Duo: *lets out a cheer* Yatta! Sugoi! I love this fic!

Teena: *laughs* I'll bet! I wrote this fic for GWML's Kink Week, so... That should say it all, really.

Heero: *smirks* Duo. Fic.

Duo: Right! *grabs Heero, jumps into a fic portal*

Teena: *pouts* I'm all alone. They usually only visit fics while I'm busy or asleep or something.


Nothing Unusual


Duo wandered into the current safehouse, looking around. He'd just come back from a mission, and he wanted some company, so where was everybody? Oh, well, there were some things he couldn't do while Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were around, so maybe it was for the best. "Heero! I know you're here! Come!"

Heero barrelled into the room at a dead run, then screeched to a halt in front of Duo. "You're back. How did it go?"

"It went fine. The others?"

A small, secretive smile touched Heero's lips. "All out on missions. We have the house to ourselves."

"Good. Go get your leash, pet. It's time to play."

Heero smiled again, a full smile this time, and ran into another room. He was back very fast, holding a leash and collar in one hand. He handed the leash to Duo, then kneeled down, tilting his head back. Duo chuckled and leaned down to fasten the collar around Heero's neck. When Duo stood back up, Heero held out a lash, one of Duo's favorite toys. "I thought you might want this, too."

Duo smiled brightly and took the lash. "Good pet. You know me so well. Shall I reward you for your foresight? Or should I punish you for being forward?"

Heero bowed his head submissively. "My fate is in your hands, Master."

"My, we ARE a good pet this evening, aren't we? I think I'll reward you."

Duo tugged on Heero's leash gently, and the other boy got to his feet, following Duo into the bedroom. Duo grinned and slipped Heero's tank top off, passing the leash through the neck. Duo swung the lash gently, testing the swing. Then he swung it harder, to hit Heero across the shoulder blades. The skin reddened, and Duo reached out a hand to stroke the affected area gently. Heero made a small purring noise, and leaned back slightly. Duo swung the lash again, striking Heero's butt.

"Bad Heero. Did I say you could move?"

Heero looked ashamed. "No, Master. Gomen."

"Well, you only moved a little, so I suppose I forgive you. You still have to be punished, though." Duo quickly stripped, and tugged Heero's leash. "Kneel and open your mouth."

Heero obeyed, kneeling in front of Duo with his mouth open. Duo ran his fingers gently through Heero's tousled hair, then guided his throbbing erection into Heero's mouth. Heero knew what his master wanted, and he closed his lips around Duo's hard shaft, sucking lightly. He ran his tongue around the tip, then down the sides as Duo gasped quietly.

Relaxing his throat muscles and suppressing the gag reflex, Heero took in Duo's entire length. He sucked on the rock-hard shaft, then blew lightly over it. Running his tongue along and around Duo's length, Heero soon had the other boy thrusting into his mouth. Duo came, and Heero swallowed the flood with practiced ease.

Duo stepped back and pulled Heero to his feet. Raking the other with an assessing stare, Duo's eyes stopped at the good-sized bulge in his lover's spandex shorts. He grinned, and lightly ran his fingers over it. The bulge grew.

"That looks painful. But then, that's kinda the point, isn't it? You're being punished. I think you've suffered enough, though."

Duo quickly divested Heero of the confining shorts, then stared at his now-naked lover admiringly. He was already getting hard again. Heero had that effect on him.

Duo led Heero over to the bed, then pushed him down onto it. Heero lay there, submissive and obedient, waiting. Duo glanced over at the clock as he dug out a jar of lube and the handcuffs. They had a couple of hours until the others were due back. That was plenty of time for... certain activities.

When Trowa and Quatre got back a couple of hours later, they walked in the door to a very normal scene. Heero was sitting at his laptop, tapping away industriously, and Duo was sprawled on the couch, watching TV. Heero looked up as they came in.


Trowa answered, while Quatre wandered over to see what Duo was watching. "Mission accomplished. There were no complications."

Heero nodded and turned his attention back to his computer. Quatre sat down next to Duo on the couch. "So, did anything happen while we were gone?"

"Oh," Duo replied with a grin,"Nothing unusual."



Teena: *grins* Doncha just love the ending? I woulda liked to see Quatre's face if Duo had told him just what they'd been up to. *ducks any projectiles from rabid lemon fans* I was working to a deadline! C&C? Onegai? *wide, trembling, teary eyes*

Trowa: *pained look* Please don't do that.

Teena: *stops* Gomen. I was Quatre in the Otakon LARP, I'm still getting him out of my system.



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