Heart's Blood


*Duo's POV*

I really, really, REALLY hate sandstorms. Not exactly a revelation, I guess. I'll bet anyone that's been through one hates them. I glare out the window at the swirling sands. I am mildly pissed at Quatre. I mean, yeah, he warned us that the place had occassional sandstorms when he invited us here, but he did NOT tell us the things could last this long. It's been... how many days? I count off on my fingers. Four days.

The damn thing is still not showing ANY signs of stopping anytime soon.

I'm bored out of my skull, and I'm STARVING! Quatre's busy cuddling up to Tro all the time, and I'm not gonna butt in on that. They don't get enough time together. As for Heero and Wufei... Well, neither of them exactly qualifies for Mr. Fun, A.C. 195.

I can survive being bored, though. It's the hunger that's the real problem. Much as I hate the idea, it's gonna have to be one of the guys. The Maguanacs are all at the bunker, which is cut off by the storm, and Q sent all the servants on vacation when we got here. It's been four fuckin' days, and I'm out of options. If I don't feed, I'll die.

I leave my room, moving silently through the darkened halls. I know it has to be one of the others, but which one? Trowa an' Quatre are probably sharing a room, which could make things difficult, so they're out. Besides, there's something about those two... I don't know what's up with Tro, but with Quatre it's part of that uchuu no kokoro thing. He's more than he seems.

I suddenly realize that I've stopped. Looks like my subconscious made the decision for me. I'm standing in front of Heero's door. Natch. I don't want to take him. Aw, hell, who am I kidding? I've wanted him in every way since I first laid eyes on him. I just don't think it's a good idea. Oh, well, I've never listened to my common sense before, why start now?

I quietly slip into Heero's room. Not quietly enough, though. Heero sits up as I close the door behind me.

"Duo?" Heero asks, reaching for the lamp on the bedside table. Amazing. It's practically pitch black in here, and he still manages to recognize me. I wince a little as the light goes on. There goes my night vision.

"It's late. Daijoubu desu ka?"

"Who, me? I'm always okay. Just a little insomnia, gomen, didn't mean to wake you..." I feel lower than dirt. Really. I come in here this late, and he just asks if I'm alright. If I'd been just about anyone else, I'd have a bullet through my head already. He keeps a gun under his pillow. If I'd been one of the other pilots, maybe one of the Maguanacs, the gun would be pointed at me while Heero demanded to know why I was in his room in the middle of the night. But I'm me, so the gun never even comes out.

He trusts me. I had to work long and hard for that. I feel like I'm betraying his trust. Fuck that, I AM betraying his trust. But my choices are severly limited.

"Gomen nasai, Heero. Truly."

Before he can ask what I mean, my eyes start to glow, and his own eyes, those intense, gorgeous, cobalt blue eyes, widen in shock, then go blank. I make sure he's deeply under, then walk over to the bed.

"Damn it. I really wish this wasn't necessary. I hope you can forgive me, Heero. If you ever find out about this."

I gently tilt his head, then sink my fangs into his neck. I keep a firm hold of myself, and only take enough to keep me going for a day or two. Hopefully, the storm'll be over by then.

When I pull back, tears are running down my cheeks. This is what I hate most. Whenever I feed, I see into the heart of the one I take from. God, how could I have ever thought him unfeeling? He's so beautiful inside, but he's in so much pain. I bite my tongue, and let a drop of my blood fall on the punctures. They close immediately. I lay Heero down, and cover him, then turn the lamp off and leave. I go back to my room, where I cry myself to sleep.


*Heero's POV*

I wake up slowly, I usually do when I wake up on my own. If someone had called me, or come in, or if my laptop had started beeping, I would've snapped awake instantly. I prefer this way. I open my eyes and wince a little. The sun's shining right on my face. Hold on, that's not right. The sun isn't at the right angle to hit the bed until late morning.

I consult my time sense, it's quicker than looking at the clock. What the hell?! I check the clock for confirmation. It's 9:43. I NEVER sleep this late! I sit up quickly, and immediately regret it. I feel weak, and the fast movement makes me dizzy. Am I coming down with something? That can't be it, I don't get sick. I stand up carefully and head into the bathroom. I splash some water on my face and look in the mirror. My skin is very pale. Maybe I am getting sick.

I suddenly realize, I'm starving! I head downstairs to get something to eat. Trowa and Quatre are in the living room. Figures. Those two have practically been joined at the hip ever since we got here. It's actually kind of cute, in a sickeningly shoujo sort of way. Quatre looks up as I walk in, then gasps before getting up and coming over to me.

"Heero! You look terrible! Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm fine." I'm lying, and I'm sure he knows it, he always does, but he won't push. I fight the urge to sigh as Trowa comes over. He's a different matter. He will push. He's a... what is it Duo says when somebody's fussing over him? A 'mother hen'. Trowa's always trying to get me to take better care of myself.

"You don't look fine, Heero. Maybe you should go back to bed, get some rest."

"I said I'm fine, Trowa. I'm just hungry."

"Well, Trowa made breakfast, it's in insulated dishes, because Duo usually isn't up until ten or eleven. Help yourself."

I nod my thanks and walk into the kitchen to eat. Some of the food is singed. Quatre must have tried to help again. I shake my head as I pile some of the unburned food onto a plate. Trowa's tried his best to teach him to cook, but Quatre is a total disaster in the kitchen. I sit down at the table and eat quickly, then go back for more. I don't know why I'm so hungry today. As I sit down again, Duo bounces into the room. He has so much energy, so much life. Sometimes he seems like a kid on a sugar high. It's a part of his charm.

"You're up early." I'm serious. For Duo, this IS early.

"Yeah, thought I'd see what things are like before noon. So far, I'm not impressed."

"You'll be less so when you see breakfast. I think Quatre tried to help."

Duo makes an exaggerated face and wanders over to the dishes, snagging a plate on the way. I frown as I eat. Something isn't right. Duo's upset, I can tell. His grin looks a little forced, his eyes aren't quite as bright as usual, and there was something off about the way he looked at me when he came in. Almost... guilty?

I'd say something, but if he knew how much I notice about him, he might figure out how I feel. As things stand, he's my best friend, and I have no right to want anything more. I'm lucky to have that much.

He sits down next to me and starts eating, making little faces whenever he comes across a particularly burned bit. I finish about the same time he does. Any minute now... wait for it...

"Keep your mouth shut about the food. We don't want to hurt Quatre's feelings. S'not his fault he can't cook."

"Hn." I knew that was coming. Everybody thinks I'm totally clueless when it comes to feelings. I prefer it that way. Less entanglements. Except Duo. Well, and Relena, but I'd rather not think about her right now. Duo seems to consider my wall of apparent nonemotion to be a challenge. It appears that his goal in life is to dig out the real me. Succeed or fail, he's doomed to disappointment. I'm not worth the effort.

I don't know why he keeps trying. Relena, I understand. She's completely obsessed with me and obviously delusional. No matter what I do, she somehow manages to twist it into an statement of love for her. Duo doesn't have her preconceptions. He recognizes my facade for what it is, and is determined to break through to who I really am, but he realizes and accepts that he doesn't know what he'll find. Most people would've given up by now. Maybe... I'm lucky Duo isn't most people.


*Quatre's POV*

Something is wrong. I can feel it. It's not just Heero, although it's more obvious with him. He looks awful. It doesn't make sense, he was fine yesterday. There's something wrong with Duo, too. Not physically, he seems as healthy as ever, but he's hurting inside. Above and beyond the usual. I'm worried about them. Trowa is, too, he just doesn't show it.

"What do you think is wrong, Trowa?"

"I don't know. Duo's upset, but it's different somehow."

"Do you think it's Heero again? It doesn't feel like it usually does, but I think it's related to him."

Trowa nodded in response, which means he thinks it's about Heero, too, but he isn't sure what's different. I've turned interpreting Trowa's body language into an art. Of course, it helps that I can tell what he's feeling. I look up as Duo and Heero walk out of the kitchen, side by side. Well, obviously they haven't had a fight, if they had, things would be much more tense right now. So what's wrong?

"Good Morning, Saudi Arabia! The forecast for today is sand and more sand! For a change of pace, later on we'll have sand and wind!"

I laugh, even through my worry. Duo can be absolutely hilarious sometimes, and apparently this is one of those times. I know Heero wants to laugh, too, but he just shakes his head with a muttered, "Baka." Duo grins at him.

"Of course I am, isn't that what you love about me, Hee-chan?"

"I don't love you, and don't call me Hee-chan. How many times do I have to tell you that before you stop?"

Liar. I know he's lieing, I can feel it. I can also feel the pain that little exchange caused both of them. Stubborn. They are both too stubborn for their own good. Sometimes I want to intervene, but I don't have the right. For good or ill, their lives are their business.

"I'm not gonna stop. So, when's lunch?"

"Duo!" I exclaim. "You just had breakfast!" He gives me a puzzled look.

"Yeah, and that's great, but the most important meal is always the next one."

He's giving me that silly grin again. I smile back at him. Breakfast wasn't great, I know that, I can't cook at all, but he's trying not to hurt my feelings. Without, of course, telling any lies. He said that having breakfast was great, he never said the food was great. Over time, I've learned to catch his evasions.

"Baka. You're always thinking with your stomach," Heero comments, rather reproachfully, in my opinion. I fight the urge to giggle. Heero's feeling playful. This should be fun to watch.

"Yeah, well, it's bigger than my brain, so why not?"

"It's also less empty," Heero replies, raising an eyebrow. Ouch! Heero takes first blood, if you want my opinion. That one had to sting. A shame Wufei's been staying in his room the past few days. He always enjoys watching Heero take pot shots at Duo.

"You seem to know an awful lot about empty heads, is it from personal experience?" Duo shoots back. Uh-oh, Heero's about to bring out the big guns. I think I'd better step in.

"Okay, okay, that's enough, you two. Playing or not, we shouldn't have arguments while we're all cooped up together. It's too easy for things to get out of hand."

Trowa nods, agreeing with me. He lifts an eyebrow and gives Heero one of those speaking looks they're both so good at. Heero shrugs slightly in reply, then turns to leave, Duo chasing after him, as usual.

"Oi, Heero, wait up!"

When they are safely out of earshot, I sigh. Trowa looks at me, his lips quirking. Wai, I always want to pounce him when he does that! That little tiny smile just looks SO sexy. Woah, rein it in, Quatre, you just got up, it's too early to go back to bed. Although... Wufei's been spending practically all day in HIS room, lately, why shouldn't we?

"Does Duo ever remind you of a cocker spaniel puppy?"

The comment breaks into my train of thought. Probably just as well, it was heading straight for the gutter. I think about the question.

"Yeah, kinda. Cute, friendly, and totally and completely dedicated to one person. Is that roughly what you meant?"

"Basically," Trowa replies, still smiling. I smile back and put my arms around him, then snuggle against him when he returns the embrace. Allah, I love him so much.

"Of course, all those apply to me, too," I say, grinning at him cheekily. He blinks at me, then starts to laugh quietly. My eyes widen, and so does my smile. Trowa doesn't laugh often, so I treasure each time. When he stops, I hug him tighter, then look down the hallway Heero and Duo took. With all my heart, I wish for them what Trowa and I have. They need each other so much.


*Duo's POV*

So here I am again, two nights later, standing in front of Heero's door. Glaring at Heero's door. I need to feed again. I want Heero. If only the damn sandstorm would die down, I could go out, take someone else, keep my distance, like I've been doing. But stuck in this house, just us five pilots... Besides, I've already tasted him. I want more. I slip into his room, and he wakes up. He reaches for the lamp. "Duo?"

Deja vu all over again. This time, I don't let him turn the lamp on. I put him under immediately. It's easier this time, and quicker, because I've already had him under my control once. I walk over and sit down on the bed next to him. I stroke his face gently, with a sad smile on my face.

"Too bad I can't touch you like this when you're awake, ne, Heero? But you'd probably punch my lights out. I know, I know, Duo no baka, right? Babbling away to someone who's totally uncomprehending."

My smile turns very, very wicked. "Might as well make the best of this, right? Kiss me, Heero."

I close my eyes as he leans forward to press his lips against mine. They feel warm and soft, but... it doesn't feel right. I brush my tongue over his lips, and he opens his mouth obediently, letting me slip inside. It still doesn't feel right. There's no emotion behind it, no feeling. He's only doing it because I told him to. I pull back, shaking my head. He straightens up and sits there, waiting patiently. I sigh and give up. I might as well get this over with.

"Gomen, Heero, but a boy's gotta eat."

I lean forward and press my lips against his neck, inhaling his scent, gunpowder and scorched metal, and something else that's uniquely Heero. I brace myself, and sink my fangs into him, drawing out his blood, his life's essence. Geez, I'm poetic tonight, aren't I? With the blood comes the pain, but I'm ready for it this time. It doesn't overwhelm me like it did before. I can put it aside and concentrate on other things. What I'm not ready for is another emotion, just as all-pervading as the pain, but much more subtle. It's... it's love. For me. He loves me!

I pull back after taking enough for another two days. I'm crying again, but this time they're tears of joy. I can't believe it, but he really loves me! The mouth may lie, but the heart doesn't. I gently lick his neck clean, then heal him with a drop of my blood. I throw my arms around him and squeeze him tight, and he wraps his arms around me, too, in response to my unspoken request. He's like an automaton. Damn hypnosis.

"Alright, Heero, time for beddy-bie. Lay down, koi."

He lays down, and I cover him up, close his eyes, and leave. I skip back down the hall to my room, trying to keep myself from bursting into song. There could be some awkward questions if I wake up the others at this time of night. I can't suppress a little giggle, though. I slip into my room, close the door, and let loose. I dance around the room, grinning like a fool. Heero loves me! He really loves me! He oughtta be ashamed of himself, lying to me. All those 'Leave me alone, Duo's and 'I don't love you, Duo's, he was lying the whole time! What the hell, I'm in my room now. Song time!

"Some~dayyyy, my prince will com~e!"

I laugh at the double entendre. This is the best night of my life thus far. I say thus far because the night I get Heero into my bed is gonna be better. That night's gonna be in the very near future if I have anything to say about it. In a frenzy of delighted energy, I actually tidy my room a little bit. Hmmmm, maybe I should get into Heero's bed. His room is a LOT cleaner. Perfect cleanliness for the Perfect Soldier. Figures. Ooh, but he's NOT the Perfect Soldier, is he? Perfect Soldiers don't have emotions, but Heero does, oh yes he does, and I'm glad. I'm more than glad, I'm ECSTATIC!

"Let me see that tho~o~ong!"

I wonder if Heero wears a thong? I doubt it. A thong wouldn't jive with his Perfect Soldier image. Pervert Soldier, on the other hand... Oh, God, I'm so twisted. I don't care. I think I better go to bed before this line of thought goes too far. I hop into bed, pull my covers up, and try to go to sleep.

*Heero's POV*

I wake up with the sun on my face. Shimatta, not again. What time is it? I look over at my clock as I sit up. 9:56. Even later than last time. I feel awful again. Although I slept late, I'm tired, and I feel weak. What's WRONG with me? K'so, I was starting to feel better. I climb out of bed, pull a comb through my hair, I don't know why I bother, my hair's pretty much perpetually messy, and head downstairs. As I step out of my room, I hear pounding down the hall. I look over to see Duo pounding on Wufei's door. Wonderful. Even Duo got up before me.

"Wu-chan! Come on out, you're not gonna stay in there forever, are you?"

"I come out to eat, just not while you're awake. I will come out for good when the sandstorm ends." Wufei's voice is muffled by the heavy door.

"I don't wanna wait 'til the storm ends! I want you to come out NOW!"

"Fine. Duo, I'm gay. I came out. Are you satisfied?"

I'm treated to the sight of a totally speechless Duo with a dropped jaw. Utter silence descends over the hall. I just KNOW Wufei's smirking in his room. It's not often he manages to totally stun Duo. I come up behind Duo and raise my voice to carry through the door.

"I think he wanted you to come out of the room, not the closet."

Duo jumps and whirls around to face me as Wufei's response comes. "He should have been more specific, then."

I can hear the amusement in his voice. He's probably fighting to keep from laughing. I stumble back as Duo throws himself at me, flinging his arms around me.

"Morning, Hee-chan! Sleep well?"

"Slept late. I'm on my way down to get something to eat."

"I'll come with you. I'm hungry, too."

"Duo no baka. You're always hungry," I reply as we start downstairs. Duo's latched onto my arm like a leech, bouncing along beside me. He's in a good mood today. I'm enjoying the feel of him pressing against me, but I push him off once we reach the bottom of the staircase. He runs ahead into the kitchen. When I get there, he's already piling food onto a plate. I shake my head and get down a plate for myself. Just like two days ago, I eat a lot more than usual.

"Looks like Quatre left Trowa alone to cook today," Duo comments, grinning. I still don't know how he manages to talk perfectly clearly with his mouth full.

"Hn," I reply, as usual. My all-purpose response. If Duo says something that doesn't really need a reply, I use that, because I know he expects SOME kind of response. He gets pissy if he thinks no one's listening to him. For once, he's satisfied with my response, and he keeps shoveling food in. I barely manage to keep from shaking my head, and go back to my own breakfast. I finish a little after him, and stand up. Duo latches onto me right away. Why is he so damn touchy-feely today? Not that I mind, but it's torture to have him hanging all over me, and not be able to put my arms around him.

I reach around him, and yank his braid. He lets go of me and backs off, clutching his hair protectively.

"Itai! Heero, what is it with you and the braid?! You got a hair fetish or somethin'?"

If he only knew. I don't even reply to that one, just give him a Look, yes, capital L, and walk out. Duo being Duo, he follows me. As soon as he catches up, he latches onto my arm again. I glare at him venomously, but he ignores it, as usual. I keep it up, though, and after a minute, he stares back, right into my eyes. He's never done that before. My glares have never bothered him, but he's never gone out of his way to meet them. His eyes... There's something strange about them right now. I can't quite place what it is, but it makes me nervous.

I look away first, and it surprises me. This is the first time I've EVER lost a contest of wills like that. What the hell is going on? Strange things have been happening almost since this sandstorm started. Most of it centered around Duo. For the first few days of the storm, he was nervous as hell, and driving us all crazy. Then he started acting guilty, and trying to hide it, and driving us all crazy. Now he's almost insanely happy, and driving me crazy. My brows furrow as I leave the kitchen, Duo trailing behind me. Between Duo and cabin fever, I'm going to end up in an asylum one way or another.

*Quatre's POV*

I sigh and snuggle further into Trowa's arms, glancing out the window at the sandstorm. I wrinkle my nose. I'm getting tired of being cooped up like this. My eyes widen as Heero and Duo walk in. Duo's practically radiating happiness! What's gotten into him? I look at Heero, and I know that he's just as confused as me. He has no idea why Duo's so happy. That means nothing's happened on the relationship front. Ah, well, too much to hope for, I suppose. I wave to my fellow pilots without moving from my place against Trowa's chest. Duo chuckles and waves back. I nod to Heero as he sits down, and he nods back.

Duo grins and sits down next to Heero, leans against him, then pulls Heero's arms around him, mimicking my position with Trowa. I laugh, and Heero glares at me, then at Duo, pulling his arms away from the other boy. Duo pouts, and tries to recapture the errant arms. Heero, of course, resists. Finally, Heero just shoves Duo off the couch.

"Itai! Hidoi~i! Why'd you do that?"

"Hn. I wouldn't have had to if you'd just left me alone."

Duo sits there pouting up at Heero, and I chuckle. They're so kawaii together, but they don't really see it. I untangle myself from Trowa, stand up, and go help Duo to his feet.

"Arigato, Q-man! Nice to see SOMEBODY here cares about my welfare," Duo says, with a pointed glance at Heero. Who ignores him, as usual. I can tell Duo isn't really upset, he's still giving off delight like perfume. Duo bounces over and plops down in Heero's lap. Heero immediately shoves him back off, and for the second time, Duo lands on the floor. He lets out a loud yelp and starts wailing, screwing his face up in dismay. Fake dismay, of course.


I fight the urge to giggle. It's hard to hear in his voice, but Heero's a little worried. I can hear it, aside from sensing it. I know Duo can hear it, too. Little sneak. He immediately stops wailing.

"Hai~i, Hee-chan?"

I see Heero realize he's been had, and chuckle quietly. He shoots me a look, then settles back and pointedly ignores Duo. Of course, Duo's not going to stand for this, I know that perfectly well. He picks himself up off the floor again, plops down on the couch, and lays his head on Heero's lap.

"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout, Hee-chan?"

"Get off, Duo."

"Oooooohhh, I'd like to! Wanna help?"

I can't help it, I laugh out loud. I don't know why, but Duo's being much more outrageously flirty than usual. The remark lands him on the floor for the third time, though. He looks up at me beseechingly.

"Oh, Allah," I sigh, and go help Duo up again. He grins his thanks at me, and plops down on the couch next to Heero.

"I'll behave. For now, anyway. Geez, Hee-chan, you just can't take a joke, can you?"

Heero stares at Duo thoughtfully, then deliberately snorts and turns his head away. I can't help it, I giggle. They're so funny when they do this. Duo winks at me impishly, grinning. I shake my head and roll my eyes, then give Heero an innocent look when he glares at me.

"Don't encourage him, Quatre."

"Gomen, Heero," I reply contritely. Well, apparently contritely. So maybe I'm not as sorry as I'm acting. What Heero doesn't know won't hurt me. I wink at Duo as soon as Heero's back is turned. He snickers, then turns wide violet eyes on Heero's inquiring look.

"Something, Hee-chan?"

"Don't call me that."

"I'll call you whatever I want," Duo says defiantly. "So there. Beeedddaa!" He sticks his tongue out at Heero, pulling down on one eyelid. Heero's eyebrows go up. Oh, no. He's about to do something, I can feel it! I can't tell what, though, it's something I've never gotten from Heero before.

"Don't stick that out unless you intend to use it," Heero says, with an evil smirk. I feel my jaw drop, and see Duo's do the same. He actually falls over from the shock. I look at Trowa, and see him sitting there, wide-eyed, just as surprised as the rest of us.

I don't think I can take any more of this. Even a healthy heart can only deal with so much shock. I take Trowa's arm and tug, and he rises, then we leave the room. I think we'll go play duets. That's always relaxing.


*Duo's POV*

I'm pacing. I can't believe I'm pacing. I don't pace. Pacing is for stiff, worrywart stick-in-the-muds that can't think of anything better to do to pass the time. I'm still pacing, though. Fuck it. I'm going now. Better to face him right off and get it over with than to pace in my room for half of forever before going and facing him anyway. I open my door, walk down the hall to Heero's room, and go in. It's not that late, so he's sitting at that damn laptop, tapping away on it.


"Nani, Duo?"

Figures. Didn't even have to turn around to know it was me. Stop it, no stalling, Duo.

"Heero, we need to talk. It's important."

Will wonders never cease. He actually shuts the laptop down and turns to look at me. Our eyes meet. Ummmmm..... Was I saying something? I'm not sure, I think I was. Kami-sama, those eyes...

"What do we need to talk about?" Heero prompts. I blush, realizing that I'd totally forgotten why I was here. Bad Duo. I sit down on the bed and take a deep breath.

"There are... some things I need to tell you. I need you to listen with an open mind, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't interrupt. 'Kay?"


Another deep breath. Man, this is tough. I didn't think I'd have this much trouble. He's waiting. Very patiently, too, I notice.

"Anou... First off, I love you, Heero," I state. I hold up a hand as he starts to speak. "Let me finish. I love you, and I know that you love me, too. Don't argue, I KNOW, for a fact, that you love me."

"How...?" Heero asks weakly. I grin, just as weakly.

"Uh, that brings us to the other thing I need to tell you. Anou... there's something you don't know about me. I'm... uh... not human..." I trail off. He's staring at me. He looks kinda worried... Heh, probably about my much doubted sanity.

"Duo... What are you talking about?"

"Heh... Would you believe I'm a vampire? 'Cause that's what I am. See, that's why you've been waking up feeling like hell lately. I've, er, been kinda... feeding off you," I manage to get that part out fairly evenly, but my voice starts to speed up as I continue. "Gomen nasai, but I had to get blood from SOMEBODY, I'll die if I don't feed, and I was right on the edge, and I couldn't get anything from Quatre or Trowa, they're ALWAYS together, no chance to get one of them alone, and that left you and Wufei, and I just didn't WANT to take blood from him, you know how we fight, I just couldn't do it, so it was only you, and I really, REALLY hope you're not mad at me, but I didn't have any choice, and if I hadn't fed off you, I never would've known you loved me, and I've been going nuts for so long, wishing we could be together, I just thought you didn't like me like that, so it was really a good thing in the long run, right?"

I stop to breathe, taking deep, gulping breaths. Not good, really not at all good. I think I just made a total idiot of myself. I can't believe I managed to say all that in one breath. Once I get my breath back, I peek up through my bangs at Heero. He's just sitting there, staring at me, he looks kinda frozen. Shock, I guess. I'd be shocked, too, if the situation were reversed. I curse mentally as his face hardens into an impassive mask.

"Vampires don't exist. They're a creation of deranged, superstitious minds."

"I can kinda prove it... I mean, there's a couple of ways. Ummmm, and this sorta brings us to the reason I'm talking to you right now."

"Which is?"

I twiddle my fingers. Oh man, this is tough. I really don't wanna have to go into this. Okay, deep breath and go for it, Maxwell.

"I'm gonna need to feed again tonight. I've only been taking a little bit at a time so there won't be any chance of real damage, so it only keeps me going for so long. Couple of days at a time, you know? Anyway, now I know you love me, I don't wanna keep taking blood from you without your permission, so... Here I am."

Heero closes his eyes and takes his own deep breath. "Alright, let me make sure I have this straight. You're a vampire." He opens his eyes and looks at me for confirmation. When I nod, he goes on.

"You need blood to live, and can't get any from outside sources because of the sandstorm, correct?"

Good deduction. "Yeah. See, I usually get some crook or something from a town or some lone OZ soldier, but with us all stuck here, I-"

"Shut up, Duo," he tells me absently. I shut. He's obviously working through this piece by piece. "You've fed off me twice, but you want my permission for any more."

"Right. Gotta say, you catch on quick, Hee-chan."

"Hn." THAT'S all the response I get?! He must be thinking really hard, 'cause I got away with calling him Hee-chan totally unscathed.

"Go ahead."

NANI?!! Did he just say...? He did! "You mean... I can...?"


"Arigato, Heero." I smile at him, a genuine smile, and walk over to stand behind him. I reach out one finger and tip his head up and to one side. I whisper, "Trust me."

Then I sink my fangs into his throat.

*Heero's POV*

This is unbelievable. I didn't even believe vampires existed, and now... Not only do I find out that Duo IS one, but I'm letting him drink my blood. And I'm ENJOYING it! It only hurt for a second, and now it feels good. My eyes drift shut, and I feel myself leaning back against Duo involuntarily. A small moan escapes before I clamp my lips shut. This feels REALLY good.



"How-" I swallow hard, then start again. "How long will this be?"

Duo snorts, and I realize that it was really stupid to ask him something while his mouth is occupied. A minute later, he pulls back, licking my blood off his lips.

"Not very long. I'm done." Duo grins at me, then pulls me into the bathroom, standing me in front of the mirror. "Watch this, it's really cool."

Nani? I shrug mentally and watch as requested. Duo wipes the blood off my neck, then bites his tongue theatrically. He drips some of his own blood onto the wounds in my neck, and I stare as they heal before my eyes.

"How did you do that?"

"I dunno. I found out about it by accident. Isn't it cool?"

"Hn." Yes, it is. I wonder how it works? Something in the blood causes metabolic acceleration? No, that can't be it, there would be other effects. Give it up, Yui, you're not gonna figure it out just by seeing it work. I turn around to look at Duo. Time of reckoning.

"Now, you said you loved me, and you KNEW that I loved you. How did you know?"

"Oh... Eh, that."

"That. Explain."

He pulls his braid around and starts playing with it, gnawing on his lip. A sure sign that he's nervous. I'd rather it was me gnawing on his lip, though. Gah, hentai thought, bad, stop it. Get a hold of yourself, Yui.

"Well, it's like a side effect of feeding off somebody. I sort of see inside them, know what they feel and stuff. I mean, I didn't notice the first time, 'cause frankly, you hurt like hell, Heero, and that sorta overwhelmed me, but I got through it the second time, and that's when I noticed that you loved me. Um, you're not mad, are you?"

He can sense my emotions when he feeds off me?! K'so. To the nth power. But... I don't get it. If he felt what I feel, what I'm like, why does he still want me? It doesn't make sense. I suddenly realize that I've been staring at Duo while thinking, and he's watching me with a very scared statement. I never answered his question.

"I'm...not mad, Duo. But if you know... Why do you still...?" I can't finish the question. Duo does it for me.

"Love you? There isn't a why, Heero. I just DO. Can't you feel it? We belong together, I've known it from the start. We... COMPLETE each other. Just because you don't FEEL worthy, that doesn't mean you really aren't."

He really does know... Maybe even better than I do. My knees give way, and I wind up kneeling on the bathroom floor. I feel a single tear trail down my cheek as Duo kneels down next to me. He reaches out and tips my head up, then wipes the tear away gently.

"Don't cry, Heero. I know you have things you have to work through, so do I. I'll be here to help you, Heero, for as long as you want me."

I look at him, and feel more tears tricking down my face. I touch my finger to one of them, and look at the salty wetness on my finger quizzically. It's been years since I last cried. I haven't done that since the early stages of my training. I blink the water away sternly. No weakness. I stand up, and help Duo to his feet.

"Arigato, Duo. Stay with me?"

Duo gives me that lopsided grin I love so much, his amethyst eyes twinkling happily. "Heero, you'd have to pry me away with a crowbar."

I chuckle softly, and lead Duo back into the bedroom, retaining my hold on his hand. I look at his braid speculatively, then tweak the hairtie off the end.


I ignore his protest as I unravel his braid, fingercombing it until it flows freely down his back. Beautiful. I've always wanted to see it down. Duo grins at me again.

"You like?"

"Aa," I reply, then I kiss him. He responds eagerly, wrapping his arms around me. He wriggles his tongue into my mouth, and I open to him quite willingly. I back towards the bed, drawing my koi with me. The back of my legs hit the bed, and we tumble down onto it, without releasing each other. This is definitely the best night of my life.

*Quatre's POV*

"Oh, dear," I gasp as my hand flies to my chest. My breathing is getting faster and I feel very, very hot.

"Quatre? Are you alright?" Trowa asks softly. A person that didn't know him well wouldn't be able to tell that his statement is worried, but I can. Though that's about the last thing on my mind at the moment.

"I-I'm fine, Trowa," I manage to gasp out. "I think we should go to our room," I add, getting up.


"Well, I could just take you on the couch, if you prefer."

Trowa blushes faintly, but he stands and follows me upstairs. I direct a very amused look at Heero's bedroom door as we pass it. Obviously, the situation has been resolved. We walk into our room, and Trowa pushes the door closed behind him. As soon as the door is shut, I claim Trowa's lips in a passionate kiss, slipping my tongue into his mouth. Betweeen Trowa's proximity, and the raw passion I'm picking up from Heero and Duo, I very much doubt I'm going to be able to draw this out very much.

I pull away from Trowa's lips and start dropping light kisses along his jawline as I tug him towards the bed, pulling his shirt up as we go. When we reach the bed, I pull away to yank his shirt all the way off. I toss it aside, and immediately attack the graceful column of his neck. Everything about Trowa is graceful. Allah, I don't think I've ever needed him this much.

I push Trowa down onto the bed, and he lays down without resistance. I make short work of his jeans, and see that I've done a good job of arousing him. Good. Uchuu no kokoro or not, I want this to be as good for him as it will be for me. It'd be easier to do that if I could take my time, but I'm too far gone for that. We definitely need to have a talk with Heero and Duo about the DISadvantages of repressing desire. I reach my hand down and wrap it around Trowa's hard length, stroking gently.

"Quatre," he gasps softly, arching up into my hand. I smirk wickedly, I know the statement is at odds with my rather innocent appearance, but I can't help it. I always enjoy driving Trowa to the edge before I take him. He reaches up and starts unbuttoning my shirt. I'm not making it easy for him. It's hard to be coordinated when somebody is driving you towards an orgasm. He manages, though, and my shirt goes flying.

I feel it when he's about to climax, and take my hand away, standing up. Trowa lets out a quiet wail of protest at the loss, and I chuckle evilly.

"No worries, koi. I can't get my pants off while I'm kneeling, can I?"

He gives me a dirty look, usually we're both undressed before I start in on him. I chuckle again as I unbutton my pants and slide them down my legs. Then my underwear. I step out of them and climb back onto the bed.

"Ready?" I ask innocently, knowing full well that the answer is a very emphatic YES. My darling lover growls at me, since he knows that I know. He's so kawaii when he's frustrated. I reach over to the bedside table and pull out a jar of lube. Opening it, I scoop some onto my fingers. I notice absently that I'm paying much less attention to what Heero and Duo are doing now. Distraction is good for that. Trowa spreads his legs, and I slip a finger into him.

Trowa moans and pushes against it, but I continue slowly. I always take time to stretch him properly, because I never want to hurt him the way those damn mercenaries did. I draw my finger out, and then push two back in, opening the passage further. Trowa whimpers as I quickly find the right spot inside to make him absolutely crazy. Practice makes perfect. A third finger joins the first two, and I note how easily it goes in. He's ready.

"Relax, koi," I murmur as I take my fingers out. Trowa glares down at me.

"I am relaxed, now hurry up!" Trowa hisses quietly. I always love it when I drive him nuts enough that he actually demands it. I quickly spread the lube over my erection and enter him, twitching slighly as he gasps. I always worry at this point that I might have hurt him. Trowa growls quietly and pushes against me, reassuring me that he's fine, and telling me to get a move on. Amazing how much he can convey without a single word.

I start moving, and very quickly I stop thinking about what's going on in the next room, and Trowa's communicative abilities, or just about anything else, for that matter. He's tight and hot, and no matter how many times we do this, it's always incredible. I reach down to stroke Trowa's neglected erection as I feel my own climax coming. Soon, he cries out softly as he comes, and the tightening of his muscles sends me over the edge as I spill my seed into him.

"Quatre, that was... amazing," Trowa says quietly as I pull out of him and snuggle against his side.

"Yeah," I agree. He puts his arms around me and I cuddle closer. Allah, I'm exhausted. I lay my head down on Trowa's chest and fall asleep.


*Duo's POV*

I sit up carefully, trying not to wake Heero up. Happily, I succeed. I look down at him and smile softly. In sleep, all the hardness and icy control disappear. He looks so much younger, but no less beautiful. Of course, this could be entirely subjective, considering the fact that I'm madly in love with him. I don't think so, though.

I quietly get up off the bed and make my way over to the window. I wanna spend some time thinking, and if I stayed there, most of it would have been 'I'm in bed with Heero!'. That, and the constant attempt to restrain my raging hormones, and not wake him up and jump him. Oh, yeah, and I'm doing a really good job not thinking about that. Duo no baka.

Kami-sama, it was incredible! I have NEVER had sex that good before! I always wondered why I kept feeling the urge to bite my partner during sex. Never found out, 'cause I never had a partner that knew what I was before. Now I know. What's the term, feedback loop? Something like that.

It never really registered before just how GOOD it really feels for the victim. I was always concentrating on something else. Tonight, though... I felt how good it felt to him, and that made it even better for me. Of course, some of that was the pleasure from the sex. Not that I care.

I never thought he'd ever let go of his control the way he did earlier. Hell, that's half of why I didn't think I could have a relationship with him! But he really cut loose. I didn't even know he had it in him.

Okay, I have to fight back a laugh at that one. If anyone should've known he had it in him, it's me! Well, me or Quatre. Oh, well, that's in the past, the present is looking good, and the future is looking even better. No more worries. I stand up and walk back to the bed, grinning evilly. I jump up and bounce onto the bed, shaking the frame.

"DUO?! What the hell...?!" Heero yelps, jolting upright. I laugh and tackle him, bearing him back down to the bed.

"Wakie, wakie, Hee-chan! I'm wide awake and happy to see you!"

"Duo no baka," Heero tells me, but he's struggling not to grin. I lean down and kiss him deeply, enjoying every second. My hand makes it's way down to his groin, and I note that he's enjoying it just as much as me. I finish and pull back.

"Of course, if you'd rather go back to sleep..." I begin, and a half a second later, I'm on my back, Heero's on top of me, and we're kissing again. I guess he'd not rather go back to sleep. I reach up and pull him closer, kissing him back happily. My eyes slide open for a moment, and I look out the window at the swirling sands before my eyes close again, and my attention is fully occupied. I really, really, REALLY love sandstorms.




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