Title: Forbidden Control – Aurelie’s Birthday Fic!!!! ^___^
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Segment 5


Wufei shot out of bed as the short leather strap came in contact with his exposed ass.

“What the fuck!” He turned around to come face to face with a vision out of one of his worst nightmares. He was not into BDSM in the faintest, and here he was faced with a woman dressed in a tight leather corset with wide shoulder straps, a barely-there leather mini skirt, and thigh-high black leather stiletto bitch boots. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a tightly bound ponytail, the loose strands flowing down around her.

He felt uncomfortable as he noticed his state of undress; it had been far too warm to sleep in anything the night before, so he’d gone without clothing to make dealing with the heat more bearable.

“Do you have to pluck every day to get your brows to stay that way?” he asked, reaching for his boxers nearby.


“Hey!” Wufei shouted at the rude woman as he held his now red and stinging hand to his chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You are coming with me today,” she said with an evil smirk on her face. “You are being reassigned. You are now to follow my orders. Quickly dress and follow me.” She watched as the Chinese agent quickly threw on his clothes from the day before as he realized his bag was missing.

“Where is my duffel?” Wufei all but growled at the woman. He couldn’t lose sight of it as it still contained his gun and ID.

“It is safe. Now follow.” She turned and headed out of the room and down the hall. Wufei hesitated a moment before he heard her voice boom down the hall. “NOW! Or I will redden more of your body,” she said, cackling as she continued on.

“Shit,” Wufei muttered. “What the hell am I in for this time? I hope you can get the info and get us out of here soon, Maxwell.” With that he headed out and down the hall behind his new boss.


Duo awoke to the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee and what he believed to be Belgian waffles and strawberries. He slowly stretched his well-rested body then crawled out of bed. He made a quick stop into the bathroom before following the delicious scents out onto the veranda. He stopped short as he noticed another person sitting at the table. Heero was sitting there with a cup of coffee in his hand and watching Duo’s every move.

“Umm.. Good morning,” Duo chirped slightly then noticed that there were no free chairs at the table. Heero smirked and gestured for Duo to approach him.

“Sit here,” Heero said as he pointed down at a large pillow on the ground by the side of his chair. “We are going to begin your training today.” Duo glanced at the pillow then back at Heero, at whom he glared.

“Excuse me?” Duo growled at Heero. “I am not here to be your ‘play toy’. You know why I am here and the fact that you had a pillow with my code name on it on the bed is proof of that. I had a fun time last night, but I think that it is time for both my partner and I to leave.” Duo glared with all his ability at the young Asian man. It didn’t manage to wipe the self-satisfied smirk off Heero’s face.

“Sit.” The sound of Heero’s voice, a mixture of command and a sensual purring, sent shivers down Duo’s spine. Heero was no longer smirking, but completely reserved and serious. Duo met Heero’s gaze and, for a moment, the vision of Heero above him from the night before flashed before his eyes and he began to drown in the dark blue pools.

Heero watched as his voice caused the response he wanted out of the long haired young man. One of the many things he had to learn in his past training was to be able to use his voice alone to evoke certain responses out of those he trained and played with. He watched as Duo slowly made his way over to him then paused by the side of his chair.

“Sit,” Heero said, again using the same tone and gently guided Duo down on to the pillow with his hand on the violet eyed beauty’s shoulder. “Good.” Heero ran his hand through the loose silk strands of hair as Duo regained his composure.

Duo looked up at Heero and glared slightly. He really didn’t want to be doing this, but he couldn’t deny the fact that he was extremely attracted the dark haired Master. He still couldn’t forget their escapades from the night before and his body was already reminding him how much he would like a rematch.

Heero ran his hand down along Duo’s jaw and lifted his chin so that he could get a better look at his face. Heero absently ran his thumb along Duo’s lips, which quickly opened up and pulled the digit into their recesses. Duo smirked as he sucked, eliciting a small moan from Heero.

“Enough.” Heero pulled his hand away and turned back to the food set out on the table. “Are you hungry?” he asked as Duo’s stomach responded for him, growling loudly.

Duo blushed slightly in embarrassment. “Does that answer your question?” he said as he leaned up to grab a piece of waffle from the table.


“Oi! What was that for?” Duo said as he shook his hand, trying to lessen the stinging sensation he was feeling from Heero slapping his hand away.

“You will get your fill soon enough,” Heero said eyeing Duo closely as he began to lay out the rules. “You will feed me and when I am finished, you may help yourself to the remainder.” Heero could tell that Duo didn’t like that idea in the least and the growling of Duo’s stomach was proof that he was going to put up a fight.

“Really,” Duo said sarcastically, raising an eyebrow questioningly. “So you want me to feed you?” Heero instantly noticed a strange glimmer in the amethyst orbs and braced himself for any backlash. Duo merely stood up and leaned against the table so that he was facing Heero, yet able to easily reach all the goodies on the table. “Okay.” Duo smirked as he reached for the plate of waffles.

Heero relaxed slightly, knowing that the young man before him was still capable of pulling something. He watched as Duo placed a waffle on his plate then reached for the bowl of whipped cream.

Duo dipped his finger into the freshly whipped cream. He turned to face Heero as he brought it to his lips. Heero watched every sensual movement as the cream covered finger disappeared into the warm cavern of Duo’s mouth.

Heero couldn’t take his eyes away from the sight before him. Duo, dressed only in his black silk boxers, sucking on his finger. Heero instantly imagined that talented mouth sucking on something else and his mind wandered back to the previous night’s exploits.

Duo smirked as he noticed Heero’s already tight leather pants grow even tighter. He also felt himself harden, but paid no mind to it as he continued to focus his attentions on the beautiful bishonen before him. He pulled his finger from his mouth with an audible pop that snapped Heero out of his trance-like state.

“Mmmm. Very good.” Duo broke off a piece of the waffle and dipped it into the cream then turned back to Heero. “Open wide,” Duo said with a smirk as he placed the piece before Heero’s mouth. Heero opened his mouth and Duo slid the food in. Heero quickly closed his lips around Duo’s fingers that were still holding the waffle and began to suck on them. Duo bit down on his lower lip as the sensation caused him to harden even more.

Heero finally allowed Duo to pull his fingers free then finished consuming the tasty morsel, made more so by the taste of Duo mingled with it. He watched as Duo tried to regain his control over his hormones and decided that he would have none of that. He wanted Duo begging him to take him by the end of the meal.

Duo reached over and picked up a glass that looked to contain some orange juice and took a sip. “Very nice,” Duo purred. He took one more sip. Holding the liquid in his mouth he leaned over and kissed Heero, transferring the fluid as their lips met. Duo broke the kiss, as he needed to catch his breath. He watched as Heero swallowed the mimosa then licked his lips.

Duo leaned over and licked up a few drips that managed to escape during the exchange. He locked gazes with Heero as he pulled back and reached for the last thing that had yet to be tasted. He picked up a strawberry and brought it to Heero’s lips. Heero opened his mouth and once again closed his lips around Duo’s fingers, sucking them gently.

Heero reached out and ran his hand along Duo’s already hardened arousal. He smirked as Duo pulled his fingers away and moaned from the touch. He wrapped his hand around it and squeezed, eliciting another moan.

All coherent thought flew out the window as Heero’s touch sent waves of pleasure through Duo’s body. He tried to fight it, but gave up as his hormones took over. His euphoria was short-lived as his stomach once again growled, crying out his hunger.

“You haven’t finished feeding me,” Heero said as he continued to tease the agent. He had dreamt of the young man throughout the night and was going to get release again and soon. He had already eaten a bit before Duo had awakened, but he wanted to see how far he could push him before he was completely unable to continue his task.

Duo opened his eyes partially, enough to be able to work, but the feelings Heero’s ministrations were causing in him were almost too much for him. He reached around and grabbed another piece of waffle, dipped it into the cream and fed it to Heero. He continued to do that until it was gone, alternately feeding him strawberries. Duo was unable to serve the blue eyed man the mimosa the way he had originally done, so he merely held out the glass for Heero to drink from.

“That was very good for your first time,” Heero purred. “You may eat now if you wish.”

Duo barely made out the offer as Heero’s other hand drifted to play with Duo’s exposed chest, mainly his nipples. He reached out, grabbed a strawberry and dipped it into the cream. As he brought it to his lips, Heero pinched one of his already pert nipples. Duo moaned around the strawberry before taking it completely into his mouth.

“Is it good?” Heero said with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying the sounds and the expressions that his teasing was pulling from the long haired agent. Duo merely nodded at the question before reaching for more food. He felt himself getting closer to climax, but was having a very hard time fighting it. Heero saw this and instantly quit his playing.

Duo quickly met Heero’s gaze as the dark haired boy stood and headed back inside.

“Finish eating, then follow,” Heero said without turning back to the now slightly shocked amethyst eyed man. Duo watched the retreating form then turned back to consume as much as he could, as quickly as he could. He wanted to see what Heero had in store for them and he also was hoping to get some answers. Something that seemed to continually elude him.

Heero strode into the bedroom and headed for the armoire nearest the patio doors. He opened it and looked over its contents.

“This can wait until this afternoon,” he said with a slight smirk on his face. He couldn’t wait to begin Duo’s testing and training, but at the moment he was having a hard time concentrating. He really should have taken his own advice and kept his distance from the long haired embodiment of his lustful desires, but that was just it. He lusted after the agent and knew that staying away would only make things worse.

Heero closed the armoire and turned to meet the gaze of half lidded violet eyes watching his every move. Duo had perched himself against the door frame and was admiring the way the tight leather pants caressed every inch of Heero’s thighs and ass. Duo licked his lips as he pushed away from the door jam and sauntered over to Heero. Heero’s breath caught slightly when Duo stopped a hair’s-breadth away from him.

“So am I going to ever find out what it is that brought me here in the first place?” Duo purred as he slid his hand along Heero’s outer thigh. “I don’t think that you should be getting to have all the fun.” Duo ran his other hand along Heero’s cheek, enjoying the sight of Heero’s eyes glazing ever so slightly over with passion/lust.

“You may ask, but it doesn’t mean you will get answers,” Heero curtly said as he grasped Duo’s wrists, once again having to cease his hands’ wanderings.

“So what were you looking for in that toy chest of yours?” Duo purred, leaning in closer until their lips just about touched. “Anything good?” Duo quirked a sultry smile then pulled back from Heero. Well, as far as he could while Heero still held his wrists.

“You will see soon enough. In the meantime,” Heero dropped Duo’s wrists, “we will begin some of your training.” Heero turned around and headed into the sitting room. He sat down on the couch and waited for Duo to follow. He had seen the unbridled want and need in those seductive amethyst pools and knew that Duo was having about as hard of a time as he was trying to distance himself from the other.

Duo watched Heero stride out of the room and enjoyed the whole show. Too bad he was still wearing a shirt, he thought to himself. After bearing witness to Heero’s unbelievably god-like physique, he wanted to see it more often and if it were possible, all the time. Duo brought his thoughts to the present, but quickly scanned his memory for any info on how to deal with Heero at the moment. He figured that he was to follow, but he wanted to see how far he could push the Master as well.

Duo mischievously smirked as he quickly headed back out onto the veranda and grabbed another full glass of mimosa. He reentered the bedroom and divested himself of his boxers before following tall, dark and dreamy out into the sitting room.

Heero lounged back into the luxurious sofa and closed his eyes. He could still feel the tightness of his pants as they constricted his hardness and eagerly awaited release. He heard Duo as he approached, yet remained in his relaxed position, eyes still closed.

“Sit,” Heero commanded in a stern yet soothing voice. Duo stood for a moment, enjoying the view of Heero in such an unguarded position. He slowly knelt down next to Heero, making sure to brush his now fully erect and exposed arousal against the leather clad leg closest to him.

Heero’s eyes opened a slit at the touch, but from his position on the couch, couldn’t tell that Duo wasn’t wearing any clothes. He could only see the long haired boy’s upper body and that he was holding a glass of mimosa.

Duo shifted so that he was able to rest his head on Heero’s thigh. He felt the action evoke a reaction out of the other man. Heero was surprised at Duo’s action, but fought the urge to reprimand him. He wanted Duo to feel the need to please him at all times, but something inside him wanted him to also please Duo.

Duo enjoyed the feel of Heero’s leather clad thigh against his cheek and began to rub against it, reveling in the sight of Heero getting noticeably more aroused by the action. Since Heero wasn’t doing anything that gave Duo the implications that he wasn’t enjoying the touch, Duo decided to push things further and see if he could get Heero to answer some questions, using his seductive antics to do so. Duo placed the glass on to the coffee table near them before beginning.

Heero watched as Duo shifted so that he was now sitting between his spread legs. Heero inwardly groaned at his inability to control his hormones while in the vicinity of the violet eyed nymph. Heero could barely hold back a need filled moan as Duo ran his hands along the insides of both of his thighs at a painfully slow pace.

“Master?” Duo purred. He knew better than to anger Heero by addressing him by his first name and he needed answers. His body was urging him on for other reasons, but so far he was successfully keeping the head containing his mind in control.

Heero grew even harder, if that was even possible, at not only the tone of voice, but also the fact that the embodiment of all his desires and lusts was addressing him as his Master. He opened his eyes fully and looked down into the captivating eyes gazing at him with so much want in them.

“Yes?” Heero answered, his voice husky--so husky with desire he almost believed that the sound didn’t come from him. “What is it, slave?” Duo smirked up at his Master then leaned over and rubbed his chin against the silk clad chest. Heero could have sworn that Duo was purring as he did.

“I need some answers, and you are the only one who can give them to me,” Duo said as he looked up pleadingly into the deep blue eyes that haunted his thoughts. “Please?”

Heero looked deep into the piercingly beautiful eyes and suddenly he had an idea that would, hopefully, make every thing work out for both of them in the end. He could maybe use Duo’s connections in the agency to help in locating the crazy old man and in return, he would answer all of Duo’s questions. He needed to find Relena and soon, then discard the old man like the piece of garbage he was.

“I will give you answers if you do something for me in return,” Heero said as he continued to meet the violet depths. Duo had a feeling that there was going to be a catch, but he felt that whatever it was, he would be able to handle it.

“Okay,” Duo purred as his hands began to roam across Heero’s chest and thighs. Duo met Heero’s eyes as one of his hands finally came to rest on Heero’s still entrapped erection, eliciting a stifled groan from the dark haired Asian.

“Do you want that or answers?” Heero watched as Duo began to caress his erection and smile.

“Both,” Duo purred as he leaned up and caught Heero’s lips in a chaste kiss. “I know that you are wanting it as much as I am.” Duo smirked slightly as Heero’s Prussian blues clouded over even more with desire. Before Heero could respond, Duo captured his lips again. This time Heero returned it with as much fervor as Duo. Wrapping his hand into the long tresses, Heero held Duo to him, continuing the kiss until they needed to come up for air.

“Yes, I do want you,” Heero purred as he gave in to his emotions. He pulled Duo into his lap so that Duo was straddling him, causing Duo’s free, and Heero’s still trapped, arousals to meet, eliciting stifled moans from both as their mouths met again in a searing kiss.

Heero trailed his hands down and gently began to knead and caress the soft flesh of Duo’s ass. Duo writhed under the touch and slid his hands over Heero’s chest, quickly divesting him of the silk shirt. Duo then slid his hands down and between them in an attempt to remove the last obstacle in their path: Heero’s leather pants.

“Let’s take this to the bed,” Heero said, voice husky with want and need, as he broke the kiss. Duo nodded and slid off of Heero’s lap, then helped his blue eyed lover up. He didn’t understand the sudden shift in Heero’s demeanor, but his desire-filled mind wasn’t up for the task of deciphering at the moment, so he just let it go.

As they headed to the bed, Heero, with the help of Duo, quickly divested himself of his pants before pushing Duo down onto the soft expanse of silk sheets. Heero quickly captured the violet eyed boy’s mouth in a searing kiss as his hands slowly roamed the other boy’s body as though he was trying to read and remember every slope and line of it.

Duo moaned under the tantalizing onslaught of caresses. He had expected more out of Heero, in the likes of chains and restraints, but was enjoying what he was being given.

Heero broke the kiss and pulled back to look deep into Duo’s cloudy eyes, knowing that his were none the better in appearance, and began to feel nervous. He wanted Duo to truly want him fully and not only for the sex, but was starting to wonder if that was possible. Especially since they seemed to have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves when they were around one another.

“What is it, koi?” Duo purred as he shifted his hips under Heero eliciting a slight groan out of the Prussian eyed boy.

Heero stared blankly at Duo as soon as Duo’s words hit him. //Does he know what he just said? What he just called me?// Heero didn’t realize he was holding his breath until Duo pulled him close and gave him a chaste kiss causing him to inhale deeply.

“What did you just call me?” Heero asked, confusion still evident in his voice, even though he had tried to mask it. Duo looked as though he was about to answer, but never got the chance as they were rudely interrupted.



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