Title: Reunion with Destiny 4/?
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/…./ = thoughts
(….) = scene settings and what is seen during dreams


“Well, I guess I had better get ready.” He said to the empty room. Turning off the laptop he showered and changed. His ensemble comprised of a tee shirt, cargo pants, combat boots and leather jacket, all in black. He grabbed his gun and hid a couple knives on him just incase and headed for his bike.

/We will be together again, Duo. I promise./ He thought as he took off down the street towards his final destination.

Chapter 4

Andrew and Kari were extremely disappointed when they found out the surveillance videos were missing and unrecoverable, but not as angry as the head of security. He was fuming and barking out orders for his team to get to cleaning up any back doors and rebuilding all firewalls out to the net.

“I think it is time we contacted some of his friends.” Kari said to Andrew who was looking a bit green. Another black mark was put on his perfect record.

“Huh?” He stammered.

“I was told that you once were employed by the Winner family? Should we contact them and see what they think of this situation? They might have a better insight into what Heero’s motives are.” /I am hoping I am correct with my initial assumption,/ she thought, /but I am having doubts now that he has gone to all this trouble to destroy physical proof of his visit./

“Yes. That would be a good idea. I will also contact Preventer headquarters. They might be of help incase this boy attempts to harm the master.” He said still looking slightly ill.

“Fine. Go take care of that. I am going to go check on something.” She stood there for a while watching one of the members of the security team type at his terminal then turned and left. /Rebuilding the system won’t help keep Heero out. He is better than any of those idiots working in there. I guess I had better get changed./ She thought as she headed down the hallway towards her room. She just hoped that her cover wouldn’t be broken when Andrew contacted headquarters. She didn’t need the headache.


Andrew quickly headed for the nearest com-unit and contacted Rashid.

“Hello Andrew.” Rashid said recognizing his old friend. “What can I do for you?”

“There is a situation.” Andrew said and noticed the concern appearing on the other man’s face.

“What is it? Is the Young Master okay?” Rashid asked, concern seeping in his voice.

“At the moment. He went into shock this morning after he caught a glimpse at a man who had shown up uninvited.”

“Who was this visitor?”

“Do you remember telling me about Heero?” Rashid seemed to pale greatly.

“Heero? Are you sure it was him?” /It has been almost four years since anyone has seen or heard of him. I thought he was dead./ He thought shaking his head.

“Are you okay Rashid? I haven’t ever seen you this flustered?” Andrew asked with concern.

“No one has seen or heard from Heero in almost four years. We had started to believe the rumors that he was dead.”

“Well I think that he is alive and kicking, as the injuries of a few of the guards can prove. What should we do? Master Duo is still resting in his room. He has yet to wake and when we last checked up on him he was mumbling something in regards to Heero.”

“What was he saying?”

“He kept asking ‘Why?’ and saying ‘don’t leave me’ and just ‘Heero’ over and over. What ever happened?”

“That is a very long story, but it sound’s like he could use some company. I will notify Master Quatre and we will be there in an hour. I will fill you in when we get there.” Rashid said with a small calming smile on his face. “Don’t worry Andrew. We will be there soon.” With that they said their good byes and hung up.

Andrew then dialed the Preventor Headquarters.


Rashid hung up and strode to the sitting room where he knew Quatre and Trowa would be having afternoon tea.

“Master Quatre.” He said with urgency in his voice.

Quatre didn’t even jump from the emotion in his assistant’s voice. He had felt that there was something wrong earlier, and now he was going to get the reason. “Yes. What is wrong?”

“Master Duo needs you.” Before he could ask, he answered. “Heero showed up there this morning.”

Quatre gasped, dropping the teacup he had been holding, and looked at Trowa. “H..Heero?” He looked at Rashid in shock as Trowa wrapped him in his arms to comfort him.

“Yes. It seems he is alive after all. The shuttle will be ready shortly. I think it would be best if you were to go visit Master Duo. He seems to need company.”

Quatre and Trowa looked at each other for a moment, both contemplating the response of showing up without a personal invitation. After Duo had found out that Heero had ‘disappeared’ at the Fortune 500 dinner in his honor, he closed himself off from everyone. Thankfully he had gotten him to hire Andrew, who became their eyes and ears. They knew it wasn’t right of them to deceive their friend, but that was just it. Duo was their friend and they cared about him.

“Let’s go get ready then.” Quatre nodded to Rashid and he and Trowa headed off to pack.


Heero drove around to the back end of the Maxwell estate and hid his bike in the woods. It still wasn’t night yet, the storm had subsided but the remaining clouds in the sky were threatening of rain. There were still a couple hours left in the day and he was getting restless. /Once they find the system was tampered with, they are certain to contact the others. It was standard procedure./

He had been keeping tabs on all the pilots for the past four years since he left his job with Relena. He felt the need to get away from everything. He had a hard time dealing with life after the war and going to work for Relena hadn’t helped in the healing. /I should have been with you Duo. I should never have let her split us up./

He wandered around the woods keeping out of sight. He knew the grounds like the back of his hand, he had sat and memorized the layout of each estate he had gone to in search of Duo. He finally came to the gate furthest from the main house and less least guarded. He climbed into the large elm til he was able to see the house over the 12ft security wall around the compound. It seemed like a speck in the distance, but he knew that it wasn’t wise to attempt access during the day. He was certain that they had contacted the authorities after noticing the missing surveillance videos. So he got comfortable and pulled out his binoculars to keep an eye on the house. As he was trying to focus on it in the distance something closer caught his eye, a sculpture of an angel. Focusing on it, he nearly fell out of the tree. “Oh Gods, Duo…” The angel was a spitting image of him.


Duo awoke with a start.

“Heero!” He quickly took in his surroundings and fell back on to his pillow. Speaking to himself he crawled out of bed. “I thought you were gone for good.” He stumbled into the bathroom, undressing along the way. He undid his braid, slowly raking his hands through the long tresses. “I missed you so much.” He started the shower and jumped in. Trying to figure out what he had to do now.

/I want you back Heero. I want to see you again. And … I also want answers./


Andrew had contacted the Preventors and they said that they would send out some officers and they would be there within the hour. He thanked them and went to make sure things were getting done for their expected guests.

Kari was also preparing for the visit. She had contacted her colleague Sally at the Preventor headquarters before Andrew and told her of the situation. She was reassured that her cover would not be blown, but told her that it may come out later depending on how things went. She didn’t want to see the reaction she would get from the others when they found out who she was and why she was there.


Duo walked into his room and noticed that the rain had stopped. /Might as well go for a ride./ He thought to himself. /It always seems to help me think. And gods do I need time to think./

He quickly dressed in a pair of black riding pants and boots. It was bound to be humid from all the rain they got earlier in the day so he decided on a loose fitting button down shirt in a deep rich blue and his cross around his neck. He loosely braided his hair and headed out.

The stables were only a short jaunt from the main house, which he had no troubles in getting out of with all the commotion. /I wonder what they are all up to./ He thought but then continued on to the stall of his favorite steed, Shinigami, a beautiful black stallion. He hated to put a saddle on him so he opted for bareback. With little effort he climbed on and urged the stallion out into the forests of the grounds.


Heero gave up on waiting. He wanted to get a closer look at the sculpture he spotted on the grounds not to far from where he was. He climbed out on a large branch that hung out over the other side of the wall and dropped to the ground. He quickly sprinted into the woods hoping no cameras had spotted him, and headed for the clearing where it stood.

He walked into the clearing and up to the statue. It was life size, at least to measure of his build some years ago. He sat and studied the details of it, noting that it wasn’t wearing the usual tank top and spandex that he used to wear, instead it wore nothing but a loin cloth, exposing the fine tuned musculature of his body. The hair was the same messy mop with a few strands in front of his face, but not enough to hide the eyes that shone with lively intensity. Its arms were out stretched as to welcome the viewer into an embrace. The only true difference between it and its human counterpart were the large detailed wings outstretched, showing no threat. It stood on a small and very short pedestal allowing one to look eye to eye at it.

/Oh Duo.. I never realized how much you cared about me./ He thought reaching out to feel the smoothness of what he believed to be marble, but was distracted when he heard something approach through the woods. Not seeing any good hiding spots, he hid behind the sculpture as the wings provided a wall of seclusion.


Duo raced Shinigami through the trails and undid his hair enjoying the feeling of the wind through it. He grasped tightly to the steeds mane as he pushed him harder and faster through the trees and brush. Approaching the clearing, Shinigami instinctively slowed his pace and finally stopped at the edge.

Duo climbed off and hesitated to pull his shirt and boots off. He enjoyed the feel of the grass under foot and between his toes. It was soothing. He patted the black steed and fed it a carrot that he had remembered to grab for him, then slowly made his way across the clearing towards the sculpture of his love.


From his spot behind the sculpture Heero saw Duo approach. /He is still beautiful./ He sighed to himself. Duo’s hair was loose and hung around him like a veil. Heero was in such awe his heart caught in his throat. He felt the need to run to him and wrap him in his arms, never letting go. And he would have if he hadn’t heard his love begin to speak.


Duo halted in the center of the clearing a few feet from the sculpture of his lost love.

“Why Heero? I know that I ask that every time I come here, but I still don’t have an answer.” He lowered his head for a moment then turned to look into the familiar eyes of his love. “What would cause you to just up and leave, leave us….” His voice trailed off while tears slowly began to run down his cheeks.

“I loved you. No I still love you.” He shook his head and resumed his approach. “I would have given up everything to have you by my side.” He said looking into the eyes of his creation. “I even was beginning to think that the rumors were true. That you truly had gone before me, without me…” He fell to his knees and looked up at him. “Then when I saw you this morning. I didn’t know what to think.” He shook his head trying to sort out the details. “Why now? Why didn’t you try contacting me earlier? It’s not like I was hard to find. All you had to do was call…” His voice faltered. “Why?” He curled up into a ball and cried, drowning out the cries of his love near by.


The question he knew he would have to answer came from his beauty’s lips was full of hurt. As the boy he had loved and left continued to speak, Heero only felt worse. He didn’t know how to go about approaching him now.

He hated himself for causing the one who had become the center of existence such agony. Heero barely noticed the tears streaking down his cheeks as he listened to the words spoken to him. As soon as he saw his angel curl up and cry, he knew what he had to do. There wouldn’t be a better time than now.

He quietly stood up, walked around and knelt beside Duo, making sure not to startle him. It would have gone better if Shinigami hadn’t seen him as a threat and knocked him away with his head and whinnied, waking Duo. Heero tried to get it to understand that he wasn’t going hurt Duo, when he heard him speak.



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