Title: Reunion with Destiny prologue and 1/?
Author: Syn mistress_syn@hotmail.com
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Warnings: some angst, yaoi, citrus later
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He tossed and turned, unable to quell his mind’s wanderings.


He bolted up, his sweat slicked body sticking to the sheets and reached for his gun, even after all these years still found under his pillow. Drawn, safety off and aimed at any motion in the shadows, he slowly lowered it as he glanced towards the window.

‘It was only the storm. Merely lightning and thunder.’ He thought as he replaced the safety, laid it on the night table and crawled out of bed.

‘Once again another sleepless night.’

Hw walked over to the window and pulled the drapes aside staring out into the light streaked sky. The rain had yet to fall and may not in the end. This part of the country was known for its ‘dry lightning’ storms. They had been the cause of much destruction causing numerous fires that raged across the land, not caring what it destroyed in its path.

Curling up on the windowsill he stared out over the grounds of his home, acres of gardens and paths, to loose oneself in for hours and days, as he found to be true shortly after moving in, and recently a horse stable was added. He found horseback riding, especially bareback, refreshing and made him feel alive. It was one of the few things he enjoyed doing anymore. Sure he had a great job, made good money, but he still couldn’t forget the one who haunted his sleep and recently his waking hours as well.

“Why?” He whispered to the room. “Why did you leave?”

In the flash of a lightning bolt a single tear was seen streaking down his cheek. He paid no mind to it, still lost in his thoughts and too tired to feel the pain of his broken heart, broken soul.


Chapter 1

(the next morning…)

He awoke to a knocking at the door. ‘I was asleep?’ He thought as he pulled himself off the windowsill and stretched, hearing and feeling just about every joint in his body crack. ‘Guess that’s what I get for falling asleep curled up by the window.’

The knocking was louder this time. “I heard you the first time!” He yelled, grabbing his robe to cover his naked body and headed for the door.

Opening it he came face to face with his butler, Andrew. “What is it?” He asked annoyed at being awoken from the sleep his mind and body was in need of and finally getting.

“I am sorry Sir, but there is someone here to see you. I have also brought up your breakfast.” He said slightly bowed before his employer.

“What do they want?” He asked as he gestured to Andrew to place the tray on the small table in the corner.

Setting the tray down he arranged the plates in front of the single chair at the table. “They said they needed to speak to you personally.” Andrew slightly cringed at the glare he was getting by his employer and noticed how similar it was to the one he got from the visitor in question. “I am sorry, but he wouldn’t say anymore than that.”

“Tell them I do not wish to be bothered. If they insist it is important, have them contact the office and set up and appointment.” Andrew was then dismissed with a nod.

/Who would come here? Everyone I deal with knows NEVER to bother me at home. This is the one place I feel…safe? happy? No. It is where I can wallow in my pain./ He thought. Taking a look back at his bed he realized that there was no chance of getting sleep now. His stomach decided it was best to eat and then figure out what to do for the rest of the day.


(Downstairs in the greeting room…)

/Where is he? That damn ‘Andrew’ left ages ago. Okay not ages ago, but after searching so long and finally finding him, I don’t want to wait any longer./ His thoughts were interrupted when Andrew entered the room, sans the one he wanted, no, needed to see.

“I am sorry sir, but he is unable to meet with you. He has prior engagements. If you would call his office and make and appointment..”

“You know as well as I do that he never ‘meets’ his clients and associates. He is but a voice in the room. No video, just a voice.” Angry at having come this far and not seeing him he stormed over to Andrew, stopping just inches from his face meeting him eye to eye. “I am not leaving until I see him. Is. That. Clear.” He said accenting each word and glaring deeply into Andrew. He could see he was unnerving the servant, but he wouldn’t let anything get in the way

Andrew drew a shaky breath and high-tailed it out of the room.

/Well maybe I got through to him. He better go get his boss./ He thought and began to pace the room. Sensing someone enter, he turned around to come face to face with three enormously burly security guards.

The big oaf in the center front spoke first. “Sir you are going to have to leave the grounds. You are not welcome here.” The big oaf reached for him.

/Bad idea boy. I guess you don’t mind getting hurt. I just hope you feel you are getting paid enough for the pain you are about to endure./ He thought. As soon as the guard grabbed his arm, he twisted around kicking him in the stomach. He let go and gasped for breath.

Guard number 2 came at him only to be thrown across the room and through an antique mahogany coffee table. Now kindling. Number 1 was back and slugged him in the side, momentarily throwing him down on one knee.

“Sir, please stop fighting back. You are going to get hurt. Please just let them escort you out.” Andrew pleaded with the visitor only to receive another deathly glare from him.

The third guard finally got into the action thinking the man had gotten enough as he had yet to stand back up. He guessed wrong. The third guard went down in a flurry of kicks and punches, leaving the first guard looking at him in complete disbelief. He had never seen anyone take them down so easily, and someone who didn’t look that strong to begin with.

The visitor slowly came at him and realizing he definitely didn’t have a chance he gave up. “Fine sir, we won’t force you, but you have to leave the grounds now or we will call the police.”

Chuckling to himself he backed down and turned to Andrew. “Fine. I can see myself out.” He did as he said. /I will just come back later. You can’t hide from me forever./ He thought and drove off on his bike. /We will be together again. I promise you./


(Back in the bedroom…)

Having finished his breakfast he took a quick shower and changed. While eating he had heard some disturbing sounds echoing through the house. He was worried and wanted to find out the problem. He ran down the stairs hesitating at the landing and hid behind the large tapestry hanging there as he heard unfamiliar footsteps approach.

/No. It can’t be?! Why now?/ He collapsed mumbling something before he fell unconscious. “Heero…”


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