Disclaimer: Bandai, Sunrise and the Sotsu Agency own Gundam Wing and its characters not me but this drabble is mine!

Title: The Black Dog

Author: Tai (tai01@tiscali.co.uk)

Archive: In the Friends section at KatiKat's site http://www.geocities.com/mystera_k/index.html

Pairings: 2+1

Warnings: AU, Shounen-ai, POV, Supernatural, OOC

Spoilers: None

Notes: KatiKat challenged me to write a drabble (a microficlet of 100 words or less) and it is actually a lot harder than you would think O.o!! Anyway this is my effort, the inspiration came from the legend of a monstrous black dog that haunts a local castle at night and it is said that anyone unfortunate enough to be alone when they see it will die!


I lie pinned by a monstrous beast; all I can see are blood red eyes and long fangs. Hot breath washes over me, foul and putrid. My heart hammering in my chest, I fear I will die of fright before this hellhound decides to kill me.

Then out of the mist looms a tall dark figure, he says softly, "Shinigami," and the huge dog releases me. I sit up, relieved as the stranger moves to kneel by my side. His eyes are deep violet, ethereal but oddly familiar. He strokes my cheek whispering, "I have finally found you, my love."