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Title: In the Moonlight
Author: yami_tai
Archive: On LJ: http://www.livejournal.com/users/yami_tai/62455.html & at KatiKat's site: http://www.geocities.com/mystera_k/
Pairings: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon (my first ^_^), PWP
Dedication: Written for Merith as part of the GW Smutathon organised by Ponderosa and Winsor Blue on LiveJournal ^_^!


"C'mon, Heero! You've spent the last ten minutes looking at that parcel, just open it already, will ya?"

Heero looked up from his appraisal of the box wrapped in brown paper and heavily taped up and raised an eyebrow.

"I have learnt to be cautious where an unannounced package from Dr. J is concerned, Duo. He likes to keep me on my toes."

Heero then drew out a penknife from the pocket of his school jacket, opened it and neatly sliced the tape over the joins holding the parcel together. He swiftly unwrapped it whilst motioning for Duo to stand back.

"I'm not going anywhere, Heero. I want to see what it is."

Heero shrugged and pulled the remaining paper off to reveal a box with the glossy picture of a telescope on it. Duo quickly looked at Heero to see what his reaction was and he saw a flash of surprise in his dark blue eyes before his features returned to their normal calm _expression.


"Why is that interesting?"

Heero paused in his efforts to pry the lid open to rake his fingers through his thick, dark brown bangs.

"It's interesting because J has never given me anything that wasn't a weapon before. I wonder why he wants me to have this. I mean it could almost be classed as a present."

"Okay, now that is a creepy thought. I didn't think that any of those mad old coots were capable of present giving. Is there a note?"

"No, there are no clues except that the address is written in his handwriting," Heero replied as he slid the polystyrene holder out of the box to reveal a telescope identical to the one on the side of the box.

"Hmm, so what now?" Duo asked as he twirled the end of his long chestnut braid. Heero's eyes were automatically drawn to the movement before fixing on Duo's soft blue eyes.

"Now we learn how to use it," Heero told him as he drew out the instruction manual and sat down on the small narrow bed.

Duo looked incredulously at Heero.

"You're going to read the instructions?!"

A nod.

"It's only a telescope! How hard can it be?"

Heero closed the manual, set it down on the bed and gave Duo a long look.

"Okay, okay, you need to read the instructions cover to cover before you'll even touch it. I get the picture. Good luck with that, I have a mission report to write up so I guess I'll see you at dinner."

Another nod.

Duo let out an exasperated huff before leaving to go to his own dorm room.

Heero didn't look up but a small smile flickered across his features, he just couldn't resist teasing Duo, then he turned to the end of the technical specification section. As he expected there was a short message written in Dr. J's concise handwriting:

'I don't know if you remember but when you first came to me, Heero, you were very interested in the stars so I thought you might like something to study them properly.


"Hmm, you going soft on your perfect weapon in your old age, J?" Heero whispered to the empty room.


Heero knocked on Duo's door before entering. The room that greeted him was identical to his own with a small narrow bed placed lengthways down one magnolia coloured wall, a desk situated under the window, a wardrobe and a sink in one corner. Duo looked up from where he sat on his bed, cross legged, typing away on his laptop before saying, "Come in, why don't you?"

Heero glanced at him before replying, "Thanks, I will." Duo grinned.

"So we going star gazing tonight, or what?"

"Yes, but we're not going out."

Duo gave him a curious look.

"I've set the telescope up in my room."

"Erm, I don't want to sound picky here, Heero, but wouldn't it be better outside."

"Yes, but I will not run the risk of us getting caught outside the building after curfew. The attention it would attract is unacceptable."

"Who says we'll get caught?"

Heero ignored him. "Also it is going to drop below freezing tonight and we can't afford to have you get sick. Our next mission is in two days."

"Hey, what about you?"

"I don't get sick."

"Now why doesn't that surprise me?"

Heero ignored him again, "You want to get some dinner?"

Duo smiled, "Of course."


After two helpings of beef stew and dumplings each, they made their way back to their respective rooms. As they walked they discussed an intermittent problem Duo had been having with his Gundam, trying to work out the source of the problem. They were both careful not to mention the word 'Gundam' for fear of being overheard by fellow students.

They strode through the great hall quickly, Duo remarking, as he did every time, that the huge paintings of previous headmasters and notable students gave him the creeps.

Reaching the wide, marble flight of stairs, Heero quickly made sure that no-one was around before telling Duo in a soft voice to come to his room at ten o'clock. Duo nodded to show that he had heard and they ascended the steps in silence, parting ways at the top, their rooms being at either end of the long hallway.


Duo entered his room and started stripping out of the restrictive school uniform before the door had barely closed. First to be discarded was the black blazer with a Chinese style collar, next was the shirt underneath. Duo had never understood why the shirt was necessary when all that was seen was a small strip of white above the collar of the jacket, as the school insisted that the blazer was done up at all times. He stretched, a few bones popping in his back and gave a sigh, that was so much better! He shivered as the cool evening air caressed his naked torso and he cursed the school, not for the first time, for its Dickensian method of heating the huge old building. He grabbed his favourite black, woollen polo neck jumper and pulled it on, revelling in the soft warmth. Quickly he took off the tailored black trousers and slipped into his old blue jeans.

"Now I'm back to being me, I guess I'd better make a start on that homework," Duo told himself as he rummaged around in the piles of books on his desk trying to find the right one.


Ten o'clock saw Duo standing outside of Heero's door. He slowly eased the door open, mindful of the squeaky hinges and not knocking in case of alerting someone to his presence. Heero knew he was coming so hopefully he wouldn't be faced with the wrong end of a gun!

The room was in darkness, the only illumination coming from the moonlight flooding through the window. At first Duo thought that Heero wasn't there but as his eyes got used to the low light levels, he realised that Heero was sitting with his legs loosely crossed on his bed, his feet bare. He was still in his school uniform but the blazer hung open, framing his body; his shirt was unbuttoned revealing his toned, hairless abdomen and his trousers were unzipped, the folds of material pushed back to reveal an impressive erection jutting out of a bed of black pubic hair, which Heero was lazily caressing.

Duo grinned as he pushed the door fully shut and locked it. He turned, a predatory glint in his eyes, and stalked towards the bed, his jeans already feeling uncomfortably tight as he drank in the sight that he would never get tired off. Heero looked like a big cat, his eyes half lidded yet alert as he watched Duo's progress to the bed.

"Hmm, looks like you need a hand there, Heero."

"Why?" Heero asked, his features schooled into a very serious _expression. "I have hands right here." He stopped caressing his cock and raised both his palms, fingers splayed to face Duo.

Duo chuckled, "Smart arse!" and leaped the rest of the way to the bed. He landed and Heero leaned over to whisper into his ear, "And don't you know it!" Duo groaned as memories pushed their way into his conscious mind of all times that he had had the pleasure of pounding into the tight heat of Heero's arse. Heero saw the effect that his words had and continued, "But not tonight. Tonight, you are mine." Duo nodded in agreement, as Heero gently stroked his braid, he had been top a lot lately.

Duo shifted on the bed so that he was nearer Heero and ran a hand across Heero's naked chest, the flesh below shivered and his nipples hardened. He looked up at Heero, there was the ghost of a grin on the young man's face as he complained, "Your hands are cold!"

Duo smiled and replied, "Don't worry, they'll soon warm up." Then he took Heero by surprise and engulfed his penis from tip to root all in one go. Heero cried out and fought all of his reflexes not to thrust up into the warm, moist cavern that surrounded him. Duo stayed still a moment whilst he controlled his gag reflex, then he began to move up and down. He paid special attention to the top of Heero's cock, gently lapping around the sensitive skin of his bell end and the little join of skin on the underside; all that was left of Heero's foreskin.

Heero was circumcised, Duo had asked him about it once and Heero told him that he had also had his appendix removed; anything in fact that J thought was unnecessary and may lead to illness or infection whilst Heero was in the field. Duo had been shocked but not surprised.

Heero's breathing became heavier as he enjoyed the oral worship Duo's tongue was lavishing on his cock. With reluctance he gently pulled Duo's mouth away and up to meet his own. He could taste his pre-cum combined with Duo's own unique flavour as their tongues met and danced. It was a heady mix.

"Thank you," Heero whispered against Duo's velvety lips. Then he gently pushed Duo away saying, "Now strip for me."

Duo smiled and winked. "My pleasure, Heero."

He stood and walked a couple of paces from the bed, his own excitement pushing out the front of his jeans. It ached in the tight confines of the material and he would be glad to free it.

Slowly Duo undid the button of his jeans and then gently tugged the zip down. He then turned around and pushed the jeans along with his underwear down his legs, while bending over to give Heero a great view as his bottom was revealed. He did it all with agonising slowness, not only to tease his lover but himself as well.

Duo was gorgeous in Heero's opinion normally but in the surreal light of the moonlight, he was simply breathtaking. Heero couldn't wait to start touching that creamy soft skin and leapt off the bed to assist in the descent of the offending article of clothing.

"Impatient much?" Duo asked, the hint of a chuckle in his voice.

"Do you blame me with such a display?" Heero answered and to emphasis his point, ran his hand over Duo's exposed rump; his fingers automatically seeking the small hole hidden in the crease of his bottom. Duo shivered as Heero's fingers found their target and gently began to stroke the ring of muscle.

"Hmm, nice."

"Only nice? We'll see about that!"

Heero started to probe the entrance, not pushing too far, mindful that his finger was unlubed. Duo started to moan in his throat. Heero loved that noise; it was almost like Duo was purring. Heero stopped his ministrations to help Duo take off his trainers and step out of his jeans. Then he pulled the hem of Duo's jumper up and over his head, throwing it on the floor and leaving the young man naked. Duo shivered again but from the cold, not arousal.

Heero noticed and began to shrug out of his school jacket. Duo thought that Heero was undressing too and said, "Don't, you look hot in that uniform."

"As do you, and you're cold so you wear this," Heero told him as he took the blazer off completely. He helped Duo into it, Duo enjoying the warmth left by Heero's body. As Heero pulled Duo's braid out of the jacket, he pulled the tie off the end and started to unravel the neat plait. He didn't undo it all, knowing what a pain it was to tame the chestnut mass afterwards so three quarters of the way up, he retied the hair band and swung the wavy locks over Duo's shoulder.

Heero stepped back to admire the effect created. The open jacket showed off Duo's toned hair free chest and midriff before leading the eye downwards to his straining arousal surrounded by dark brown pubic hair. The partially unbound hair gave a wanton air to Duo and as if knowing this, Duo smirked before tweaking one of his nipples and asking, "See anything you like, Heero?"

Heero growled before moving in to feather kisses all down Duo's stomach, Duo put his hand into the unruly mop of chocolate hair bobbing up and down as Heero chose new areas of his body to explore with his tongue. Duo gasped as Heero lapped at one nipple then the other, biting and teasing gently.

Duo began to push Heero back to the bed, impatient to move onto the next stage. Heero got the hint and let him go. Duo walked over and laid down, spreading his legs wide and beckoning to Heero with his finger.

Heero growled again, louder this time. He went to push his trousers down but Duo shook his head and he left them. Duo loved when Heero was aroused; he looked so possessive and wild that Duo was once again reminded of the image of a big cat and then he pounced.

This time Heero engulfed Duo's cock while his hand sought out the lube he had stuck under the pillow earlier. Once found he lubed up his fingers, then as he continued licking and sucking, he gently pushed his middle finger past the tight ring of muscle of Duo's anus. Duo moaned at the double onslaught. "Hmm, more, Heero!"

Heero pulled most of his finger out and then let his index finger join in the party. Duo's moans got louder. Heero was thankful that the old building had very thick walls. Heero continued to push his fingers in and out of Duo with Duo moving his hips to meet them.

"That's enough, Heero, I'm ready."

Heero didn't question Duo, both of them liked to feel the burn of penetration when they were bottom so neither of them liked too much preparation beforehand. He grabbed the lube again and went to squeeze some of the cool gel out when Duo pulled the tube out of his hand.

"Allow me," Duo said, as he squeezed a generous portion of lube onto his hand then rubbed it with the other warming the substance up. He then ran a slick hand over Heero's heated erection, drawing a groan from the young man.

Duo removed his hand and lay back; Heero moved closer and pressed the head of his penis against Duo's anus. "Ready?" he asked. Duo nodded and Heero started to push harder against the ring of muscle. Slowly the muscle parted granting Heero entrance, he withdrew and then pushed forward again sinking in further this time. He repeated the action until he was buried to the hilt. He stopped briefly to make sure that Duo was not in too much discomfort and Duo smiled before mouthing, "Go for it, lover!"

That was all Heero needed, he pulled back until the head of his penis was gripped by the tight ring of muscle and then slammed forward. Duo cried out, "Yes!" as his anus started to loosen and the discomfort of being filled began to pass and pure pleasure replaced it.

Heero repeated his actions over and over again, getting faster and harder. Their breathing became heavier, moans hung in the air and light sheen of sweat covered their bodies as their desire grew. Heero spiralled higher as pleasure coursed through him and he knew that despite his control, he couldn't hold on for much longer, so he started to pump Duo's erection in time with his thrusts.

Duo was all but incoherent now but he still had enough presence of mind to reach around Heero and push two of his still lubed fingers up Heero's anus. That was the end for Heero, he could feel himself falling over the edge into his orgasm and he was determined to take Duo with him. He changed his angle of thrust and hit Duo's prostate. Duo gave a keening wail as he gave into his own orgasm. Feeling the heat of Duo's ejaculate as he came, Heero allowed himself to follow.


Heero lay in the crook of Duo's arm for a few minutes as their breathing returned to normal, then he got up and grabbed the washcloth from beside his sink. Wetting it, he cleaned himself up, then rinsing it out; he went and cleaned Duo too.

"Thanks, 'Ro," was the sleepy acknowledgment. Heero smiled as he put his dishevelled uniform back in some sort of order. He then leaned over Duo and poked him in the ribs.

"Oy! What was that for?" Duo asked as he sat up. Heero handed him his clothes.

"You came here to look at the stars with me, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah, but I had kinda thought that it was all a ruse to get into my pants."

Heero shook his head. "That was an added bonus."

"Oh, I see."

"Here." Heero handed Duo a thin parcel.

"What's this?"

"A present."

Duo's eyes widened in surprise, he didn't say anything before ripping apart the plain paper.

"Wow, a map of the moon! Thanks, Heero!"

Heero nodded, "I remembered you saying that you like the way the moon looks from Earth so I wanted that to be the first thing we looked at tonight."

"Really? Cool!" Duo put the map down, jumped up off the bed, grabbed the clothes out of Heero's hand, shed the blazer and quickly pulled on his jumper and jeans once more. He then snatched the map off the bed and strode over to the telescope sitting on the desk by the window.

Not turning from his examination, Duo asked, "So Mr 'I've read all the Instructions' how does this thing work then?"

Heero allowed himself a private smile before quickly joining his lover to show him how.