Disclaimer: Bandai, Sunrise and the Sotsu Agency own Gundam Wing and its characters not me (I'll make them an offer when I'm rich and famous!) but this story is mine!
Title: Dreamscape
Part: 1/2
Author: Tai (tai01@tiscali.co.uk)
Pairings: 1+2+1, 1x2x1
Warnings: Shounen-ai, lime, death (but I promise a happy ending ^_^)
Spoilers: None
Notes: The mecha are Wing Zero & Deathscythe-Hell from the GW series.


"Heero, these Leos are much more powerful than usual," Duo told him over the intercom system. Duo looked over at Wing Zero and it was almost as if the mecha turned to talk to him as Heero took out another enemy mobile suit with his beam sabre. "They aren't standard suits," Heero replied, "Watch your back."

"Gottcha!" the pilot of Deathscythe-Hell called back as he sliced another two Leos in half with his beam scythe. "Where are all these enemies coming from?" Duo wondered, as it seemed to him that every enemy he destroyed was replaced by ten more and they just kept coming.

It was at that moment that Duo found himself surrounded, "This is so not cool!" he muttered to himself. He could see a modified beam cannon mounted on the side of the base they were trying to destroy and guessed it was only a matter of time before it was employed. He was fighting at his limits but wasn't getting anywhere fast. He could see that Heero was not faring any better. "This is too weird, what is going on?" Duo asked no-one in particular, he would be very glad when this one was over.

Suddenly Duo sensed danger and turned only to be knocked out of the way by Wing Zero which took the full blast of the beam cannon. The crippled suit fell over, it was the worst scene Duo could ever imagine seeing. "Heeeroooo ." he screamed as he fought to get to Wing Zero but an enemy suit with a beam sabre was faster and sliced into the fallen suit. Duo went crazy then and dispatched all of the remaining enemy suits. He raced to Wing Zero taking out the beam cannon on the way by firing off his buster shield equipped with beam blade. With Deathscythe-Hell's immense strength Duo turned the fallen suit over so that he could access the cockpit. Duo got out of his mobile suit and onto the other suit so he could release the door manually, praying that the other boy was alright. As the door slowly opened, he saw Heero.

Duo could see that there wasn't anything that he could do for the pilot who had just saved his life. He released his safety harness and took the limp and very still body into his arms, tears rolling down his face, whispering, "Heero, you can't die . you can't die because I have to tell you that I love you ."


Heero couldn't sleep, he lay on the ground in the forest clearing looking up at the stars in the clear night sky, thinking. From the amount of moving around next to him, Duo was obviously dreaming. He sighed softly as he briefly looked over towards his companion before going back to his contemplation. Suddenly the braided boy curled up into the foetal position sobbing as if his heart had broken. Heero sat up, he needed Duo at 110% as the orders for their next mission were long overdue and this was definitely not restful sleep so he reached over to shake his friend awake saying, "Wake up Duo, you're having a nightmare."

Duo woke with a start and looked thoroughly confused. "Where am I?" he asked but when he saw Heero, Duo grabbed him in a rough embrace saying, "Ohmygod, you're alive!" Heero froze at being so near Duo, it was intoxicating, the smell of him, the silky caress of his hair on his cheek and the warmth of his body. Ever since Heero had first met his fellow Gundam pilot, he found that Duo was never far from his thoughts. "Like tonight ." he added silently. He recovered enough to say, "It's okay Duo, it was just a bad dream." Then Heero pulled the braided boy close to him again as Duo was shaking violently, wondering what exactly the boy in his arms had been dreaming about to disturb him this much. "But it . it felt so real, Heero," Duo whispered, "You . you died in my arms before I got a chance to tell you how I feel about you." Heero felt his chest tightening up as he sensed what Duo was about to say. Heero was torn in two, half of him hoping and wanting Duo so badly he could hardly breathe, the other half not wanting any emotional attachments that might distract him in battle.

"Heero, I care about you . more than comrades on a mission do," Duo cast his eyes downward, his usual charismatic confidence ebbing away. He continued, "I'm sorry, I'm not sure if you feel the same way about me, sometimes I think maybe you do and other times I really don't know. It's just that after that dream, I couldn't bear to lose you and not have you know." When Duo finished speaking Heero let out a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding. He reached out his hand and gently lifted Duo's face up. Duo's clear violet blue eyes were full of tears as Heero leaned forward, his mind made up and gently kissed him on the lips. Duo froze as if in shock. "I do feel the same way," Heero whispered softly as he kissed Duo's tears away.

Duo took hold of Heero's upper arms and pushed him away, his eyes clouded with a mixture of hope and disbelief. "Really?" he asked hesitantly, and Heero nodded in reply. That was all the encouragement Duo needed, he pulled Heero towards him again and began to kiss him back, passion taking them over, sleep the last thing on their minds.


Before dawn, a small sound woke Duo, he could sense Heero who was lying next to him, was already awake. Duo shifted slightly under the arm Heero had casually thrown across him to let Heero know that he was awake too. "Wing Zero's security perimeter has been compromised," Heero told him sotto voce [1] as he rolled onto his side to face the braided boy. "Well, I'm glad we decided not to hide the suits together," Duo said quietly. Heero whispered, "Do you think you can make it to Deathscythe?" Duo nodded as a voice said loudly, "Well, well, well, isn't this my lucky day - two Gundam pilots for the price of one. Cute, I always wondered what you pilots got up to in your spare time. I mean we realised you guys were close, just not how close!" Duo whispered to Heero, "Okay, he has to die!" Heero agreed, "Leave it to me, you head for Deathscythe." Duo answered softly, "Okay, you'll provide a distraction?" Heero's beautiful face took on its usual grim countenance, "Yeah, ready?" Duo nodded again so he added, "Duo, use your head, I will not accept losing you now." Duo stuck his tongue out and replied, "Pot and kettle [2] spring to mind, Yuy, so I want you to take your own advice!" before launching off at great speed towards where Deathscythe-Hell was hidden in the surrounding forest.

Heero pushed off in the other direction towards the condescending Oz captain. In the half-light just before dawn, the soldiers started firing all over the place at shadows and the movement of the trees. Heero turned briefly to see Duo take one of the soldiers out with a blow to the back of the head before making it to the relative safety of the trees. Then he took the captain down and turned his own weapon on him. "Oz training as good as ever I see," Heero whispered into the captain's ear and to the surrounding soldiers, he shouted, "Put your weapons down or I will kill your captain." There was a stand off for a few minutes as the soldiers aimed at Heero uncertain of what to do next. Just then Deathscythe-Hell sat up, pulling off its camouflage netting the rest of the way and its twin beam scythe flickering into life. The soldier's hesitation vanished and they all put their weapons on the ground. Heero looked up at his partner's mobile suit and had to agree with the soldiers, it was a very impressive sight.


By nightfall, they had reached a small isolated safe house near the mountains. Dr J had sent them the details of their next mission while they were making sure the Oz soldiers wouldn't cause anyone any trouble for a while. It wasn't for another three days but Heero was relieved all the same. Heero walked into the living room after securing Wing Zero and Deathscythe-Hell and was greeted by a roaring fire in the hearth. He glanced about for Duo and saw that he had fallen asleep on the sofa, he looked so peaceful, such a contrast to last night. Heero gently picked him up and Duo started to wake. "Duo, go back to sleep, you're safe," Duo murmured an affirmative and snuggled into his chest. Heero smiled as he walked into the bedroom and gently placed Duo on the bed. Heero got into the other side of the bed and moved up close to the other Gundam pilot. "Heero, do you think that those soldiers have been rescued out of those trees yet?" came an amused sleepy voice. "I don't know Duo, possibly." Then Duo laughed, "Oh but that captain," propping himself up on his elbows, he mimicked the high supercilious voice of the Oz captain, "You wait Zero One and Zero Two until Treize finds out about this, I'm his favourite you know, everyone thinks it is Zechs but no, I've seen the way Treize looks at me ." and then he laughed again before adding in his normal voice, "Definitely delusional, you should have put him out of his misery! Everyone knows Zechs and Treize are screwing like bunnies!" Heero smiled and Duo's breath caught, "Can we?" Heero asked. "Can we what?" Duo questioned, losing the thread of what he was talking about by wondering if he had ever seen Heero smile before. "Screw like bunnies," Heero elaborated. "Hell, yeah!" was all the warning Heero got before Duo pounced ...




[1] sotto voce means in an undertone but I'm sure you knew that ^_^

[2] The full idiom is 'The pot calling the kettle black' and is used when someone says something about you that is also true of themselves. I'm sure you knew this too ^_~