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"I don't believe this." Heero said as he added up the value of the cards. "You've had the most amazing luck tonight."

"Not luck, skill." Duo said, with a laugh. "What's the damage?"

"Another 53 points." He calculated the final score. "I owe you $372.60."

"Wow, maybe I'll just take it in trade."

"What?" Heero's suddenly interested. "What kind?"

"I was joking."

"Not so fast." Heero had a glint in his eye. "Like what?"

"I'd love a bath."

"How much?"


"And another if I clean up."


Heero got up and cleaned. Then he started the hot water in the large tub, adding Duo's favorite bath salts. He then turned off the heater.

As the tub filled, he stripped. "You ready?"

"Yeah." The door opens and Duo walked in, wearing a silk robe. "That bath looks wonderful, you do to."

Heero reached for him. "Forget the bath...Let's go to the bedroom."

Duo squirmed away. "No way. You owe me a bath." He drops the robe and steps into the bath. "Perfect." He sinks into the tub. "For $10 rub my neck."

Heero bent over and touched Duo's shoulders. "Your hands are freezing! Soak them in the water." Heero dipped but touched Duo's stomach.

"No fair!" He splashes Heero.

"Okay." He began to kneed Duo's shoulders.

"Rub my back?"

"Another $10." He nods. "Lean forward." Duo responded and he slid his hands into the small of his back.

"Yeah, good."

"For another $100 I'll give you an all-over dry-down."

Duo saw the lust and agreed. "Okay."

Heero took a towel and rubbed it over Duo's body, then blew on his chest to watch the nipples react.

"No fair."

"Who said anything about fair?" He grabbed his waist. "Turn around." Instead of the towel, he grabbed a small face cloth and rubbed it over Duo's back. Then slid the cloth up the back of his thighs and between his cheeks. Up and down, he massaged the tender area. He watched as Duo's breathing deepened.

He used his tounge to lick a drop of water from Duo's back. "Turn around."

He sat Duo on the tub an a towel. With feather-soft strokes, he dusted the cloth back and forth over the back of Duo's knees. "Feel good?"

"Yes, don't stop."

"Another $100?"

"You drive a hard bargain." He looks at Heero's erection. "Very hard."



Slowly, he stroked up the insides of Duo's thighs. He bent and licked the flesh of his right thigh, then blew on it, then the left.

"This one's free." He leaned and suckled a nipple, blew on it, then dried it...repeating on the other.

"Let's go finish this..."

"Not so fast, I'm not done." He looked down, "Spread your legs."

Duo loked puzzled then pread.

"Now, Heero dusted the cloth over the upper thighs,then leans forward and flicked his tounge over the tip of Duo's swollen penis. "Oh, lord...if you do that I'll come right here."

"If I stop?"

"I'll die, don't stop."

"Another $100?"


With strokes of his tounge and light sucking he brings Duo to peak. Duo grips Heero's hair. "Yesss..."

As Duo sat on the edge of the tub with Heero's arms around his waist, it took several minutes to calm down. "Wow."

Duo looked down at Heero's hard cock. "But you haven't come yet."

"Heero sat back and ticked off numbers. "Let's see...$20 on a back rub, $100 on a dry-down...2 $100 'don't stops'. That's $321...you owe me roughly $150."

"Right. How can I work it off?"

"I have lots of ideas."


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