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I extend apologies and fic. This is a GW/Anita Blake crossover, and,
judging from the length of the chapters I've written so far, is
probably going to be an epic fic for me...

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Danse Macabre


Heero smacked the button opening a channel to the other pilots. "Duo, what the HELL were you doing back there?! Your grandstanding could've gotten us all killed!"

"Ease up, Hee-chan! It worked, didn't it?" Duo's response came back.

"He has a point, Heero," Quatre broke in. "His little display allowed us to complete the mission, and that's what matters."

Heero growled softly, but conceded the point. "Fine, but the fact does remain that that was a damn fool thing to do. Right now, though, we need to get out of here before that satellite base blows. The last thing we want is to get caught in the explosion."

"Self-preservation from you? Amazing. That is a highly sensible suggestion, however. Maxwell, what's your status?"

"Doing as well as can be expected, Wu-man. Little trouble with my jets, though, so if anyone wants to give me a hand here, I'd appreciate it."

"Duo no baka," Heero proclaimed as he turned back to help Duo. The other three slowed down to wait for their comrades to catch up. Unfortunately, the other two pilots weren't the only ones to catch up. A battallion of mobile dolls from the base they had just wired swooped in for the attack.

Profanity in five different languages crackled across the speakers as the Gundam pilots warded off their attackers.

"Form up, and keep an eye on Duo," Heero ordered over the channel. "With his impaired mobility, he's at a disadvantage against the dolls."

As soon as he received acknowledgement from the others, Heero switched off the com and concentrated on the mobile dolls. With two quick shots from Wing's beam cannon, he took out about a third of the attackers, then he ditched the gun and drew his beam saber. Gunning his verniers, he zoomed at the main section of the attacking suits, slicing dolls left and right. A quick glance at his screens showed that the others were also taking out a good number of the enemy, even the substantially slower than usual Duo.

Heero attention was diverted by the beeping radio. He hit the button, growling. "What is it?"

"Heero, the base is about to blow! We've gotta get out of here, NOW!" Duo yelled.

"In case you didn't notice," Heero hissed, "there is still about a third of a battallion of mobile dolls that are determined to keep us here."

"Well, excuse me for tryin' to warn you, you cast-iron bastard!" Duo replied angrily.

"Will you stop distra-" Heero cut off as a doll got in a shot on him, throwing him against the control panel. He hissed in pain, lips drawing back to reveal his fangs. Spinning, he lashed out, chopping the offending mobile doll in half. "Stop distracting me?" he continued harshly.

The only response he got was a raspberry and a crackle of static that indicated Duo had shut off his end of the channel. Heero sighed and spun to continue destroying mobile dolls, when the base they had wired exploded. The five pilots were still much too close. As they were tumbled about willy-nilly by the blast, they failed to notice the strangely colored rip in space that appeared nearby. One by one, the Gundams and their pilots were drawn into the tear, for a VERY rough ride. Luckily, or unluckily, depending on your point of view, the boys had all been knocked out by that time.



Teena: What'd you do, anyway?

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