Dress Up - Part 2

He walked to the living room. He extendended his hand. "You must be Darren...Anne regrets she can't take you. I'm Britty. I hope I'm a good substitute."

"Holy shit." Heero's unable to take his eyes off Duo. "I mean yes, you'll do." He picked up the money.

"Just a moment, we need to agree on a price. I'm not going to settle for what you pay Anne."

"I usually give her $50." He peeled 5 tens.

Britty chuckled. "Outrageous. For $50, you get to look at parts of me, nothing more." Brotty takes the bills. "Sit."

Heero sat. This was getting him aroused.

"Now, for $50," Britty said, voice husky and thick, " You get to look at my legs." He put one spiked heeled shoe on the coffee table and used both hands to stroke his calf. "You get to see all the way to the top,." He ran his hands up his legs, sliding the skirt up, relealed one lacy garter and about an inch of flesh, then put it back down. "But no more."

Heero's breathing quickened. "No more?"

Britty gave a sexy laugh, "Well, I guess you can see this." He reaches and turns, quickly flashing him.

Darren pulled 5 more bills. "What do I get for this?"

"You get to see where I keep my money." He purred, pulling up the skirt slowly, revealing his black garter belt...giving Heero a peek. "I tuck my money here." He folded the bills over the top of the belt, then lowered the skirt.

He patted the money bulge, then looked at the rest of Heero's money.

"I see you can afford it, for another 50, you can see all of me."

Without hesitation, Darren handed Britty 5 more bills. "Now don't move."

"Couldn't if I wanted to."

"That's good. First, you'll see the top." He pulled it off.

Heero shifted to allow for his erection.

"Can you make the nipples hard?"

Duo winked. "I usially charge extra, but for you...free." He pinched and pulled until they perked. "Like that?"

"Please, take off the skirt." He hands over more money.

He obliged by wiggling out of it. He sees Heero adjusting. "Are you uncomfortable? Why don't you undress?"

Heero quickly stood and stripped. As he reached, Duo laughed. "You haven't payed for me yet."

Heero, nude, with a huge erect penis poking straight out, sat back on the sofa. Britty walked forward and stood between his knees. "Do you want me?"

Darren handed Britty the rest of his money, then reached for him. "Not so fast." He was anxious to feel Heero's cock inside but wanted to stay in control. "We're going to do this my way." He straddles him, lowering onto him.

"Is this what you want?"


He raised and lowered, pressing onto the cock. "That?

Darren grabbed Britty's hips, pulled him up then slammed Duo down. Duo grabbed his shoulders and made a rhythm. "Duo." Heero yelled as he then Duo climaxed.

Duo slowly got up. He grabbed the bills. "Britty did well...over $300."