Hangar Melancholy

by Tahlialerray

Warnings/Author's Notes: Nothin' to worry bout with this one. Just a short little ficlet of a moment.


Duo glanced to his side when he heard footsteps on one of the many metal catwalks that filled the hangar. As soon as he saw Heero approach him, he turned to him and smiled, lowering his arms from the panel he had just snapped back into place. "Hey, I was just gonna go find you after I finished these repairs. Looks like you saved me the trouble."

Heero didn't smile back, but came to stand before the raised platform Duo was standing on, craning his neck to look up at Duo. "Wufei told me you and he have a mission."

Duo's smile faltered and he plopped down to sit on the platform, legs splayed, to close a bit of the gap between them. "Yeah, I think we leave soon. Fei had some configurations to do, and he’s gonna holler at me when he finishes."

Heero stepped in closer, coming to stand between Duo's legs, and placed both hands on Duo's thighs. "How long?"

Duo sighed and lowered his eyes before answering, "Dunno. Estimated two weeks, but I don't know if I'll be sent back here or on to another location when it’s done."

"I leave in three days," Heero responded. "I won't be sent back to this safe house unless something comes up here, and no one else can handle it. My location is too far away for it to be practical."

Duo sighed again and placed his hands atop Heero's. "Guess we won't be seeing each other for a while then, huh?" He forced a cheerful smile, but it faded quickly as he dropped his eyes back to their hands.

Heero slid his grip slowly up Duo's thighs and across his hips to rest at his waist while Duo moved his hands up along Heero's arms. Heero rested his forehead against Duo's chest, just below his collarbone, and closed his eyes. Duo lowered his face to the top of Heero's head and took in the scent of him, felt the warmth of him in his arms as he wrapped them around Heero's shoulders, and pulled him in closer.

Neither said a word for a few moments, both preferring to enjoy the other in silence. The moment was broken as Wufei shouted from the floor of the hangar, forty feet below.

"It's time, Maxwell."

Duo pulled away as Heero stepped back, their arms falling away from each other slowly. Duo smiled at Heero, though he didn't quite feel it.

"Guess I'll see ya when I see ya," he said jovially, tweaking Heero's nose before moving to stand.

Heero frowned at the motion and grabbed Duo's hand in both his own, pressing a soft kiss to his palm and halting Duo's movement, leaving him in an awkward half crouch. Heero looked up at Duo, still holding his hand between his own.

"Why do you have to be so sweet, huh?" Duo asked as his eyes softened. "You're not making this any easier."

Heero looked up at him, unapologetic. Duo swooped down and dropped a quick kiss on his lips and stood, gently pulling his hand out of Heero's grasp. "Gotta go," he muttered as he pushed a button on the platform that raised him to the cockpit of Deathscythe. He looked at Heero, who was still watching him, and waved. He got into the cockpit and closed the hatch before he could see if Heero would wave back, knowing he wouldn’t.

As he readied his Gundam, he watched a tiny monitor on the lower-left hand of the screen. It showed Heero looking up at his Gundam for a moment, his lips moving quickly before he turned and left the hangar. Duo wasn't as good as Heero at reading people's lips, but he had made out the short statement Heero had uttered.

'Be safe.'

Duo smiled sadly to himself before turning his full attention back to preparing for the mission. Wufei's face came on the screen as he finished. "Ready, Maxwell?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," he chirped out and set his gundam to exit the hangar. One last thought fluttered through his mind before he left the hangar and the safe house behind him, including the people still within. 'I'll do my best, Heero.'

And he was gone.