Teena: Say it with me now: Sap, sap, sap, sap-

Duo: Okay, they get the idea.

Teena: This is a horribly shonen-ai fic.

Duo: I know. Just post the fic.

Teena: Alright, alright. I was just warning them that it's really shonen-ai.


Teena: Sheesh! Calm down.


I Turn To You


When I'm lost
In the rain
In your eyes I know I'll find the light
to light my way
/Heero is staring out the window at a rainstorm, looking somber. All of a sudden, a pair of bright violet eyes are reflected in the glass. Heero blinks, then smiles almost imperceptibly as he turns to look at Duo./

When I'm scared
losing ground
when my world is going crazy
you can turn it all around
/Duo is running, glancing behind him fearfully. He gulps as gunshots ring out behind him, getting closer. The OZ soldiers are catching up, and he catches glimpses of them behind him as he runs, bullets whining around him. Duo rushes around a corner, and Heero is there, gun in hand. Heero leans around the corner and fires, taking out several of the pursuers. Grabbing Duo's hand, Heero dashes over to a waiting car, shoves him in, then gets in the driver's side and roars off down the street./

And when I'm down
you're there
pushing me to the top
Your always there giving me all you got
/Heero is laying on his bed, staring at nothing. A single tear rolls down his cheek, and is roughly scrubbed away. Duo bounces into the room, and plops down on the bed next to Heero, grinning. He starts talking fast, going on about nothing in particular. Heero looks over at him, and he stops talking, then leans down to land a kiss on Heero's mouth. Heero sits up and smiles, reaching out to hug Duo gently./

When I lose
the will to win
I just reach for you
and I can reach the sky again
/Heero is in Wing, inside an exploding OZ base. He knows he won't be able to get out in time, and he glances over at the self-destruct button. Tapping a button to open a commlink, he opens his mouth to tell the others to leave without him, but the words go unspoken as he hears Duo's voice, yelling for him to hurry up. Heero's eyes harden, and he activates the transformation sequence of his Gundam. It changes into a plane, and he punches the throttle, just barely managing to get away ahead of the explosion./

I can do
cause your love is so amazing
cause your love inspired me
/Duo is fiddling with his Gundam, it's pretty beat up after a rough mission. He'd just barely come out alive. Duo looks over at Wing, which his lover is busy working on after that selfsame mission. He smiles, remembering the reason he had come out alive. Who would have expected Heero to open a channel to him right before a fight, just to tell Duo he loved him?/

and when i need a friend
your always on my side
giving me faith,
taking me through the night
/Heero wakes up in the middle of the night from yet another nightmare. Tears are running freely down his cheeks, and he begins to sob quietly. The noise wakes Duo up, and he looks over at Heero, concerned. The braided boy sits up, and takes Heero in his arms, rocking him gently. He knows all about the dreams, and quietly tells Heero over and over that the things that had happened weren't his fault. After a long time, Heero manages to fall asleep again, but Duo continues to sit and hold him for a long time after that./

For the arm to be my shelter from the rain
for truth that will never change
For someone to lean on
/Heero is running down a street through driving rain. A hand reaches out and yanks him under an overhang. Duo is standing there, and he starts chiding Heero, saying he'll catch his death of cold. At that precise moment, Heero sneezes, looking slightly abashed. Duo stops talking, rolls his eyes, and tugs Heero's arm over his shoulders, supporting the sick boy./

for a heart i can rely on through anything
For the one who
I can run to...oh yeah
i turn to you
/Duo snorts as Relena shows up for the umpteenth time. She stares at Heero longingly, and once again starts trying to convince him to be hers. Duo smirks as Heero brushes her off, telling her that there's someone else. As Relena looks at Heero in shock, Duo steps out of hiding, and dashes over to Heero, grinning and laughing. He tugs on Heero's arm, and the other boy follows with a small sigh of relief. Duo waves a cheerful goodbye to Relena as the two pilots run off together./

For a shield from the storm
for a friend
for a love to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you
/Heero is standing outside in the rain, face turned up to the falling water. Duo comes out, holding a large umbrella, and walks over to him, positioning it over both of them. Heero turns to look at him, tears and raindrops mixing on his face. Duo's face softens with compassion, and he reaches out with his free arm to hug Heero, then kisses him gently on the cheek and leads him inside./

For the strength to be strong
for the will to carry on---
for everything you do
/Duo is in Deathscythe, fighting off enemy mobile suits. The control panel is sparking. He looks over at the self -destruct button, then at a picture of Heero tucked into a corner of his monitor. Shaking his head, Duo keeps fighting. Next to him, Wing does the same, guarding his partner's back./

for everything that's true
/Heero looks into Duo's eyes as the other boy admits his love, seeing nothing but sincerity there./

for everything you do
/Duo shakes his head with a grin as Heero sits him down and starts tending his injuries. Heero scolds Duo constantly, but his touch is gentle as he cleans and bandages the cuts and bruises./

for everything that's true
/Heero looks on, hiding a smile, as Duo introduces himself to a new ally, with his motto. 'I run, I hide, but I never lie.' Heero knows it is the truth. He has never known Duo to deliberately tell a falsehood./

I turn to you-oooh
I turn to you.......
/Heero and Duo climb down out of their Gundams, and Duo runs to Heero, flinging himself into his lover's arms. The two embrace each other tightly, shutting out everything else./