contains cross-dressing and yaoi. I own no one.


It must've been the sake.

Christmas, Duo had gotten a stir-fry cookbook for Heero. In the time they had been together, they established a Sunday Pattern; Heero would cook while Duo did chores.

That weekend. Heero tried a Chinese stir-fry shrimp dish that required hours of chopping and precooking. The liquor store didn't stock any Chinese wine, so he settled for a bottle of their Japanese favorite, sake. He prepared a meal of homemade hot and sour soup, baby and mother shrimp, 2 kinds of mushrooms braised together and emerald fried rice. Throughout the meal they drank the sake. By the end of the meal, they had consumed the bottle.

Duo took a look at the kitchen after dinner and winced. "Lord, you used every pot, pan and dish in the house." The arrangement was that when Heero cooked, Duo did dishes.

"Actually, that's the second or third use of everything. I washed as I went."

Duo sighed then laughed. "It's okay. I'll get started and see you say...next Thursday, by the look of this."

"I'll help."

"Nope, a deal's a deal. You cook and I clean up." At that momnent, the phone rang and Duo lifted the reciever. "Quatre, where are you?" Quatre was traveling the Far East. Duo pulled the phone into the dinning area and flopped into a chair. "Quatre, tell me everything."

By the end of the 20 minute call, Duo had learned about Hong Kong. "Call again." He saw Heero stick his head out the kitchen. "Heero says hi. See ya."

Duo walked back to the kitchen. "Wow. Was I on the phone that long?"

"I stuffed the dishwasher."

"Thanks, that's great."

"You got off easy with the dishes."

"I know...sorry."

"It'll cost you big."


Well..." Heero looked up and down Duo's body. "I think we should play a game."

"Yes? Which one?"


In the game, Duo would be Britty, a hooker and Heero would be Darren, the customer. They would pretend to meet in the living room, Darren would give Britty some money then they would go into the bedroom and make love.

Duo looked at him. "I'm a bit blitzed. I don't think Britty would wear these clothes. I'm going to change. Sit on the sofa."

While Heero waited, Duo went into the bedroom and thought about how to become Britty. He pulled off all his clothes, then burrowed into the back of the closet. He found an outfit that he bought but never used.

He looked at the tight black skirt and matching top. He smirked and pulled on black stockings and hooked them to the garter belt.

Without unders, he put on the spiked heels. He felt wonderful. In the bathroom he put on long earrings and make-up...letting his hair down.

He looked in the mirror. "Oh, man...I AM Britty....Britty wouldn't hesitate to entertain a customer...here goes nothing."