Message In A Bottle - Chapter One
By: Ta-chan
Rating: PG


A cold December wind was blowing, and Heero Yuy crossed his arms as he stared out over the water with stoned statement. There were few people walking shore when she arrived earlier, but as they look upon the clouds, many of them left the peaceful beach. He found himself alone on the beach. The ocean, reflecting the colour of the sky, looked like liquid iron, and waves rolled up steadily on the shore. Heavy clouds were descending slowly, and the fog was beginning to thicken, making the horizon invisible. To others, they might feel the majesty of the beauty all around. But, as he stood on the beach, he felt as if he weren't really there.

He didn't really know how he got here, but he was looking for a quiet place to spend a night away from Dr. J. But, as he watches the ocean swirl and churn, a strange feeling came over him and he realize that he didn't want to stay. He would have to return to his so called `home' as soon as he's done, no matter how late it is.

When he's finally done, Heero slowly stared to head back to the car. He sighed and checked his watch. Soon, he would have to return. Get ready for his engagement party with a girl named Relena Dorlian. It wasn't his choice to marry the girl. In fact, it was arranged by his guardian Dr. J. As for the girl Relena, she just followed him every where like they already married, which really made him felt annoying. A reason for him to act as cold as ice toward everybody, for he believed that people should be marry to each if they are truly in love with each other. It was something that can not be forced to do, as he's always been tough to follow one's emotion and to act on it. But, he don't have the heart to turned down an over excited girl.

Heero jog alone the shoreline, toward his car. Suddenly, a light sparkle caught his eyes. When he got a closer look, and discovered that it was just an ordinary bottle. But, what helds his attention, was the letter inside. Carefully, he picked up the bottle and took out the letter. Heero sat down on the large rock nearby, to read this mysterious letter along with the sound of waves. Maybe he would spend his night out here tonight. It all depends on how long is going to take him to read the letter.

He carefully remove the letter from the bottle. The letter was written on an expensive paper, thick and sturdy, with a fancy cross on the top right corner. Surprised statement can be seen on Heero's handsome face as he take in the date on the upper left corner of the paper.

// A little more than three weeks ago //

// Three weeks? That's all? I thought it would be maybe hundreds of years ago... //

Heero felt a twinge of curiosity as he held the message in front of him. Little did he know, this letter would change his life forever.


July 10, ----

My Dearest Solo,

I miss you, as I always do, but today is especially had because the ocean has been singing to me, and the song is that of our life together. I can almost feel you inside me as I write this letter. But at this moment, these things give me no pleasure like they used to. For your visits have been coming less often, and I feel sometimes as if the greatest part of who I am is slowly slipping away. I'm trying though. At night when I am alone, I call for you, and whenever my ache seems to be the greatest, you still seem to find a way to return to me. You are there when I was lonely. And you were right, you're always in my heart.

I never really did find another like you wanted me to. No one can compare to the love you've showed me before you went away. I still remembered how you take me into your arms and that's when I realized how I felt for you. But if was all too late as the storm took you away from me. Oh how I missed the words you used to whispered in my ears, how your hands always found a way to comfort me, and how we spend our days at the beach. Only, if you can come back to me. Only, if we can go back in time to change that past.