DON'T MENTION HIS NAME!" Duo shouted angrily while crushing the glass in his hand to the extent that it shattered, leaving several trails of blood streaming down his hand. Duo stared at his hand with a gloomy fascination when, suddenly, all of his memories came pounding back. "DAMN it!" Memories of carelessness, of happiness, and of betrayal flooded Duo's mind all over again.

Wufei could only look on as his broken friend pounded on the counter once before tears began falling from Duo's eyes once more. The stout bartender behind the counter jumped in surprise before eyeing the broken glass that Duo brushed aside. "Duo..." Wufei glanced warily at the startled bartender and placed several twenty-dollar bills on the counter.

"I can't forget his name, Wufei," Duo murmured sourly while wiping away several of the tears that he just noticed were there. "I can't forget him. Nothing works."

"I'll take you home," Wufei told Duo. Not a suggestion, but an order. "Your mind will clear up after plenty of rest."

"In other words," Duo complained while cautiously standing up. "In a few days."

Duo was amazed that he was able to walk across the bar and straight to the door even though he felt a bit dizzy and the music that blazed in the back of the bar sounded like gurgles to him. He slowly turned his head to see Wufei arguing with the bartender over the broken glass. Knowing that Wufei was going to take a while, Duo decided to wait by the car. He opened the door and the cool night air instantly blew a few strands of his hair to the side. Still faintly hearing Wufei's angry voice in the background, Duo stepped outside and instantly staggered after taking several more steps. Fortunate or unfortunately, Duo staggered right into the arms of a terrorist. He looked up and stared into the midnight blue eyes that haunted his memories for many, many days.

"Heero..." Duo felt his heart come to a stop as the guy that he had once associated with the most perfect entity held Duo's arms from behind. "Impossible!"

Heero resisted the urge to scowl at the man he held hostage. Without keeping his eyes from Duo's face, Heero took out a gun and placed it to Duo's head. "You wouldn't want to be making a scene, now would you?" Heero looked up to send a warning glare at Wufei, who was slowly putting his hand down from the inside of his jacket. Wufei was ready to attack Heero Yuy at a moment's notice, but there was the issue of Duo being held by him.

"You wouldn't dare," the words rolled out of Wufei's mouth only to fall to the floor.

This was when Duo finally noticed that it was Wufei that Heero was talking to. Duo wondered briefly if he could disarm Heero. At any other time, he would have easily had Heero on the ground eating gravel in seconds. However, Duo's body reminded him that he was still drunk and dizzy. Therefore, he dismissed the thought of attacking Heero. The thought of Heero attacking him and making him black out and unaware of his surroundings made Duo frown. So, he took a chance and let Heero take him hostage. After all, a part of his heart screamed that Duo wanted to be in Heero's company once more even though another part of him wanted to see him kiss the pavement by his feet.

"Wouldn't I?" Heero growled at Wufei. Reluctantly, Wufei backed away.

The threat in Heero's voice brought Duo back to there and then. He realized that Heero was shoving him into the car and had already slipped into the driver's seat. Heero almost wanted to run Wufei over, but he kept his thoughts objective as he started the car's engine. The wheels shrieked as Heero sped off in the opposite direction. Duo stared outside the window from his own passenger seat. He never sat in his car's passenger seat before, ever. Yet, there Duo was watching the blur of trees go by at an alarming pace.

Heero reached a red light and finally glanced over at his hostage. Without saying a word, he handed Duo a handkerchief. When Duo looked at him blankly, he said, "Your hand." When Duo continued to look at him blankly, Heero wrapped the handkerchief around Duo's hand himself and buckled Duo in. The light turned green. Heero accelerated to his previous speed before dangerously taking a turn. Duo felt his body go limp as he thumped against the inside of the door. He had a feeling that this would be the longest night he would ever go through. Duo let his eyes droop as he drifted off into memories that weren't so blurry anymore...


** Duo Maxwell was taking a break. He had a few days off and intended to rest this time. He had worked on so many cases that his head could have exploded. He deserved some rest, no, he NEEDED it. With a sigh, Duo walked through the double doors of the lobby of the apartment building that he was staying at. After taking one tired glance at the amount of people cluttering around to board the elevator, Duo felt that he would nearly collapse. His apartment was on the fifth floor. The group of people in front of the elevator looked to be the type to pile into the elevator like sardines. Duo couldn't help but feel a bit in despair. He commenced the time-consuming task of dragging himself up five flights of stairs in order to reach his apartment.

Sliding his key into the keyhole and turning the key to open the door, Duo nearly dropped himself unto the carpet in exhaustion. With barely any energy at all, Duo closed the door behind him and made his way to the restroom. Once there, Duo turned on the shower and ran the water to the warmest setting he could stand. He wearily stripped his clothing piece by piece before languidly undoing his long, braided hair. Duo then slipped into the shower and simply stood there. He smiled as relief flooded over his sore body. Though the steam rising throughout the bathroom made him feel sleepy, Duo began to wash his lengthy mahogany hair. The entire bathroom filled with a vanilla, floral scent just as he applied a creamy conditioner unto his hair. He let his hair soak in the conditioner for a while before rinsing himself. Stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel, Duo dried himself completely. Slipping on a robe, Duo wrapped a towel around his head prior to picking up his clothes from the floor and placing them in the hamper. He went to the living room, picked up his cordless phone, and began dialing a familiar number.

"Hello?" Duo spoke into the receiver.

"Hello, Mr.Maxwell," the voice on the other end greeted. "What would you like today?"

Duo smiled. Apparently Trowa was working as the cashier today. "I would like some Ebi-su to begin with and an order of Una-ju delivered, please."

"We'll be sending someone shortly," Trowa explained. "Delivery will take about twenty minutes at the most."

"As usual," Duo grinned as he bid Trowa good-bye and hung up the phone. Duo slid into his pajamas fairly quickly and got to work on brushing his hair. True to Trowa's word, a knock was heard at the door twenty minutes later. Duo stood and opened the door and, expecting the usual delivery boy, began talking at once.

"You just absolutely missed your best record timing by twelve minutes, Ja-" Duo's tongue froze in mid-sentence when he came across the darkest blue eyes he had ever seen. "I-I'm sorry." Duo got over his surprise swiftly. "You must be new. I was expecting Jack. What is your name?"

"Heero Yuy," was the answer that the boy at the door gave. **


Duo cursed when Heero took another one of his sharp turns. Remembering how he first met Heero did not help his headache get any better. Due to this pulsing headache, Duo recognized that his drunkenness was ebbing away. With another curse, Duo looked back out the window. Heero was driving so fast that he barely missed hitting a short blonde man. Though all Duo saw was barely a blur, that blonde guy reminded him of someone...


** "We are supposed to be the most diverse country in the world. What baffles me is that, when I look out the window, all I see are buildings. American buildings," Duo conversed with his friend. He appeared to be scribbling down notes unto a sheet of paper and flipping through a large book. "I was driving down a street named Columbus the other day and found that the ENTIRE street was buzzing with Hispanic stores and restaurants."

"People of the same race tend to want to stick together when they are in a country where they didn't grow up in," the psychiatrist on the other end of the receiver explained.

"Yes but, why do they want to be secluded like that after all this time?" Duo countered while stopping at the page he was looking for and writing some more notes down. "Can't they just scatter around so that one street not only has a Hispanic store or restaurant, but also a Chinese one, an Indian one, or even a German one?"

"Our generation has to be patient," his friend pleaded. "In the decades that come, things will be different."

"I tell ya, our diversity is incredible, but I believe it should also be reflected across the land-" Duo looked up from his work as the sound of a knock at the door of his apartment came to his ears. "Hold on, Quat. Someone's at the door." Duo opened the door to let Heero in. He first motioned to the phone with his hand and then motioned for Heero to wait for a moment. "For example, every day I try to eat something different. Tonight is the night I eat Japanese."

Heero stood stock still as Duo finished off his conversation. He had never been inside Duo's apartment before. He had only handed Duo his order, taken the money, and left. The place was fairly tidy with a blue-ish gray carpet and with a black balcony. Heero couldn't believe that this was the home of one of the best FBI agents in the city. The apartment seemed a bit too plain. Heero continued to scope out the apartment when his gaze came across a computer. Before he could identify the make of it, Duo had walked in front of him, blocking his view.

"You need to stop working so hard," it was all Quatre could do to keep from laughing at the other end of the line. "If you try to help too many cases get solved, it'll get to your brain. When that happens, my friend, you are going to have to make an appointment so that I may do MY job."

"Thanks for being so understanding," Duo muttered sarcastically. "Well, I have to go. Thanks for listening, Quat." Duo hung up his phone before attending Heero. "I have to admit that you are the fastest delivery guy I have ever come across."

"I believe in fulfilling a job swiftly and efficiently," Heero shrugged and turned to leave, but Duo's voice held him in place.

"Hey, Heero," Duo began with a smile before glancing at his watch. "You have about fifteen minutes and an half before you have to get back, don't you? Why don't you sit down and take a break? Tell me how it's like to see people making Japanese food…"

"It isn't all that interesting," Heero didn't know why he felt so uncomfortable when Duo sat him down on the couch. He was a professional, damn it. He needed to focus on his mission.

"Come on, Heero," Duo sighed. "You're no fun. Just because you saw the same foods when you were back home doesn't mean that you can leave out the details when talking to someone like me."

Details? Details were currently surrounding Heero. Duo himself was intricate detail. Heero shook his head from these thoughts. What was the matter with him? He had to focus. "I should go…" Heero was about to stand up, but Duo was faster. Heero frowned as he realized that he let his guard down ever since the moment he walked through that door.

"Don't go yet," Duo's voice was soft. Duo had many friends, and even more numerous acquaintances. Why was it that he always felt so lonely after Heero delivered his food and hurried back to work? "Why can't I stop thinking about you?" Duo tensed as he realized that he was thinking aloud. He tried to read Heero's eyes and saw nothing but a spacey, blank stare looking back at him. There was only one way to bring Heero out of his stupor. Duo moved forward without thinking and pressed his lips against Heero's. **


Duo stared blankly at the sky. The colors were lightening and he wondered how many hours had passed. Just how long had Heero been driving? Soon, it would be dawn. Duo turned to look at Heero. He should have hated him, but he couldn't bring himself to. In the most serious face that Duo could muster, he asked, "Could you pull over? Unless you find it amusing in your twisted mind that I leak in the car, we need to make a pit stop."