Teena: *stares at the fic**whistles softly* Gotta love it.

Heero: *sighs quietly* Teena, you have a twisted and hentai mind.

Teena: Hey, I'm just taking my cue from the books! The basics of feeding are firmly established.

Heero: *gives her an askance look*

Teena: *smirks* My heart is pure because I have precedent.

Duo: Quote twister.

Teena: "My heart is pure because I'm legal" doesn't fit.

Duo: True.



Danse Macabre


Heero wove his way through the crowd of dancers, alert and searching. Eyes followed him wherever he went, scanning his slim, black-clad form. A woman in a red minidress came up to him, smiling seductively.

"Hey. I haven't seen you here before. Looking for something?"

"Yes, I am," Heero replied with a smile, allowing just a hint of fang to peek through. "Though I think I may have found it."

The woman's smile widened as her eyelids drooped slightly. She came closer and slipped her arm through his. "Oh? Why don't we go someplace private and discuss it?"

"Why don't we?" Heero agreed, lifting her free hand up and kissing it. The woman smiled at him.

"My name's Katrina. What's yours?"

"Taichi," Heero replied smoothly, leading her to the edge of the dance floor. Katrina winked at him and tugged on his arm gently, indicating some rooms in the back of the club. Heero followed, amused. Jean-Claude thought of everything. The two slipped into an empty room and locked the door. Katrina smiled at Heero, running a hand lightly over his face.

"You're still cold. You haven't fed yet tonight."

"No, I haven't. Are you offering?" Heero asked with a sly smile. After all, he already knew the answer. Katrina swept back her hair and then tilted her head to one side.

"What do you think?"

Heero chuckled softly as he drew closer. "I think you're offering."

Reaching out with his power, Heero rolled her mind as his fangs bit into her neck carefully. It had been a while since he'd last been careful with his food, but he still remembered. Removing his fangs, Heero placed his lips over the wound and drank, savoring both the warm blood and the soft sounds of pleasure she was making. Heero shivered slightly as the warm rush of sensual pleasure derived from feeding washed through him.

Feeling his skin warm and his heart begin to beat, Heero drew back, licking the bite marks in Katrina's neck gently as he released her. She leaned against him with a soft sigh, eyes half shut and glazed over.

"Thank you," Katrina said, voice low and sultry. Heero smiled and kissed her gently.

"I should be thanking you. You honor me by allowing me to drink from so lovely a vessel."

Katrina laughed quietly as she became more steady on her feet. "You're so different. Very courtly. I like it. You're welcome anytime, Taichi."

"A generous offer, Katrina. I'll be sure to remember it while I'm still here."

"You mean you aren't staying in the city?" Katrina asked with a slight pout.

"Sadly, no. I'm here on business, and when it's completed, I have to go. A shame to leave such a hospitable place, but such is my fate."

"Too bad. It would be nice to have enough time to get to know you better. How long will you be here?"

"I'm not really sure," Heero mused as he unlocked the door. "If you'll excuse me, Katrina, the Master is waiting for my return."

"Friends in high places. Mustn't keep the Master of the City waiting," Katrina replied with a smile. She gently ran her hand over Heero's face again, then opened the door and stepped out. "Enjoy the city while you can, Taichi, there's no other like it."

With a last smile, Katrina disappeared into the whirling dancers, and Heero walked out of the room. Skirting the dance floor, he made his way back to the stairs. With a skip in his step that hadn't been there for decades, if not centuries, Heero went back upstairs and walked into Jean-Claude's office.

"You look happy," Anita observed with an amused look.

"It's been a long time since I've had someone willing. Besides, I think somewhere deep inside, I missed my home dimension."

"Dimension, mon ami?" Jean-Claude asked. "So, is that why you couldn't be found? You've discovered a way to travel between universes?"

"Correct as always, Jean-Claude. You have no idea the places I've seen. But that's neither here nor there, as the saying goes. Care to tell me just what the hell's been going on while I was away? Things have changed so much."

Anita laughed. "You have NO idea. It would take a lot longer than we have to bring you up to date. Just take it as it comes, that's my advice."

"A shame you never follow your own advice, ma petite," Jean-Claude murmured, one eyebrow elegantly quirked. Anita glared at him.

"Stop calling me ma fucking petite, Jean-Claude!"

"If you could interrupt your lovers' spat for a moment," Heero interjected dryly. "I'd appreciate a quick run-down on the new rules, just so I don't fuck up."

"We aren't having a spat, and everything basically boils down to don't use your powers on people who aren't willing."

"Well, if nothing else, it's easy to remember," Heero commented.

"I have noted," Jean-Claude remarked, "that you curse much more than you used to."

Heero's eyebrows went up, and he answered with amusement. "Jean-Claude, I've been staying with four teenage boys for the past few years. It has an effect on a person's vocabulary."

"You spent centuries using proper language and diction, and in a few years it disappears?"

"It hasn't disappeared, Jean-Claude. I'm still capable of elegant, even flowery language. I just don't use it on a regular basis anymore. Times change, and people change with them."

The conversation was interrupted by a knock on the office door. Jean-Claude walked over and opened the door. "Yes?"

"Some of the searchers have found someone who matches one of the four descriptions given. They're keeping him in one place."

Heero was across the room in a flash. "Take me there. Who is it?"

"Quatre Winner," the man replied as he led Heero out. "There's a car waiting outside to take you."

Heero nodded tersely as he darted out and climbed into the car. The driver immediately started the car and drove off. It didn't take long to get to where several vampires had a blond boy cornered. Heero got out of the car and ran over. A small sigh of relief escaped him as he saw that it was indeed Quatre.

Quatre was leaning against a wall, one hand over his heart, shivering uncontrollably. Heero came up to him, and shot a quick glare at the semicircle of vampires. They quickly backed off.

"Quatre," Heero said quietly. The blond boy looked up with a gasp, then latched onto Heero firmly, burying his face in the black shirt.

"Heero! Thank Allah you're here! I don't understand, I've never felt so many people so strongly before! It hurts!"

"It's alright, Quatre," Heero replied soothingly. "Come on, let's get you out of here before someone decides you're tempting enough to take a risk."

Heero tried to gently disengage the other boy, but Quatre clung tight, refusing to let go. Finally, Heero sighed and just picked him up, then carried him to the waiting car. An icy glare discouraged the other vampires from following. Heero climbed into the car and shut the door, then started rubbing Quatre's back gently as the car started.

By the time they got back to the club, Heero had calmed Quatre down enough to get the little blond to let go of him. He led Quatre into the dance club, quickly taking him past the dance floor and up the stairs to Jean-Claude's office. Not bothering to knock, Heero walked in and sat Quatre down in a chair.

"Don't worry, Quatre. This hasn't really been an issue before, but you need to learn to control your ability. It's going to take awhile for me to set things up to take us home, and you can't be incapacitated the entire time."

"What's wrong with him?" Anita asked, walking over.

"He's an empath, but he seems to have an unusual connection to the undead. I'm not sure why. Suggestions?"

"I've had some training in controlling psychic connections. I think I can help him wall it off."

"Psychic connections? Undead? Heero, I don't understand. What is this all about?" Quatre asked confusedly. Heero let a small sigh escape as he sat down across from his fellow pilot.

"Anita will explain while she's teaching you. Anita?"

"What is it, Taichi?"

"You'll have to tell him about me. He'll figure it out anyway, once he understands about himself."

Anita nodded, then helped Quatre to his feet and started leading him into a back room. Quatre pulled away quickly and backed off.

"Go with her, Quatre. She can help you," Heero ordered firmly. Quatre shot him a nervous look, but followed Anita out. Jean-Claude walked over to take the seat the boy had abandoned.


"The name he knows me by. Don't even start, I'm not the first vampire to use more than one name, and I doubt I'll be the last."

"I wasn't going to start anything, I was just curious. Would you like to stay here? Dawn is coming, and even you have to spend some time resting. The back rooms are all closed to sunlight."

"I appreciate your hospitality, Jean-Claude. Would you give Quatre a place to sleep? He's obviously strung out, and he'll probably be very exhausted after his session with Anita."

"Any friend of yours, mon ami. Anita will tuck him into bed when she leaves."

"Arigato, Jean-Claude," Heero said with a nod. He stood up and made his way into another of the back rooms, closing the door behind him. A smile quirked Jean-Claude's lips as he left for his own daytime resting place.

"Protectiveness, Taichi? How very unlike you."



Teena: *grins* Heero cruising for a meal. What IS the world coming to?

Heero: *glares*

Teena: *laughs* Don't worry, I like the picture. *taps his chin* Let's see.

Heero: *gives her a Look, but opens his mouth, showing fangs*

Teena: *disapprovingly* You've been grinding your teeth again. I've told you not to do that.

Duo: *sweatdrops* I don't think everyone else needs to hear this conversation... *hits the send button*