Title: Reunion with Destiny 3/?
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/…./ = thoughts
(….) = scene settings and what is seen during dreams

“I think he was one of the others from the wars, one of the other pilots. I am not certain mind you, but he did seem familiar now that I think about him.” He quickly turned and headed for the library.

“Wait for me.” She cried as she ran to catch up with him.

Chapter 3

Andrew burst into the library and began his search for the old photos his employer once had hung throughout the home, now left to collect dust in storage. He headed for the small spiral staircase in the back corner that led to the second floor of the two-story room. Where all of the older and already read books, papers, and miscellaneous possessions were stored.

The doctor was not far behind, bounding up the stairs two at a time to find him hunched over a medium sized wood chest. Upon closer inspection she noticed it was cedar and kept in good condition. There was very little dust if any coating it, and looked like it had been recently polished. There was an engraved metal plate on the top, but from her angle she couldn’t make out what was written on it.

“Here it is.” Andrew stated pulling out a black matte frame and stood up. Holding it out for me I saw the frame contained a picture of five young boys all around the age of 17 or 18. They were gathered together haphazardly as though the taker caught them off guard.

“This is a picture of all the Gundam pilots, taken after the Mariemaia incident.” Andrew said. “From left to right is Chang Wufei, the Chinese boy in the blue jeans and white shirt; Trowa Barton, the one with the bangs with the blond leaning back against him who is Quatre Reberba Winner…”

“The one who helped him start the business?” She asked.

“Yes. He is the head of the Winner Conglomerate. And next to him is our employer…”

“Who is attached to the dark haired Asian boy like a leech.” She said snickering at the look her employer, oblivious as he was facing the camera, was receiving from the other boy. A look of slight annoyance, yet she could see that he didn’t really mind the attachment.

“Yes. That is Heero Yuy. I think that was who was here this morning. He has grown quite a bit since that picture, but then that was taken five years ago. But the eyes and hair haven’t changed.” He said thinking through the occurrences of that morning.

“Why would seeing him cause such a reaction? What ever happened between them?” She questioned wistfully, already having a pretty good idea what had happened. It was evident in her employer’s facial expression that there was more than just friendship between them. Thinking about the pain he must be going through she unconsciously sighed.

“What is it Kari?” Andrew asked studying her.

“I think I know what is the cause for his reclusive nature, but I won’t know for certain until I talk to him.” She said handing back the picture. “I think we should go check up on him and see if he has come to.”

Andrew merely nodded and returned the picture and the chest to their place and followed Kari back to the master’s bedroom.


(Heero’s hotel room)

“Yeah I already tried that!” He yelled at the person on the other end of the phone. “Hmm……yeah…..I know….okay……..sure, I promised……fine….Ja ne.” He hung up the phone and sat down in front of his laptop. The only sound in the room was of the keys as he attempted once again to hack into Duo’s security system. He at least needed to know if he was right about Duo being at this house. He had tried to see him at three of the other houses Maxwell Salvaging owned in the US and this was the last one. He eliminated the idea that he was held up in one of his houses in Europe, which are still under renovations so that pretty much eliminated them, or Asia. Asia was knocked off as he didn’t think the braided boy would want to reside that close to Relena.

/I still can’t believe that he thought I would leave him for Her of all people. I can’t believe that I thought he had begun to see Hilde. I still have a hard time discerning ‘friendly flirting’ from the ‘hitting-on’ type. And Relena’s comments and hearing the one sided conversations between her and Hilde made it seem even more the truth. I know that I am partly to blame. I never really told him how I truly felt before leaving to work for her. And I don’t even want to remember all the crap she kept pulling knowing now it was all done to keep me from seeing him. I should have figured it out sooner, but I have never been one to catch onto games of the heart. And I was still so set in ‘everything is a mission’ mode of thinking, which most definitely allowed her to get me to do the asinine shit I did./

The screen blipped and ‘ACCESS GRANTED’ flashed across the screen. “Finally.” He sighed as he started zipping through the network until he finally found the cameras focused in and around the master suite area. The first link brought up the hallway outside of the master bedroom showing the butler, Andrew and some woman headed for the room.

Clicking on the second link brought up the camera in the bedroom. It was set high in the corner of the room that allowed one to view the room in it’s entirety. Left to right the camera showed the bedroom door now being opened by Andrew and the woman, the far wall had a door to somewhere, guessing the bathroom or closet, the enormous king sized canopy bed, another door, then the next wall was covered with windows and a two person wide window seat, then a small table with a single chair in the corner, then along the closest wall on the right had an old fashioned standing full length mirror of a dark cherry or mahogany.

His attention turned back to the bed where the woman was now seated and looking down at someone laying there. He saw her turn to Andrew and say something. They didn’t seem to be agreeing on what ever it was she had said. /Kuso! Where is the sound control./ He thought as he clicked through a few sub programs until he finally found it. Turning it up as to hear everything with little problem, he close to gasped when he heard what they were talking about, rephrase that, *who* they were talking about.


Kari quietly walked over to the bed, not bothering to turn on the lights as the storm outside was producing enough lightning to enable passage through the darkened room. She settled down next to the boy and reached out to check his pulse only to pull back when she heard him speak.

“Heero…” He whispered almost a murmur. Turning over his facial expression backed and words backed up her previous assumption about him and the Asian boy. “Why…don’t go..” He mumbled as tears streaked down his cheeks. Upon closer examination she noticed his pillows were quite wet from the task.

She turned away and spoke to Andrew. “What did Heero say to you when he arrived this morning?”

“Please Heero…” Duo continued to speak in his sleep oblivious to the others’ presence.

Andrew looked forlornly at the emotional wreck his employer had become. “He only asked to meet with him and that was all. I told him that the master didn’t accept any visitors but he demanded to see him, saying he wouldn’t leave until he did.”

“Did he ever tell you his name? Or why he came?”

“No. I was just told..”

“You should have at least found out his name.” She snapped at him, still trying to keep her voice down as to allow the boy to sleep, but feeling the need to stay by his side. “Shouldn’t you at least keep records on anyone who enters the grounds?”

“We do.” Andrew thought about that for a moment. “He should have had to give his name to get past the guards at the gate.” Kari saw that Andrew had overlooked something for the first time and it was killing him. He had only started working a few months before the master’s change in lifestyle. He knew of his history through his former employer, Master Winner. He was hired because of his past record of being attuned to details and now his record had it’s first black mark.

“Don’t worry about it Andrew. I am sure that Heero found a way to get through without having to give his name. If he is an ex-Gundam Pilot I am sure he is more than capable of doing many things the average person wouldn’t think of.” She looked around the room for where she knew the video surveillance camera would be, but couldn’t see it. “Are there camera’s in all the rooms?” She asked still searching for it, but not willing to turn on the light and wake the boy still sleeping, yet not peacefully. He continued to mumble Heero’s name and other things that made her heart break.

/He really must love him to feel so much pain, but why would he hide instead of finding him?/ She was so absorbed in thought she didn’t realize Andrew was talking.

“Kari? Are you listening?” Kari turned back to face him and saw the look of annoyance on his face. He was always demanding attention from others of the household. He was in charge of the staff, but sometimes he needed to learn how to relax.

“Yeah, sorry, what were you saying?”

“There are camera’s in each room, they are recessed in the walls so they are unnoticeable.”

“Where in the main control room for them? Are they archived?” Standing up she glanced once back at the prone form on the bed. She leaned over him, wiping his bangs out of his eyes she kissed him lightly on the forehead. Andrew looked on in shock.

“What are you doing?” He snapped at her. She had only recently come to work for them. She had just finished her internship, and was offered the job as assistant head of the Maxwell Corporation’s personal medical team. It was quite an honor for someone as young as her. She had graduated number one in her class from medical school at the age of 20 then went on to another six years of internship and residency programs in internal medicine. She still looked younger than her 26 years, and acted even younger at times.

“When I was a child and had nightmares, my mother or father would kiss my forehead to make them go away. It was just a simple show of caring. Kinda like when you got an owie they would kiss it to make it better.” She said still looking down at the boy and saw his lips quirk up into a small smile. She wished he smiled more, he looked like a little angel when he did. “Well let’s go, he needs his rest. I want to see what this Heero guy is like.” She said and lightly caressed his cheek then turned and headed out of the room.

(Heero’s hotel room)

Heero quickly whipped through the system to see how the video files were stored. It didn’t take long for him to find they were stored on the hard drive and they had yet to be backed up for the day. It would be no problem to erase any physical trace of his being there.

He had forgotten that the place was bugged and covered in cameras and knew that while he was alone there were some things said out loud that he didn’t want anyone to hear. At least not until he was alone with Duo. For those words were for his ears only.

Accessing the said files, he quickly deleted all trace and ran a clean sweep program over them to make sure that not even the best hacker in the world could recover them. Satisfied with his work he jumped back to the screen accessing the camera in Duo’s bedroom. The lights were still off, but the few flashes of lightning lit up the room enough to see that the braided boy was resting peacefully.

“Gomen Duo. I shouldn’t have given up on you.” He said to the screen. “I promise to make it up to you.”

He sat watching his love sleep for a few more minutes noticing the lightning was less frequent. The storm appeared to be dissipating.

“Well, I guess I had better get ready.” He said to the empty room. Turning off the laptop he showered and changed. His ensemble comprised of a tee shirt, cargo pants, combat boots and leather jacket, all in black. He grabbed his gun and hid a couple knives on him just incase and headed for his bike.

/We will be together again, Duo. I promise./ He thought as he took off down the street towards his final destination.

Coming Soon……Chapter 4

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