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Title: Happy Families

Author: Tai (tai01@tiscali.co.uk)

Archive: KatiKat's site at http://www.geocities.com/mystera_k/index.html in the Friends Section

Pairings: 1x2x1

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Yaoi, MPREG, OOC, angst and sap

Spoilers: None really, set seven years after EW

Dedication: This is a gift fic for KatiKat for being such a wonderful friend *big hug*! I hope you enjoy it talí!!

Notes: Okay confession time, I have never been a great fan of mpregs and have only read about two myself >.<;! This is because I'm not generally fond of things that aren't scientifically possible (unless they are in a fantasy fic ^_~) but after reading this article http://www.newscientist.com/hottopics/cloning/cloning.jsp?id=ns99993700 in the New Scientist magazine I have had to change my mind! This was the section that caught my eye and gave me the plot bunny for this fic:

"And because male ESCs (embryonic stem cells) can be turned into eggs as well as sperm, two men could both be biological parents of a child, with the help of a surrogate mother; two out of three of such children would be male."

However the article goes on to state that the potential risks of the technology rule out such uses for the time being but I'm sure it is only a matter of time *smiles*. Anyway enough of my rambling, on with the fic ^_~!


Heero just had time to close the front door and take off his Preventers jacket before he had to squat down, arms open to catch the charging bundle dressed in a violet dress that matched her eyes, as she came tearing out of the lounge.

"Daaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddyyyyyyyyy!" she cried as she flew into Heero's waiting embrace.

"Hey honey, how are you?" Heero asked as he swept his daughter up into his arms, holding her close and stroking her soft long chocolate brown hair, so similar to his own. She squirmed around so that she could look into Heero's deep blue eyes before saying, "I'm fine Daddy, but Daddy Too is really grumpy. He says that he is fed up with having to pee every five minutes."

Heero frowned at her choice of words and muttered, "Looks like I need to have talk with Daddy Too about his choice of words around you, love." Then smiled as he remembered how Duo had come by that nickname. Aya had gone to Duo when she first realised that having two Daddies was unusual and had asked about it. Duo had explained to her that their family was very special and that Heero was her Daddy and that he was her Daddy too and the name had stuck from that day on.

Just then he heard the flush of the downstairs toilet and Duo appeared, heavy with child, in the hallway dressed in loose jog pants and a large t-shirt. Heero was by his side instantly, telling him that he should be resting. "Humph," Duo huffed, blowing his bangs out of his eyes, "tell that to Junior. He has decided that my bladder makes the perfect cushion so just as soon as I get comfy, I have to pe ... I mean, go to the bathroom again!" Duo caught himself as Heero raised his eyebrows and looked pointedly at the little girl in his arms.

Heero set his daughter down and asked, "But other than that you're okay, yes?" as he enveloped his lover in a loose hug.

"Yeah, I'm alright," came the muffled reply from where Duo had buried his head in Heero's shoulder, "just feel like I've been pregnant forever!"

"Not long to go now, love," Heero told him as he released him and then began to guide him back to the couch in the living room. Heero helped Duo settle back on the sofa and began to tuck a blanket round him when he felt a tug on his trouser leg. He looked down at his daughter's pouting face, "You forgot me Daddy," she admonished. Heero smiled as he lifted her up and put her next to Duo and began tucking her in too. She nestled into Duo's side and Duo wrapped an arm around her to draw her closer. She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes, "Tired, muffin?" Duo asked. She nodded and snuggled even closer. Heero kissed them both on the forehead and then he kissed Duo's bump, he looked up to see Duo smiling at him. Heero gently pushed Duo's chestnut brown bangs out of his violet eyes, the same shade as his daughter's.

"You are so beautiful, love," Heero told him. Duo shook his head in disbelief, "Well, I look and feel like a small whale!" Heero grinned as he nodded saying, "Yeah, can't argue with you there!" Duo stuck his tongue out as their daughter giggled.


After dinner and Heero had put their first born to bed, he lay behind Duo on the sofa with one hand resting lightly on Duo's bump, the other holding the end of Duo's long braid. "So have you decided on any names yet?" Heero asked.

"No," Duo replied, "I've decided to wait until I see him or her for the first time."

"Aya is so excited, you know she didn't want a story tonight. All she wanted to talk about was whether she is gonna have a little brother or sister to play with," Heero told Duo softly.

"Ah well, in five days we'll all know the answer," Duo sighed, "And it can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned!" Heero laughed, "I know exactly how you feel love."

"Yeah, I guess you do," Duo said, shifting so that he could brush his fingers along the front of Heero's trousers where he knew the sensitive scar tissue from Heero's c-section was. Then he sighed and added, "We are so lucky that Quatre used his connections to get us onto that experimental programme." Heero nodded his agreement.


Quatre had known since spending time with Duo during the Eve Wars how much he wanted children of his own. What had surprised him however was discovering that Heero felt even more strongly about it than Duo and had put them down as potential adoptive parents for war orphans as soon as peace had been established and Heero and Duo made their relationship public. So naturally the couple had been devastated when they were told that as ex-terrorists, they were not considered to be able to provide a child with a stable loving home.

It was at this time that Quatre heard about a group of scientists pioneering a technique to allow gay male couples to have their own biological children so he had provided funding through the Winner Corporation and made sure that his friends were top of the waiting list. The technique was simple in theory, create viable sperm and ova from the embryonic stem cells or ESCs of the couple then after fertilisation, transplant the embryo into the 'mother' to gestate. In practice it had been much more difficult and after the heartache of Heero having three miscarriages, the couple had almost decided to give up when Heero had become pregnant with Aya.


Five days later on a hot, sunny morning, Heero drove Duo to the hospital for his caesarean section after having dropped Aya off with 'Uncle' Trowa for the day. Duo was watching the lush countryside rush past the window while fussing with the seat belt where it went over the top of his bump. Heero sighed and covered Duo's hands with one of his own saying, "Please stop fidgeting, Duo, you're making *me* nervous too!" Duo turned and looked down at their hands in surprise but instantly stilled them. "Sorry Heero but you know how I feel about hospitals."

"Yeah I know love, but it will all be over soon." Instead of replying, Duo just took a deep breath and nodded before staring out the window again.


The administration of Duo's epidural took about twenty minutes all in all, during which time Duo had to remain perfectly still. Fortunately the anaesthesiologist agreed to bend the rules a bit after seeing how nervous Duo was and let Heero stay to help keep him calm. Which he had done by holding Duo's hand and talking to him softly throughout the procedure. As soon as the catheter was taped in place and Duo was able to lie on his back once again, he had given a huge sigh of relief. "Okay love?" Heero asked. Duo turned to face him, "Yeah, thanks. I'm glad that bit is over as you hear such horror stories about epidurals and the pain of getting one!" Heero said matter of factly, "You've been reading up about this on the net, haven't you?" Duo grinned, "You betcha, lover of mine!" The drug was having a pleasant numbing effect on the lower half of his body and was also helping him to relax. Even so, Duo didn't bother to hide his impatience when he asked Heero, "C'mon when are we gonna get this show on the road?"


The caesarean section procedure itself was really quite boring for Duo who could only see his lover's face or the green cotton curtain that had been rigged up so that he couldn't see his lower half. He smiled at Heero who sat next to him holding his hand, dressed from head to toe in scrubs. He could feel tugging and pulling in the area of his stomach but fortunately there was no pain.

After what seemed like an eternity, a nurse brought a small pink bundle wrapped in green and gave it to Duo to hold. "Say hello to your son, Mr Maxwell-Yuy!" she told him with a big smile. Heero leaned over with a look of awe to run a finger along their son's cheek as if he couldn't quite believe he was real. After a moment of contemplation, Heero found his voice and said, "Oh Duo, he is beautiful! What are you going to call him?" He looked up to see why Duo hadn't answered him to see that Duo's face had gone ashen white, "Duo?" Heero asked. Duo looked at him and managed to say, "Heero, I d..don't feel so good," before he passed out.

The next few minutes barely registered with Heero as he went into a state of shock. A nurse quickly relieved Duo of his precious bundle and another pulled Heero off his stool. Then gently tried to push Heero out of the room. Heero wouldn't leave though and he kept repeating Duo's name over and over until he was shouting it. "Mr Yuy-Maxwell, please you need to leave the room," the nurse told him firmly. Heero turned to face her, "But what's wrong with Duo?" he asked, his intense gaze reflecting the anxiety he was feeling for his lover. "He may be bleeding internally," the doctor who was currently checking Duo's vital signs told him, before he exclaimed, "Oh no, he's arrested!"

"Noooooooooooo!" Heero screamed as he struggled to get back to his lover's side, "Duo please ... you can't leave me ... us!" But the nurse holding him was surprising strong, "Please Mr Yuy-Maxwell, you need to leave and let us do our job." As tears coursed down his cheeks, Heero eventually gave in and let the nurse guide him back to the waiting room.


Quatre had arrived at the hospital just after Heero and Duo and there had just been enough time to wish Duo well before they were whisked away. Since then he had been sitting in the waiting room just as he had whilst Aya was born, waiting for news.

Quatre was just finishing his fifth cup of what the hospital laughing called tea when he felt Duo slipping away from the mortal world and Heero's immense grief. "Oh no!" he whispered, "Oh please, no!" before he put his head in his hands and wept.

Moments later, a nurse ushered a distraught Heero into the waiting room. Quatre leapt up and raced to envelop Heero in a hug. Heero went limp in his embrace, which caught Quatre off guard and sent them both crashing to the floor. "Are you okay Heero?" Quatre asked as he smoothed the bangs out of the other man's eyes. Heero looked at him, the raw pain in his eyes made Quatre flinch even though he could already feel it in his heart.

"Quatre, what am I going to do if I lose him?" Heero whispered sounding like the lost little boy he once been rather than the twenty-three year old man he was now. Quatre held him tightly as he replied in low tones, "Oh Heero, you will have to be strong for your children's sakes but I pray it won't come to that! I want you to remember though that whatever happens I will be here for you Heero, always! Aya too and ..." Quatre paused before asking, "Oh my goodness ... what did Duo have, Heero?"

"A beautiful boy!" Heero choked out before burying his face in Quatre's shoulder and sobbing.


As he sat on the floor comforting Heero while he cried, Quatre concentrated on trying to locate Duo's life force so that he could at least let Heero know that Duo was still alive. As he had grown older, Quatre had found his empathic abilities increasing especially where people he cared about were concerned. He quickly found what he was looking for and was reassured that though it was faint, it did not seem to be fading anymore.

Quatre then decided to try something that he had never done before, send a message rather than just emotions. He focussed all of his attention on Duo and thought, "Duo, you can't leave yet! Your family needs you ... Heero needs you! Come back to us, please!"


The next thing Quatre knew a nurse was shaking both himself and Heero awake from the exhausted slumber they had both succumbed too. "Good news," she was saying, "Mr Maxwell-Yuy is out of danger and is now conscious." Heero jumped to his feet saying, "Please can I see him?" The nurse nodded and began to lead the way with Quatre only two steps behind Heero.


Quatre waited patiently while Heero paused at the door of the private hospital room the nurse had gestured to before leaving them to attend to other duties. Heero wished he had a camera but settled for trying to commit the scene in front of him to memory. Duo sat with his hair loose around him like a chestnut waterfall, in his arms was their son, which he was feeding from a bottle. At the sound of the door, Duo looked up and smiled, "Heero and Quat! Boy is it good to see you guys!" he exclaimed.

Heero walked in tentatively as if he was scared that he was going to wake up any moment and find that he was dreaming. Duo grinned and said, "Heero, we don't bite ya'know unless you ask nicely of course!" and winked. Heero laughed which broke the tension and moved swiftly to his lover's side. "I thought I had lost you Duo!" Heero told him earnestly as he reached out to touch both Duo and his son as if to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him. Duo smiled ruefully, "Well to be honest for a moment, I think that you had but it was weird, it felt like someone was telling me not to go ... that I was needed and here I am!" Duo told Heero. "Really? Then I owe them a debt of gratitude," Heero replied as he shot a grateful look at Quatre who blushed faintly before changing the subject saying, "I'll go and call Trowa to let him and Aya know the good news," and then left the room to give Heero and Duo a bit of privacy.

As Quatre closed the door, Heero wrapped Duo and his son in a loose embrace, resting his forehead against Duo's. "Please don't scare me like that again, love," Heero told him, his voice hitching. "Oh Heero, I'll try not to!" Duo replied as he put down the bottle so that he could wipe away Heero's tears.


A week later, Duo was lying back on their sofa at home with their son in his arms whilst Heero was tucking a blanket around them. Aya was dancing about the room singing, "I'm hungry!" at the top of her voice. Heero grinned at Duo, "Well I guess it is time to cook dinner then!" before he turned to his daughter to ask, "Do you want to help me honey?" Aya came flying across the room nodding vigorously before she attached herself like a limpet to Heero's leg. "Okiedokie that's settled. How about we give Daddy Too until after dinner to think of a name for your brother?!" Aya beamed, "Oh yes, Daddy! I wanna know what his name is!!" Duo glared at Heero who merely looked innocent saying, "What love? We can't keep calling him Junior forever you know!" Duo snorted, "Okay, okay you win! After dinner it is then!"

When dinner was ready Heero put their son to bed as Duo still had to be careful about what he lifted after his c-section. Then they sat down with their daughter who was unusually quiet as she ate at an incredible rate. Heero told her to slow down but it didn't really make any difference until she paused briefly to say, "But the faster we finish the faster we find out my brother's name!" Both Heero and Duo laughed and Duo said, "Ah well, I'll just put you both out of your misery now shall I?!" Aya nodded furiously and Heero turned to face Duo. "Okay I am going to name him Sol, as a tribute to my old friend, Solo." Aya looked at Heero and he gave her a brief nod then she turned back to Duo, "Daddy Too," she said solemnly, "Both Daddy and I approve!" Duo grinned, "Approve! Gosh what a big word muffin! It makes me think that you and Daddy have been scheming about this moment behind my back!" as he affectionately ruffled her hair and she blushed.


Later when Heero had put Aya to bed as well, he lay with Duo on the sofa savouring the warmth of his body and the fresh smell of his hair. He was determined never to take having Duo for granted again after coming so close to losing him. "Penny for your thoughts, love?" Duo asked. "Mmm, nothing really. Just enjoying being with you," Heero told him. "Mmm, I'll second that," Duo replied as he snuggled closer to his lover. "You know I wonder what our family will be like in ten years time, twenty years time even?" Duo wondered out loud. "Happy," Heero told him with certainty and Duo smiled.