Title: All for Him (1/1) sequel to Waiting for Love
Author: Tayjena
Pairing: 1+2
Warnings: ? POV shounen ai, sap, angst
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Disclaimer: Rest assured Gundam Wing doesn't belong to me. *sighs*
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Notes: Since there was so much conflict as to who was who in "Waiting for Love" I thought a sequel was required.


I get him home early tonight. I think he's finally going to take my advice and tell his friend why he's always so late. That's I'm the one keeping him.

My love laughs when I tell him to be careful. For I think that the one inside is in love with him.

He doesn't think so. At least not in the same way I love him and he loves me. He's sure it's just a friendly type of love. He's sure that his friend has no intentions of ever trying to push to be a lover.

I'm not so sure.

I recall him telling me once something about how his friend had once said something about loving him...

He'd laughed then too.

We stand outside the front door; I can sense eyes on us. Now the one he dwells with knows and can't be too happy. The eyes are burning with hatred I can feel it.

I suddenly fear for my beloved's safety. What if the hatred and rage directed and meant for me it taken out on him? I couldn't live with myself if something happened to him.

He seems to be able to read my thoughts. His arms slip around my neck and he presses as close to me as he can. Softly he tells me he'll he fine and then he touches his lips to me. I thread my arms around him and hug him close. My nerves are still on edge though; I'm still worried about him.

He pulls back and I lose the warmth his body offers when it's drawn taut against mine. I offer to go in with him, but he says it's not necessary.

I think it is.

I insist that he allow me to so with him. But my love deems there is nothing to fear and that he will be all right...

I'm not convinced.

And that I worry too much...

Of course I worry!

Of course I worry about him! I love him!

Who knows what wrath might be brought about because he's with me?

The one inside loves him, though not as much or as strongly as I do, I'm sure. But still, I've seen it in those eyes, the same eyes that now glare at us from beyond the window with hatred and scorn, whenever they fell upon him.

I know that look of love, only because I see it in the violet eyes of my love when he looks at me. And I'm sure it's in mine when I stare at him and he catches me doing so.

Why he doesn't see it in that other pair of eyes, I do not know.

My love draws me near him again and I kiss him, the softest, most tender kiss I've ever given him yet at the same time putting all my feelings of love into it.

The watching eyes burn deeper. I feel as though they could scorch my skin.

This time I step away first. Once more I try pleading with him, staring into his lovely eyes.

He still won't listen.


I ask if he wants me to wait for him. Just in case something were to happen.

Again, he says he'll be fine.

I can only hope that he's right.

I kiss him one last time before letting him open the door. As he slips inside he whispers, "I love you".

I mouth it back.

Part of me hopes his friend can't read lips. Seeing those words on both our lips might cause a terrible reaction. One that might end up with my braided love in pain.

I do love him.

I care about him.

The eyes no longer seem to burn into my skin. My own eyes flicker toward the small window in the door,


No hate filled eyes staring out.

I hope my love is safe.

I fear for him.




All for him.

For him.




What did you think? Who's who? I think this'll be a mini arc so the next part should be soon.