Title: Reunion with Destiny 2/?
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/…./ = thoughts

…. He ran down the stairs hesitating at the landing and hid behind the large tapestry hanging there as he heard unfamiliar footsteps approach.

/No. It can’t be?! Why now?/ He collapsed mumbling something before he fell unconscious. “Heero…”

Chapter 2

Andrew followed the visitor out to make sure he did just as he said he would do. Leave. As the man closed the door, Andrew let out a sigh. /I hope that man doesn’t come back. He seems dangerous. I don’t think my employer should be fraternizing with his kind./ He thought and headed up the stairs to find the man in question. He almost walked right by him but since he was pretty finicky about things being in order he stopped to straighten the tapestry only to find his master passed out.

“Sir! Are you alright?” He asked leaning down to the boy’s side. Unable to awaken him he called for help. One of the guards arrived and carried him back into his room and placed him gently on the bed. Andrew followed.

He entered the room and went to close the shades, but decided against it as he saw the clouds roll in again, knowing his master always left them open during storms. He couldn’t understand why the boy would sit at the window for hours just watching the lightning streak across the sky. He worried about him, his endless days of self-imposed solitude was not a healthy way to live. He even quit going to the office. The last time he had actually taken the time to meet with anyone other than his staff had been his longtime friend Howard who had come back to Earth for a much needed vacation. And that was almost a year ago. This had all started after the dinner in his company’s honor for being ranked number one in the Fortune 500. He never did speak of what had occurred to anyone, not even Howard.

The house doctor arrived and checked him out. “He seems to have gone into shock. He looks terrible.” Turning to Andrew. “Has he been getting any rest?” She asked her worry and concern openly showing in her voice and expression.

“Not enough. I have heard him roam the house many a night and seen the shadows under his eyes grow. I even offered to have you prescribe sleeping pills, but he was adamantly against it.” Andrew looked at the haggard state of the once strong and vibrant boy.

“Do you know of anything that could have caused him to have such a response? What ever it was really jarred him?” She looked back down at the sleeping boy and checked his pulse. His heart-beat was getting back to normal which was a good sign. She pulled the covers up over him and let him sleep. She motioned everyone out and did the same.

Out in the hall she pulled Andrew aside. “You never answered my question in there. What is going on?” He eyes bore into him almost as intensely as the earlier visitor’s.

“Yes, I think I know what could have caused this. There was a visitor earlier. He wouldn’t take no for an answer demanding to see the Master. The visitor had just left prior to me finding him passed out behind the tapestry in the stairwell. I wonder if seeing that other boy caused this.” Andrew tried to figure out why and realized that he had seen that other boy before. The look on his face was of complete comprehension.

“What?” Demanded the doctor. “What is it?”

“The other boy…”

“Yes?!” She just about screamed trying to pry more out of the servant.

“I think he was one of the others from the wars, one of the other pilots. I am not certain mind you, but he did seem familiar now that I think about him.” He quickly turned and headed for the library.

“Wait for me.” She cried as she ran to catch up with him.

Coming Soon ……..Chapter 3

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