Title: Waiting for Love
Author: Tayjena
Pairing: 1+2
Warning: ? POV, angst
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Waiting. I'm waiting for him again. I don't know why. He's always late. Either that or he never comes at all. But for some reason I'm still waiting. Waiting for the time when he'll come, when he'll tell me what I mean to him. After everything he's put me through I'm still waiting.

I know why I'm still here, I know how I feel about him. But that doesn't help. Doesn't stop me from thinking that maybe he doesn't feel the same way about me, that maybe he has someone else.

I know that can't be. It just can't.

That might be a foolish thing to think but I know him too well. I'd know if he were seeing some one. He couldn't hide that from me.

Besides, if he were seeing some one I'd be the first person he'd tell, after all I am one of his closest friends. He could never keep things secret from me for long. And yet...

I'm always waiting. Waiting.

Each night he seems to get later and later, and I start to think more and more that he's found some one. And that some one isn't me. He knows how I feel and how his being so late makes me feel. But he continues to do it.

And here I sit waiting. Just waiting.

Tonight is the latest ever. Much later than last night. I'm really starting to wonder about it. It shouldn't take him this long, I wonder what he's doing.

I'm getting tired of waiting. So tired of it.

Some times I think I'd be better off just forgetting about him, giving up completely and getting on with my life at least then I wouldn't be waiting around for him all the time.

But I can't.

I love him.

I'd wait forever for him. I don't want anyone else. I want him. I love him. Only him.


Finally, he's back. My waiting has ceased. But there's something different about him. That blissful look on his face and that dreamy, dazed over gleam in his eyes.

I try to ask where he's been but I get an answer I can't understand, something has left him out of breath. Or maybe someone....

He flashes me that winning smug grin of his. He's up to something. I know it.

Why couldn't he just tell me what was going on? Then I wouldn't have to wait, wouldn't have to worry.

I'd have to move on.


Yet another night, and I'm still waiting. I know he's up to something, I know it. But what? That's what I don't know yet. That's what I need to find out.

Tonight. All the waiting stops tonight.

I hear something outside. Maybe I was wrong. He's actually pretty early. Maybe he's going to tell me tonight, tell me how he feels.

But he doesn't enter.

I go to the door, peek a glanced out the little window. There he is in all his braided wonder. He's incredible. I love him so.


Someone's with him...


There it is in plain sight. His someone. His lover.

The one with him leans in and kisses him. A kiss so soft, one I would have loved to give him. He eagerly returns it.

No! That can't be.

They turn. My heart's desire starts laughing after he breaks the kiss, the one with him has a slight smile on an elegant face beneath wild brown hair. I now can see who it is. My heart shatters.

My love kisses his someone... That someone that should be me!

After all that I did for him. All that waiting.

No, this isn't right.

But the truth slaps me hard in the face. It's right there in front of me. The one I love has no feelings for me. His belong to another.

To another.

Another man.

His feelings are for another man.