Title: Forbidden Control – Aurelie’s Birthday Fic!!!! ^___^
Author: Syn (mistress_syn@hotmail.com)
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Warnings: AU, angst?, sap, yaoi, LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? ^___~
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Notes: This started out as a PWP birthday fic for Aurelie, but turned into a MAMMOTH fic that is still dedicated to Aurelie for her B-DAY!!! Happy Birthday and Happy New Years to ya Aurelie!!! ^_____^
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Segment 4

Heero trudged off to his suite in the house, stopping only briefly to tell one of the servants to make sure that some food was delivered to Duo’s room and some sent up to him. He was feeling a bit confused at the moment with the previous proceedings with the long haired man and knew that a nice relaxing bath and good food always helped him organize his thoughts.

‘What is it about this one that has me restructuring my regimen on the fly like that?’ he questioned himself, his thoughts flying back to visions of the violet eyed beauty below him as he fucked him. He felt that he needed some time away from the agent to regroup before attempting any further engagements. He could tell it would be a hard task, but would do just about anything to finally have Duo as his.

He had been watching the agent for the past 6 months as he negotiated with the crazy old man, and what? Fell in love? Heero shook his head at that thought. He had been with many men and women and yet, none of them had ever stirred such feelings in him.

He still couldn’t have been more surprised, yet happy, when he had seen who the CIA had decided on sending in to investigate him. He had figured that it had to be the old man’s doing, but all that mattered was that he was finally there and under his control.

‘I wouldn’t think that way considering what had just occurred,’ Heero’s mind brought to the forefront the real problem. Heero still couldn’t believe that the young man had been able to control him.

‘I need time to think,’ he thought to himself as he entered his opulent suite and headed for the bath, removing his clothes as he went. He walked down into the large sunken pool, settling himself onto one of the underwater ledges along the side. He leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the relaxing scent of lavender. His vision was assaulted with images of violet eyes and a heart shaped face caught in the throws of passion.

“Arrgh!” Heero growled as he sat up, opening his eyes as he felt himself harden from the images. “This can’t be happening,” he argued with himself. He grabbed the sponge from the side of the bath and began to cleanse himself.

Trying to cleanse his thoughts and get them back into a strict organized list of how to go about the training of one Duo Maxwell, he was continuously assaulted by visions of the said man under him, begging for more. “DAMNIT!” Heero yelled as he threw the sponge across the room, unknowingly hitting his most trusted employee. Heero’s attention was drawn back to the present as the employee, a young lady with long blond hair pulled back in a tight pony tail, threw the sponge back at him.

“So,” she smirked, “he is getting to you already, eh?” Heero glared at his number one student. Dorothy was from a very affluent family that had done business with his late stepfather; in return for their continued loyalty, he had agreed to train her in the arts. She was the best Mistress he had ever trained and now she was in charge of most of the training and all the current staff arrangements at the resort. He was generally too busy to keep on top of such things.

“What do you want?” Heero’s voice told her that she had damn well better have a good excuse for bothering him or else she wouldn’t like the consequences.

Dorothy chuckled. “Oh, but I am here to catch you up on the situation of your new toy’s partner.” Her voice held a tone of mischief and slight happiness at being the one to bring the news.

Heero, realizing that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his bath in peace and quiet, climbed out of the pool and took the towel Dorothy offered him. Quickly drying himself, he wrapped his robe around him and headed out into the sitting room. He knew that she would follow without hesitation.

As he entered the room, one of his servants was setting out trays of food on a table for him and, he noted with slight annoyance, Dorothy. ‘She still needs to learn her place,’ he thought to himself as he sat and watched the blond confidently take the seat across from him.

Heero turned his attention to the servant who was currently opening a bottle of one of his favorite red wines, Camus. It was once a little known wine, and luckily, he was able to pick up many cases of it. Now it was very hard to find, but thankfully he followed through on an idea he had gotten from a guest and bought the vineyard. He watched as the dark red liquid was poured into a wide-mouthed decanter to breathe.

“A good thing to remember in all aspects of life,” Dorothy jovially said, drawing Heero’s attention back to her. He stared at her both slightly annoyed and perplexed as to what her meaning was until he saw her smirk.

“Yes, I guess that I should take some time to breathe as well,” Heero stated monotonously. His thoughts instantly drawn back to his toy slowly undressing him with his teeth. ‘Yes, although that was a slight delay in our play, time is definitely needed away from each other before the next act,’ Heero thought to himself, then silently cursed himself as he once again felt himself harden at the visions.

“Maybe you should consider having another start to break him in like you have done with the others in the past?” Dorothy enjoyed watching as Heero gave her his most terrifying, by most people’s judgment, glare at the thought of anyone touching his property.

“No one will touch him but me,” Heero growled through clenched teeth. He guessed that she was only baiting him, but then again anything was possible as he had learned from past experience. He turned his attention to the platters of food and began to place some of it onto his plate.

“So, do you want to hear about your toy’s partner?” Dorothy said with a slight smirk as she grabbed the carafe and poured some into Heero’s and her glasses. “I have decided to alter his assigned status in the resort,” she continued as she took a sip of the wine.

“Do I dare ask what you will have done with him?” Heero asked as he took a bite of his filet of beef, looking at her intently. He was hoping that she didn’t do something too sadistic as he wasn’t in the mood to deal with the repercussions. He already had his hands full with training Duo and dealing with his side of the previous agreement. “Just don’t push this too far,” Heero said with a threatening edge to his tone.

“Oh, you will love what I have cooked up for him.” Dorothy’s eyes glimmered mischievously as her thoughts seemed to drift off to said plans.

“First, what did he do to give you an excuse to change his set position?” Heero queried as he continued to eat his dinner.

“Nothing whatsoever, I just felt that a man as beautiful as him could be more useful in a different…position.” Heero cringed inwardly at the dual implications from that phrase. “Don’t worry, he will be taken good care of. Well,” Dorothy paused to take another sip of her wine and then stood, “I will keep a close eye on him so that nothing too horrible happens to him.” With that she darted out of the room before Heero could retort.

“Well that should definitely keep him occupied enough that he won’t have time to try and find Duo,” Heero paused, lifting his glass to his lips, “and maybe it will keep Dorothy occupied enough that she doesn’t try to interfere with my business any time soon.”

Heero finished off his meal, then poured more wine into his now empty glass. He wandered back into his bedroom to drop off his robe before returning to pick up his glass of wine. He hated to wear anything in this heat, even while inside. The air-conditioning just didn’t seem to be enough, especially tonight as his thoughts were continuously wandering to his time with the long haired beauty.

He strode out onto the patio with glass in hand, and looked out onto his lands. He still couldn’t believe it was all his. ‘Yeah, but it nearly wasn’t,’ he thought to himself as he remembered the harsh ‘training’ of his last Master/Guardian/Step-father. He grimaced at the thought of anyone having been spawned by that creature of a man that had adopted him.

His mind wandered back to his past, his ‘torturous’ past. He originally couldn’t figure out why the adoption board would have allowed such a man to adopt a child, but after he had gotten better at hacking, a skill taught by one of his many tutors, he found the documents that stated he had been procured by large sums of money.

At the realization that he was truly ‘owned’ by the old man, as he was always told, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He still felt the thrilling sensation of being finally free every time he remembered that fateful night that he had finally killed his mentor. It had taken almost a year to plan, but the final results were more than he could have imagined.

He hadn’t thought that he would be left a cent by the crazy old man, but knew never to look a gift horse in the mouth. What he had failed to notice though, was that Dr. J had a partner who had expected spoils in the old man’s passing. That had put him in the midst of the current agreement. This partner was connected to many of the controlling groups in the government and had managed to find out some of the dirt on him.

One thing was the list of his numerous aliases and accounts around the globe. If that had ever gotten out, he would be hounded by every government for numerous legal reasons, one of which was being the single head of numerous corporations.

This didn’t sound like a situation that one would consider worth pursuing unless certain other situations were taken into consideration. Heero owned a computer software company that was ‘legally’ in competition with another owned by one Kyoji Nakamura, who in reality didn’t exist. Kyoji was one of his many aliases, and he paid another man to portray the character at conferences to keep that knowledge hidden.

Now he had a chance to get that information erased and an added bonus if he handed over the holdings under the Nakamura alias. It wouldn’t put much of a dent in his holdings, but it was one of his favorite creations. He had some of the brightest and most talented in the field of AI and software creation under those holdings.

When he had originally refused, knowing that the world would believe him before the old man, the old man said that he would regret his move. Indeed he did when he found out that the crazy old man had kidnapped and now threatened to kill the younger sister of his new toy’s boss, and the current head of the US Government’s Special Investigations Unit, Relena Peacecraft.

Relena had been a thorn in his side for many years, that was, until she had come to the resort to see what all the hub bub about the place was and met Dorothy. Relena had originally been hounding him, so he set Dorothy on her as his student had grown fond of the powerful young woman. Dorothy taught her that she could enjoy sex just as much with a woman as she previously thought only possible with a man. Ever since then Relena was an asset to him with her position in the government. If she were to die, her second in command, one Lady Une, would definitely find a way to shut him down. Heero couldn’t ever allow that to happen.

He had some of his best workers trying to find out where the crazy old man was hiding, but they weren’t having any luck. He would have to find another route and he hoped that if he could get Duo to stay with him and work for him, he would have a chance to get out of this without losing any lives or money.

His eyes were drawn to the patio at the other end of the house that he knew to be Duo’s. ‘What am I going to do with him?’ His body naturally answered him as he felt himself become aroused at just the thought of him. “Shit,” he vocally cursed before taking a large swig of his wine. “I need him way too much, and all I can offer him in return is my protection, money and love,” he added softly. Heero shook his head. “Sadly I don’t think that he feels that he needs either of the first two and I don’t know if he would accept the last.” Heero looked back at the patio and held his breath as he saw the lithe figure emerge out onto the terrace.

He sat there for a moment just watching the figure wander around then pause to look out over the grounds of the estate. “I hope you will stay,” he whispered softly. His original plans to try and force the agent to stay had all flown out the window when he had succumbed to the violet eyed vixen’s statement that he wanted to watch Heero fuck him. He would still try to hold up appearances, but felt that he was growing tired of the act. He almost wished that they could have met under different circumstances.

“Oh well, this is not the time to think the what if’s of the situation.” Heero took the finishing swig from his glass. Taking one last glance over at the figure out on the other patio, he turned and headed inside, resigning himself to get some sleep as tomorrow would be full of surprises. He still needed to see what Dorothy was up to and that would take a lot of energy.

Heero sat the glass down onto a small table near the door to the patio, then walked over and crawled into bed. He drifted off to sleep with endless visions of the long haired beauty.


After almost an hour he returned to the main bedroom to find the bed remade and a pair of black silk pajama shorts laying there for him. He pulled off the towel around his waist and put them on, enjoying the feel of the expensive fabric against his skin.

“Well this is at least better than some of the crap I have had to deal with on an assignment,” Duo muttered as he strode around the room to the patio. He needed to know all he could about his surroundings, especially any possible ways of sneaking out, if necessary. He still needed to find out what his ‘Master’ was up to and who he was involved with.

Duo opened the doors and enjoyed the cool breeze as he walked out. He acted as though he was only going out to see the view, but expertly studied every inch of the open area. He noticed that there was about a three foot overhang over the doors. ‘A possible hiding place,’ he thought, but that was swiftly squashed as he noticed the semi-hidden camera that focused on the area.

He came to the railing and looked out over the lush gardens below. The full moon allowed him a pretty good view of the grounds, and his excellent night vision was a plus too. Duo looked out beyond the grounds and in the distance could see the lights from the main resort. “I hope that you are okay, Wufei,” he whispered. He hoped that nothing bad had happened to his partner, but was pretty sure that whoever had sold him out had notified Heero about the Chinese agent.

Duo shook his head and turned around. He leaned back against the railing and looked back at the door to his bedroom. Running a hand through his now dry, yet unruly bangs, he briefly considered trying to see how far he could get away before getting caught. His body answered with a yawn.

“Guess the experimenting will have to wait til tomorrow,” he said with a slight chuckle. “Guess the experimenting already started this evening,” he added, feeling his body respond to the memories. “Damnit, Duo, control yourself. You are here for work, not pleasure,” he chided himself, but his body continued to betray him. His body also chose that moment to remind him that he hadn’t had anything to eat in quite a while.

“I wonder what it would take to get something to eat around here?” he asked sarcastically, looking around up in the corners of the room. He had a feeling that not only was the room covered in cameras, but also bugs. The knocking at the door proved his point.

Duo all but ran over to the door and opened it to find a cart covered with a white cloth and covered trays. A man dressed in a nice clean black suit pushed the cart inside and over to the small table in the corner of the sitting room. Duo noted that he had made sure to shut the door before moving further into the room. He made a mental note about that before turning his attention back to the trays of food spread out on the table.

There was more food than any one person could ever consume, but he would do a damn good job at putting a dent into it anyway. He sometimes hated that he had such a high metabolism. Made his grocery bills the number one expense every month.

Once the table was set, the servant opened a bottle of wine for Duo. The servant poured a glass, then left. Duo watched as he unlocked it and left, listening for the door securely locked behind him.

Duo quickly sat down and began to eat. Soon, Duo finished up his meal and chuckled to himself as he realized that he had eaten more than he had ever thought possible at one sitting.

“I guess that Heero is a better workout than anything I have tried before,” Duo said as he shook his head, trying to dispel the visions of Heero’s face as he came. “Too bad this is still an assignment, he would have been one hell of a lover,” Duo sadly whispered as he headed back to his bed. He was tired and needed to replenish his strength if he was going to find a way out of his current mess.

“Maybe I will be able to have a bit more fun before this is all over,” he said with a smirk as he drifted off to a pleasant dreamful sleep.