What a day

What a horrible, boring day. No one but Duo noticed. Well, he noticed more because everyone was doing something but him. Quatre was playing chess with Trowa, both looking a tad happier than normal...freaky if you asked him. Wufei was...who knows where. Heero...Heero was about to have that computer shoved down his throat.

--Argh! I hate this stupid so called love day...ergh....sure, two happy happies got each other something but no one wants to give me anything, noooooo....--

"I'm bored!"

Everyone froze...in fear, probably.

"Uhm, Duo...what can we do to help?" Quatre was trying to avert danger.

"Well, I'm just bored. It'll pass." --oh, yes...as soon as I make this place Hell-- He smirked and headed to his room. --let's see, water ballons? no...wait...water ballons filed with blue dye? ohhhh, yes. just wait. you're gonna looooove this...eh?-- He looks at his bed. "Wha...no way." There was a red, heart shaped box. "B-but..." He slowly raises the lid. "Oh, geeze!" He lifts out handcuffs, other essentials and chocolate body paint. "Well, I have new plans. Water balloons can definitely wait. He bounds back to the room of boredom. "Heero, I still wanna play. Come play with me."

Heero's response? He stood up, shouldered Duo and went to the room. Many interesting noises came from that room for over an hour.

"Well, looks like Duo found his Valentine." Quatre moved his chess piece. Trowa nodded.

Later, Heero came out, grabbed some food and then went back in the room...with an actual grin on his face.

"Well, that reminds me...why don't we go enjoy our little items." Before Trowa could object, like he would, he was drug off.

That night, the only sounds in the house were that of love and pleasure...and a loud squeal. "Of course I'll marry you, you blue-eyed hunk!"


the end? well...maybe. I may write a lemon version later.