Title: As Darkness Falls...
Author: Tayjena
Pairing: None right now... but eventual 1x2
Warnings: AU angst, language, demonic.... more to come once I know what I'm talking about. *sweatdrop*
Archived: If you want it, just ask, I usually say yes. ^_^
Disclaimer: After all this time, you're still asking if I own it?
Notes: Aztella took me into a strange store in the mall before I left for Australia and this cover on a journal sparked an idea, thankfully the being screamed at the following wednesday didn't make my muses go into hiding on me like the last time. And well like I said the cover started this idea as did the quote that was at the bottom of it. "As darkness falls, night unfolds ebon wings to wrap the world in its dark embrace." So that's how this came about.
Feedback: Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *big chibi eyes*


They say that when demons and angels fall in love the world will come to an end. But what if instead it had to count on that same love to save the world? That is without it the world would be domed and plunged into eternal darkness.

But if the first still were true then what should the world do? Be delighted and risk that the love of two complete opposites will be able to save them or be terrified that it could end up destroying them?