Title: Love for My Friend
Author: Tayjena
Pairing: ?+2, 1+2
Warnings: ? POV shounen ai, sap, angst
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Notes: I didn't resolve the little problem of who was who, though I'm sure you all know whom the one attracting all this attention from the two others. *giggles* There is only one violet-eyed braided one after all.
Dedicated to: shadowcat0070, devils_copper, Stacy and Chibi Mina *huggles all* Thank you all!


He's concerned about me, I know. I see no reason for his concern though. I'll be fine. My friend wouldn't hurt me.

Geez, he's such a worrywart!

No matter how many times I tell him, I'll be all right. He still insists on staying and coming in with me. Not that I don't want him to come in. I just don't think he needs to. No point rubbing into my friend's face that I have a lover before I've explained things myself, that's what I think. I'm pretty sure I can handle this all alone.

I can take care of myself!

He seems to forget hat from time to time.

But he's concerned because he loves me. I know.


Oh well.

That's also why I won't let him in.

I know my friend loves me, though I may laugh about it when I'm with my lover. I do know.

And I am as much concerned for my love as he is for me.

I'm sure my friend's feelings for me are strong. And such strong feelings of love can also contribute to strong feelings of jealousy and hatred when it's discovered that the one you desire loves another. And I know my friend, so I know those feelings will be there as soon as the truth of my tardiness and love life is told.

So it's also because of this that I will not allow my love to stay here with me. It's not safe for him.

I'm concerned for him as well.

Since my friend is in love with me I doubt that whatever feelings of hatred will come about they will most likely not be directed at me. My friend would do nothing to hurt me. I'm sure of this. But the one whom I love is not so protected.

My friend, should my love come in with me, may release whatever fury these feeling will bring on and try to hurt my love.

I won't let that happened to him.

My love kisses my one more kiss good-bye, and for a moment I forget everything except his lips against mine. Then I draw back, and open the door, telling him that I love him. I read it back on his lips and a smile instantly comes to my face. It happens every time he tells me he loves me. He's not one to openly express his feelings.

I slip inside and close the door. Through the little window I watch him as he goes and gets in his car. I continue to watch until his car disappears from my view.

A soft, sad sigh escapes me and I turn away and begin to work out what I'm going to tell my friend.

That's when a voice startles me.

My friend.

Asking who that was.

So I was being spied on. Oh well. This way I won't have to explain quite as much.

I can see him sitting on the couch. And even in the dark his emerald eyes sparkle.

He is very handsome...

If things had worked out differently...

If I had developed the same feelings for him as he had for me...


My poor dear friend Trowa...

I do care about him. But not the love he carries for me.

I answer his question and I know that dreamy look is on my face again.

"Heero." I tell him.


My love. Heero.

Such a sweet name.

I repeat it over and over in my mind.


I hear Trowa sigh softly and sadly. I can't help feeling bad.

Then he says that he hopes will be happy together. He gets up from the couch and walks over to me. As he goes past he plants a small kiss on my cheek.

I know he'll find someone too. Someone that can love him the way he deserves to be loved.

Still I can't help feeling bad for how this must have hurt him.

But I can't help how things worked out.

I love Heero.

Trowa's just a friend.

A dear friend...

But only a friend.

Heero's a lover.

My friend.

My lover.

Trowa, my friend.

Heero, my lover.

That's just how things work out.




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